Underarm Whitening Creams 7 Causes and Their Treatments

Underarm Whitening Creams: 7 Causes and Their Treatments

Having dark underarms could be very embarrassing for most people, especially for women who love wearing sleeveless tops, bathing suits and other summer styles of clothing.

If you are one of those many women suffering from dark underarms, you really do not have to worry. Having dark underarms is not a contagious disease or a serious medical condition. There are certain products and treatments for getting rid of discoloration under the arms, as well.

If you have dark underarms and seek different ways to whiten it, you are in luck. This article will give you the essential facts that you should know about dark underarms and about underarm whitening creams and other treatments that aim for lessening discoloration.

Find out what are the most common causes of dark armpits and about how to prevent this skin discoloration, so that darkening will not develop in the first place. Gain information about the facts you should know, so that you could have beautifully lighter underarms.

The Seven Common Causes Of Dark Armpits

Many people have come up with all kinds of conclusions for why they have developed dark underarms. Although they may actually believe that reason is true, there are scientifically proven causes for discoloration under the arms. The following factors are the common factors on why many women have dark underarms:

  • razorShaving You might have heard about shaving being a cause of dark armpits. Well a factor causes discoloration. The reason behind it is that when a person shaves with a razor, the hair that they cut off is only at the surface of the skin. Shaving results in unattractive stubble, which could give off the illusion of dark armpits. In addition, shaving could cause skin damage if it you shave too frequently.
  • Dead Skin Cells Accumulation of dead skin cells under the armpits could also cause darkening. If it is not exfoliated using scrubs and a loofah, those dead skin cells could just build up.
  • Excessively Use Of Antiperspirants And Deodorants Many antiperspirants and deodorants contain strong chemicals that could lead to pigmentation.
  • Frequent Friction Those people who always wear tight clothes every day could cause friction between their underarms.
    The rough material of some clothes can rub on the skin, causing irritation, as well.
    Wearing tight clothes around the armpits could lead to darkening if done frequently.
  • Genetics Yes, genetics can be the cause of your dark armpits. So that means if many of your family members have it, you could also develop it.
  • Hormones Having hormonal imbalances could also cause darkening of the armpits. Certain medical conditions that cause problems with hormones are one factor.
  • Sagging Skin  – People with flabby and saggy arms could also be a reason for dark armpits. The friction happens due to the constant rubbing of the skin together.

Why People Have Problems With Dark Underarms

Imagine it being the summer time and everyone around you is wearing short sleeve tank tops, bathing suits and tube tops. However, since you have dark underarms, you may experience feelings of embarrassment. It could be a self-esteem issue; one that many people with dark underarms experiences. Having any type of discoloration on the skin could cause some sort of unease for a person, especially if they like wearing sleeveless clothes, but feel too conscious to do so.

How To Find An Effective Underarm Whitening Cream

For the very reason that millions of individuals have dark underarms, the skin and beauty industry have come up with underarm whitening products to help treat that very issue. There is a wide variety to choose from nowadays. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend.

The ingredients that a certain product contains can be an important factor, too.

Although it may seem very simple to choose a product because there are also many over the counter treatments to select from, it still requires much more research then most people think.

Do not be fooled with the brands that claim to work “100 percent,” because companies will pretty much say anything to get in more sales.

Whatever you put on your skin, you should always be cautious because some products contain harsh chemicals. They could cause undesired side effects for most, which could further cause skin damage.

It is best to talk to a dermatologist about your options because they know more about the skin and ingredients that are safe for underarm skin whitening. With the wide variety of underarm lightening creams out in the market, a skin doctor will know which ones do work safely and effectively for underarm whitening.

Prevent Dark Underarms

Prevention is the best way for treating underarms. That means if you do not have dark underarms now, then you should follow these simple ways to prevent it. Nevertheless, if you have dark arms currently then you could also do these necessary steps for preventing even darker armpits. The following are ways for preventing of underarm discoloration:

  • Try Another Hair Removal Method – Instead of shaving, try other methods of hair removal. Waxing and laser treatments are available for those who want to remove the hair under their arms. It is done less frdeodorantsequently than shaving which is the reason why darkening of the skin is not as likely.
  • Exfoliate Your Armpits Keep the armpits clean and try not to suffocate them with harsh chemicals and soaps.
    Try exfoliating art least three times a week to remove the dead skin cells accumulating under the arms.
  • Avoid Antiperspirants And Deodorants Try natural methods of removing odor from under the arms, such as aluminium free deodorants, washing regularly, changing your diet, detoxing your body and wearing clothes made with natural fibers.
  • Do Not Wear Overly Tight Clothes Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight under the arms, because they can cause dark underarms. Focus on loose shirts and blouses instead.

If you want to select the ideal underarm lightening cream for you, your best bet is to ask your dermatologist. You could also opt to use the methods mentioned above to prevent dark underarms. Gain the confidence you deserve, so you’ll be able to wear sleeveless shirts whenever you choose to without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.