Sun Spot Removal 6 Safe and Natural Treatments

Sun Spot Removal: 6 Safe and Natural Treatments

Everything was almost perfect until those sunspots on your face appeared. Though they physically won’t hurt you, these darkened spots could be unsightly. It could also result to lower self-esteem on some individuals. Aside from ruining your looks, it leads to an itchy feeling every time you expose yourself to the sun.

Sun spots develop due to a variety of different factors. Identifying its root causes will help you to distinguish the best way to remove those sun spots on face. The first thing that you can do is to visit a dermatologist to have it checked. Once the doctor determines it to be a normal case, sun spot removal is easy. There are many treatment options, too. There are the natural means, usage of over the counter products, medical or professional services for sun spot removal and prevention.

Sun Spot Removal By Natural Means

The world of skin care involves many chemical peels and solutions. If you don’t trust the ingredients, or you find the usage of chemicals unappealing, there are plenty of natural remedies out there.

With the use of natural ways, you can gradually make those sun spots on skin disappear without worrying too much about side effects. Here are six natural methods that you can use for sun spot removal.

1. Make Use Of Red Onions. After peeling the skin off, apply it directly to your sun spots. The acidic properties in the onion and garlic are enough to diminish the facial sun spots and lighten your skin. This is a cheap and effective way to remove sun spots especially if you can deal with the odor.

2. Regenerate With Buttermilk. The lactic acid inside the milk will help your skin cells to regenerate. A regular kind of milk will do the same trick.

3. Use Lemons. Known as a natural skin lightener, lemons can remove the dead skin cells and gradually reduce the darkness of the spots. You just have to apply a slice of lemon on the sun spot for 15 minutes a day to make it work.

4. Aloe Vera To The Rescue. The natural healing ability of aloe vera is a reliable option on lessening and completely removing the sun spots.
Regularly apply an amount of aloe vera gel to the affected area and experience the changes in a couple of weeks.

5. Go Green. Detoxify your skin with green tea. Dip the green tea bag in boiling water and wait for 3 to 5 minutes.
Take the tea bag back and let a cotton ball absorb its juices. Rub it on the sun damaged part so that the antioxidants present in green tea can greatly contribute in sun spots removal.

6. Apply Vitamins. Topically apply the vitamins on the affected area. Instead of taking in the vitamins orally, you can break open the capsule and spread the gel over the sun spots. The properties inside the capsule that can heal scars are also good when it comes to revitalizing the skin from any kind of spots.

Usage Of Over-The-Counter Products

You can buy some products that can effectively diminish the sun spots without a prescription of a specialist or dermatologist. These items are over-the-counter products.

  • Hydroquinone The correct usage of hydroquinone can assist you when it comes to the sun spot removal. This contains an agent, which is famous for years as the ultimate spot remover. Though it is an over-the-counter product, it is still best to ask a pharmacist as high doses of this item can cause cancer.

  • Azelaic Acid – Aside from removing the sun spots, it can also prevent hyperpigmentation on skin.
  • Kojic Acid – Kojic acid comes in the form of lotion or soap. This product came from fermented sake and has the properties that can whiten and remove sun spots.
  • Tretinoin And Renova These two drugs are known to be effective against moderate acne and wrinkles. Apart from those, Tretinoin and Renova are also good on curing sun damaged skin.

Professional Services

If you have enough budget and you want to get rid of those sun spots in an instant, you can avail for different professional services. Here are some of the methods that you can try:

1.  Cryotherapy The Cryotherapy procedure involves the freezing of sun spots. After a week or more, the scab that formed will fall off freeing your skin from the sun spots.

2.  Chemical PeelingChemical Peeling Dermatologist offices and even some spas can perform a chemical peel on patients. This is being done by applying a mixture of acids on the surface of skin. This will remove the top layer of the skin including the sun spots.

3.  Laser Resurfacing The laser resurfacing procedure is expensive but it is one of the most effective ways for sun spot removal. Recovery from this process may take several weeks.


As we all know, prevention is better than a cure. There is a variety of ways to lessen the chances of having sun spots. One of these practices will not just keep you away from this particular skin problem, but it will also increase your defense against sun damage.

  • Consume a flavonoid-rich diet to increase your resistance from skin problems.
    Flavonoids are in grains, fruits and vegetables. Foods made out of soy are also a good source of this antioxidant.
  • Protect your skin with an SPF 15 sunblock. Apply a generous amount on the surface of your skin before going outdoors.
    This will protect your skin from the direct effects of ultraviolet rays.
    It will also help regenerate your skin cells if they have been damaged by an earlier skin problem.
  • umbrellaKeep yourself away from direct sunlight and avoid going to tanning booths as they can also harm your skin. Practice wearing a hat or an umbrella to shield your skin from harmful effects of the sun.

It is not that hard to deal with sun spot removal. In fact, many methods are available to choose from to use on your skin safely. You can make a choice whether you want it to be done naturally, cost-effective or instantly. More importantly, prevention practices are still the best way to go against the skin problem.