The Skinny On the Top 7 Skin Care Myths

The Skinny On the Top 7 Skin Care Myths

Who doesn’t want glowing, gorgeous skin? That’s right. Everyone wishes to achieve that radiant glow you can see on all models, actresses and celebrities. While it is realistic to want to find the ultimate satisfaction with your skin, there are undoubtedly many skincare myths.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to debunk the faux from what is real. Luckily, the hard part has been done already. Here are the top seven skincare myths paired with the truth.

1. SPF Matters, But Not As Much As You May Think

Of course a sun protection factor, or SPF is of the utmost importance, but have you ever wondered about the truth behind the varying levels of SPF? Some buy SPF 75 and above in buckets.

However, others are not entirely sold on the idea of an SPF that can completely spare your skin from the sun’s rays.
In order to debunk the myth behind SPF, it is significant to understand a little about it. SPF, or sun protection factor, is a reference to the type of protection offered against UVB rays. These types of rays are those that mostly cause sunburn. However, there are also UBA and UVC rays.

So, What Is The Truth?

titanium dioxideThe truth is that yes, SPF is imperative. However, instead of worrying about the level of SPF, it might be more beneficial to look into a broad-spectrum sunscreen. In addition to looking for the broad-spectrum label on any suntan lotion, there are also a few ingredients that can help fight against unwanted sunburns.

Mexoryl, oxybenzone and titanium dioxide all help protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Usually, you will find these ingredients only in a typical broad-spectrum type sunscreen.

Many people assume that they never need suntan lotion on an overcast, cloudy day. However, scientific research studies have debunked this myth, too. Those rays can penetrate cloud cover, so don’t skip the sunscreen.

2. Apply SPF More Than You Think

For some reason, many assume that if it is not hot out, or if clouds hide the sun, then suntan lotion is not necessary. However, the truth behind this myth could not be more opposite.

Similarly to those who believe they do not need SPF in the shade or in the cold, there are also many people who believe that SPF in their makeup counts as suntan lotion on their face. While it might be absolutely convenient to apply makeup instead of suntan lotion, there is a more realistic truth behind this myth.

So, What Is The Truth?

apply sunscreenSunscreen is always a necessity. Even on cloudy or cold days, the sun still releases UV rays. Whether surfing or skiing, it is still necessary to apply sunscreen every hour or so. Many believe that it is not required to reapply sunscreen, but its effects do wear off after a few hours.

As far as the makeup, this is a false perception. In a recent study, it was found that someone would have to wear 10 to 12 times the amount of makeup compared to the average person in order to protect themselves from the sun. Therefore, unless you want to look like a clown, stick to wearing regular sunscreen.

Besides the many myths behind sunscreen and SPF, there is another popular myth about skincare and chocolate that tends to linger.

3. You Might Want To Put That Chocolate Bar Down

Well, not only is that chocolate bar not exactly healthy, but it might be detrimental to your skin. According to a common skincare myth, chocolate causes breakouts. However, there is also the myth that dark chocolate is beneficial for skincare.

It might be music to someone’s ears to hear that chocolate can actually help clear acne. But in fact, there might be a different truth to this popular tale.

So, What Is The Truth?

Scientists are beginning to prove that many high-glycemic foods tend to cause acne-prone people to break out. What is a quite common high-glycemic food? You guessed it: chocolate. The good news is that chocolate is not a direct factor, rather a few other factors determine whether or not chocolate will potentially cause you acne.

For example, milk chocolate is an extremely sugary and fatty food. If you are consuming a large portion of other sugary and fatty foods, then you will likely boast a few blistering pimples. If, however, you practice indulgence in moderation, then the chocolate will not likely cause you to breakout.

dark chocolateNow, the truth about dark chocolate. Truth be told, about an ounce of more than 70 percent dark cocoa content can prove beneficial for your skin and heart health.

However, the unfortunate reality is that 70 percent dark cocoa will not provide you with that lusciously sweet treat you were after. In fact, dark chocolate tends to be rather bitter.

4. You Can Do It Yourself At Home

The do-it-yourself craze has officially taken over. So, many shortcuts and frugal options can now come to fruition, now that everyone can do it themselves.

However there is a myth behind skin care products that work just as well as Botox or dermal fillers.

Truly, it would be nice if there was an alternative to having Botox treatments. Yet, there is some fiction behind this frugal and minimally invasive option.

So, What Is The Truth?

There is no way that one can place the ingredients of Botox or dermal fillers into a product and use it effectively or safely. There is no research that proves these products will work. Sure, some ingredients might be similar to Botox, but it is more of the process than the product.

For example, if you were to apply Botox topically, it would not work the same as if it a doctor injected into your skin. When conducted by a professional, Botox and dermal fillers work immediately. There is no product out there that is just as effective as this.

Dream on, do-it-yourself-ers and those in search of a cheaper option. It simply is only a myth – for now.

5. Age Is Nothing But A Number

Many people believe that their skin is indicative of their age. This would be devastating for anyone who is aging. However, that is typically the general train of thought. Wrinkles, age spots and crow’s feet are all a natural path that the skin travels as one ages. Still, many people wonder is there is any way to prevent them.

So, What Is The Truth?

The truth behind this myth is that there are many products that cater to age. You can find a serum that is intended for those over 50, and there are other cosmetic treatments that claim they are fit for a mature skin type. However, the fiction behind this truth is that you should not use age to determine the products you choose to use. Rather, you should select your skin care products based on your skin type, never on your age.

The absolute truth is that you should determine your skin type. You might have dry or oily skin, or a combination of a few different types of skin. The best course of action for your skin care plan is to determine your type. Avoid buying products based on your physical age.

6. Don’t Worry, You’ll Outgrow It

Similarly to the fact that chocolate is fantastic for skin, many people want to believe that acne is simply a right of passage for adolescents everywhere. However, there is some fiction behind this claim.

So, What Is The Truth?

A person in their 20’s, 30’s and 50’s can have acne just like a teenager. The treatment for these breakouts remains the same, and some people will have to deal with acne for life.

Certainly, some people outgrow it. This is because their pubescent hormones were the cause of their acne. However, for those who had acne because of their skin type or genetics, the acne is likely to stick around for much longer.

The remnants of acne are much more likely to stick around in women as opposed to men. This is because a man’s hormones tend to level out, while women’s hormones fluctuate throughout their lives. Pregnancy and menopause both affect hormones, which in turn can cause acne in women.

However, you can always go cheer yourself up by munching on some 70 percent dark cacao. This next myth debunked could cheer you up, as well.

7. Makeup Might Not Make Up Your Acne Situation

For the longest time, people assumed that makeup could cause acne and other skin problems. However, like many of these myths, there is some truth and some fiction in this belief.

So, What Is The Truth?

The bit of truth behind this claim is that make up can cause some skin issues if you leave it on overnight. While the body rests, the skin works on overdrive to cleanse the pores. Therefore, if makeup clogs up the pores, it can only build up and cause breakouts.

However, that is the only truth behind this claim. There is no other study or research that would indicate that makeup has any adverse effect on the skin. So go ahead, ladies, and maybe even guys if that’s your thing. Wear your make up proudly. Just remember to take it off before you go to sleep.

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These effective yet natural products work to reduce the appearance of acne scars, moles, freckles, and even birthmarks.

Don’t bother worrying about what is true and what isn’t in regards to your own skin care. Stick to what works for your skin type, and enjoy your skin today.