Skin Whitening Pills: Know the 5 Common Side Effects

Are you one of those individuals also caught up in the obsession of taking skin whitening pills? If you are, well you are definitely not alone. Skin whitening is actually more common than you actually think. It is so popular nowadays, that many individuals will go to any measure to get lighter skin. The truth is, people are always looking for the quick fix on how to get what they want, especially when it comes to their skin and beauty.

For that very reason, skin lightening pills have made their way into hopeful people’s homes for the main purpose of getting whiter skin. Although it seems easy to choose random whitening pills, it may be a bit more challenging than you think. This is where having knowledge about skin whitening pills could come in handy. Find out about the truth when it comes to skin lightening pills, so that you can be more cautious when it comes to trying them out for yourself.

What Is The Obsession With Getting Whiter Skin?

There are many reasons why people want to have whiter skin. Some people might want this feature because of wanting to blend in with the people that they are around all of the time.

Others feel like having whiter skin is more beautiful compared to darker skin tones, which definitely depends on a person’s preference. Whatever the reason, the skin whitening beauty industry has made a tremendous amount of money selling pills that focus on lightening the skin.

whiter skinThe media actually plays a big role in how people think. Since the media could present whiter skin being “more beautiful” and “elegant,” the audience tends to keep that idea in mind.

Discrimination could also play a role in the reason why people want to have lighter colored skin. But then again, whatever reasons people may have, they still wind up trying the same whitening pills to get the skin color that they want.

Why Are People Turning To Skin Whitening Pills?

Although there is a wide variety of skin whitening treatments available in the market, people are still opting to trying out whitening pills. Why is that you may ask? The reason is that people always want faster results. That is the main reason why many individuals go to desperate measures just to find the products that will give them quicker results.

The truth is that some skin whitening pills could actually provide faster results because they work internally instead of outside the body. However, the question is, would you really push through certain boundaries, even if it had a chance on taking a negative toll on your body?

Know The Side Effects Of Skin Whitening Pills

Medical science has presented some studies to show several skin whitening pills present certain side effects to some people. The following are the effects you should know about:

The Five Common Side Effects:

Allergic Reactions1. Allergic Reactions Some people get allergic reactions from certain skin whitening pills. Some of areas of your body could develop swelling or even skin rashes.
If this happens, stop using the product immediately and contact your doctor.
Bring the product with you to your doctor visit, so you can avoid such a reaction in the future.

2. Cancer Causing Ingredients – Are you familiar of one of the ingredients in most skin whitening products called hydroquinone? If you are, it is best to know studies show that this certain ingredient has possible cancer-causing factors. Some countries ban the use of hydroquinone because of studies that reveal this.

3. Disruption Of Normal Skin Functions Some skin whitening ingredients have shown to interfere with the normal production of melanin on a person’s skin. Some ingredients could also affect the body’s hormone levels.

4. Physical Stress To The Body Some ingredients for lightening products may cause symptoms, such as insomnia, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, headaches and many others.

5. Liver Damage Constantly taking pills could be harmful, no matter what type they are. The reason behind that is when a person consumes a pill, their liver could be damaged because there is a possibility of this organ overworking itself.

Is It Safe To Take Skin Whitening Pills?

skin whitening pillsAlthough there are certain factors to keep in mind, skin whitening pills are not as dangerous as they seem. A small number of skin whitening pills have caused side effects in the past for some people.

Some pills could actually work if taken the right way, and that is the reason why a health care professional is the best person to consult before taking any type of whitening pill or skin lightening product.

Just make sure to do the necessary research, so that you could protect your body from any harmful effects of certain pills.

Are Glutathione Pills Effective?

Pills that contain glutathione are said to be beneficial for not only skin whitening, but also because it is a potent antioxidant, which could help boost your immune system. It also protects the heart from some medical conditions and slows down the process of aging. For that reason, many people opt in taking glutathione pills instead of standard whitening pills because of its positive effects to the body.

Many people have actually claimed to see results of lighter skin after taking the pills for at least four to six months. Those people took two pills daily to get the maximum results possible. When it comes to glutathione, many dermatologists suggest that glutathione through IV injections are much more effective in comparison with the pill form.

Of course, it may be a bit more expensive, but it works faster because it goes directly to the person’s bloodstream. People might have to go through at least 15 sessions in 15 weeks to get the lighter skin that they want.

primary care physicianNevertheless, make sure to find a clinic that is legal to do such procedures, so that you protect yourself from malpractice.

It is better to know about the difficulties of skin whitening pills before you try them, so be certain to discuss them with your primary care physician or health provider. This is not meant to scare you so that you will not try lightening pills; rather it is to let you know about realistic scenarios regarding this type of skin whitening.