Illuminatural 6i™

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How long before I see results?

Skin lightening requires patience. And any company or ‘professional’ who promises you results in less than 30 days should be looked at with a VERY critical eye. (Actually, we recommend you run away, far and fast…)

Because your skin’s natural regeneration happens as a 28-day cycle!

So to lighten your skin, you need to:

  • Stop and/or normalize your skin’s production of melanin (the dark pigment) AND,
  • Slough off the dead, dark cells as they rise to your skin’s surface

… While waiting for your lightened skin cells to take the place of the darker, pigmented cells.

And this takes at least 28 days – but more realistically, to achieve significant lightening, you should plan to commit to using Illuminatural 6i® daily for a minimum of THREE CYCLES of skin cell regeneration, which is about 90 days!