Uneven Skin Tone 6 Causes and Effective Solutions

Uneven Skin Tone: 6 Causes and Effective Solutions

When you look at people, the first thing you will usually notice is their attire, shoes, jewelry, hair and face. Take away all that and look at the person plainly. At a closer look, what you could see may be either great features like shiny hair, or imperfections like uneven skin tone.

While most people like lighter skin color, a lot of men and women are more into skin toning. They like all the portions of their body to possess the exact same shade. It really does not matter to them if they are brown or white so long as they can even out skin tone.

Grasping How Uneven Skin Tone Develops

When people discuss the skin tone issues, the first topic that often comes up is usually how to even skin tone. However, in any problem, it is vital to know what the root is and to deal with it.

In many men and women, the color of a certain body part is not same with another. For instance, the thighs can be darker than the feet.

Alternatively, the face can be lighter than the neck. This happens because of some things:

  1. Sun Exposure. sunglasses and hatsWhen the skin gets sun-kissed, it is prompted to produce melanin.
    This pigment absorbs the UV Rays that protect the skin cells from being damaged.
    The portions covered by clothes, shoes, sunglasses and hats can have a lighter shade than the exposed ones.
  2. Frequent Skin Contact with an Object or Surface. Example of this is the dark patches that monks develop on their knees. People who always use the computer mouse or keyboard later on have dark marks on the wrists. Due to underwear, many women have dark bikini lines.
  3. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. The part of the skin that sustained wounds and lesions can become darker because of scarring. This can happen after an injury or acne.
  4. Hormonal Changes. Women who are pregnant or take oral contraceptives experience Melasma. The rise in hormones causes high production of melanin. This may also occur when the person reacts to drugs or cosmetic products.
  5. Aging Process. As people age, they can develop imperfections on their skin like age spots.
  6. Health Problems. While most skin discoloration should not alarm you, there are times when uneven skin tone can be a sign for more serious skin problems like Vitiligo and Tinea Versicolor.

It is vital to know what caused the uneven skin tone prior to the skin toning. That way, you can be sure that whatever options you choose will be safe and effective. It will also tell if you need a dermatologist’s advice.

How To Even Skin Tone: Instant And Gradual

A lighter skin tone does not happen overnight. In fact, skin care as whole is a lifetime of pampering it. You have several options in skin toning.

cosmetic productsOf course everyone wants the skin color to be uniform the soonest it can, yet that is not possible. If the need arises that your skin needs to be at its best, you can turn to cosmetic products.

Concealers and creams that contain silicon elastomer can mask uneven skin tone on face temporarily.

For those who want lighter skin tone permanently, the process can take longer. It will be worth your patience and compliance.

Natural Skin Toning

Mother Nature offers several solutions to blotches or patches of dark skin. If you plan to be out in the sun and you want an even tan, you need to shield all body parts of your body from the UV rays, or bear all of your skin. The skin either will stay light or become tan. Either way, its shade is even. Here are some DIY natural whitening products that you can make and apply at home:

  • Yogurt And Ground Orange Peel Cream – In a cup of yogurt, mix grounded dried orange peels. Apply gently on the area and leave on for ten minutes. Wipe off afterwards.
  • Lemon Juice – Using a cotton ball, spread pure lemon juice over the area. Leave it to dry.
  • Baking SodaBaking Soda Scrub – Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of water. Spread it on the affected area in a circular motion. After a minute, rinse it off with warm water.
  • Almond Paste – Ground and mash almonds, and then apply on all your dark skin spots or areas. Leave on until dry and rinse after a while.
  • Aloe Vera – This is very effective especially in dark skin tones caused by scarring.  Apply fresh Aloe Vera gel to the dark skin. Leave it on overnight if possible.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Dab on dark areas of the skin regularly. Leave on to dry.
  • Unripe Papaya Scrub – Peel and scrub on green and unripe papaya to the portion of the skin that needs whitening.

Lighter Skin Tone Through Modern Methods

On the other hand, here are some methods, courtesy of modern science and technology:

  • Use Sunblock Lotions. This can help minimize the entrance of UV rays to the skin that can make it darker.
  • Turn To Stores And Skin Care Shops. Even skin tone products such as creams that have Retinol and Hydroquinone can reveal the lighter layer beneath those dark and uneven skin areas.
  • Undergo Facial Peels. They reveal the inner skin layer, which is lighter in color.
  • Laser TreatmentGo For Pulsed Light Therapy Or Laser Treatment. A qualified dermatologist only administers these procedures. They destroy specific dark areas of the skin with little side effects.

Before you decide on what to do with your uneven skin tone, visit your doctor or dermatologist to have it checked. If you can find out what caused it, you can treat it effectively. You can even keep it from returning later.  As long as you even out your skin tone, you will look great with any color complexion, from fair to dark tan.