Skin Lightening Surgery: A Solution for Skin Problems?

Skin Lightening Surgery: A Solution for Skin Problems?

Are you looking for ways to lighten your skin tone? Are you tired of wasting your money on expensive whitening creams and capsules that just don’t work? Are you suffering from low self-esteem because of your dark and uneven skin? You are not alone.

Most people with dark skin want to achieve a lighter skin tone. Due to this desire, a huge sum of money is invested on skin care products or appointments with numerous doctors. Though the majority of skin care products on the market offer results, they are usually short lived.

In addition, if you fail to follow the regime precisely, you may not see significant results. Now, a variety of skin care procedures like chemical peels and skin lightening surgery are being introduced. These treatments promise to lighten your skin permanently.

In an attempt to help you find a solution to this problem, we’ll provide you with some information about these new methods. This could be the solution to your dark skin problems, finally. Together, let’s explore this option and see if skin whitening surgery is the best option to lighten your skin.

What Is Skin Lightening Surgery?

cosmetic treatmentSkin whitening surgery is a cosmetic treatment that involves restructuring some skin tissues in an attempt to lighten the skin tone and provide a more even skin tone.

This is done by reducing the concentration of melanin. While most of the chemicals used are proven effective, some are considered as toxic or have a questionable safety profile.

In some procedures, laser is used. This is beneficial if you have dark spots. Though effective, you should be cautious in using a treatment such as this as it may cause dark patches if not properly applied to right area. Skin lightening surgery uses a variety of methods, and peeling is considered as the most popular method. Tretinoin is usually applied in order to make the skin mature faster. Once it’s done, surgeons can easily peel the skin off.

Recovery time is usually between 7 and 21 days. During this time, it may feel like you have sunburn. Redness, swelling, bruising and swelling are just some of the side effects. Redness may still be evident after three weeks. Don’t worry; this can be easily camouflaged by makeup until it completely fades in two to three months.

Permanent skin whitening surgery is recommended for each of these skin pigmentation problems:

  • Imperfections caused by melanin
  • Dark spots or facial blemishes due to excessive pigmentation
  • Dark spots caused by photo-aging

How To Lighten Your Skin Permanently

If you have finally decided to push through with your decision, then it would be best to follow the recommendations listed below:

Visit A Dermatologist

Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and discuss your goals with him/her. If you have a certain skin tone in mind, it would be best to bring a picture of individuals or celebrities who depict this skin tone.

This will give him/her an idea of what you wish to achieve. Listen to what your dermatologist has to say and find out what the best options are.

Consult A Plastic Surgeon

If skin lightening surgery were one of the options, then it would be best to head on to a plastic surgeon. Feel free to show the picture to the plastic surgeon to give him/her a visual example of the results that you are looking for.

Listen to what he/she has to say and make sure to ask for alternative options. Also, feel free to ask how much each procedure would cost.

Decide On An Option

After meeting with the dermatologist and the plastic surgeon, you can now decide if you wish to push through with the skin bleaching surgery. Keep in mind though that the services of a plastic surgery are far more expensive than that of a dermatologist. The decision is in your hands.

Plan For Recovery

Your recovery time would greatly depend on the procedure you choose.

A laser treatment or chemical peel may leave you out of commission for a few days to a week; however, permanent skin whitening surgery might require a longer recovery time.

So, be sure to make arrangements before you push through with the procedure.

Use Maintenance Products

After the procedure, you will be asked to use certain products that would help with healing and maintenance. That being said, it is best to follow your doctor’s directions and try not to deviate from them. If you wish to make a few changes, you should call your doctor first to see if it is okay before doing it. This will prevent further complications.

Apply Sunscreen Every Day

After the procedure, daily application of sun block is recommended. This will not only protect your skin from sunburn, it will also prevent your skin from getting darker. Choose a sunscreen that can be worn under your make up.

Many people are willing to take things too far when it comes to cosmetics. Some would bleach their skin or even undergo plastic surgery in order to enhance their natural beauty.

whitening agentsWith the thousands of whitening agents and lightening treatment options available, choosing the best one may feel overwhelming. If you are prepared to undergo a more intense treatment, be prepared for the consequences.

It’s going to be painful and costly procedure. So, prepare yourself physically and psychologically.

Now that you are equipped with some information, are you still going to opt for a skin lightening surgery? If so, be sure to follow all of your doctor’s instructions to the letter. Read up on the topic as much as possible, and talk to others who have undergone the same procedure. With the right preparation, you’ll have a positive outcome.