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Skin Lightening Cream for Age Spots: 3 Things to Avoid

A skin lightening cream for age spots can be also be used to visibly reduce the appearance of sun damage, acne marks, old scars, freckles, melasma, and even birthmarks. These days most of the commercial skin treatments claim that they can help reduce age spots. Have you ever thought about how age spots are formed? Some people believe that they are formed because of old age. But the facts are different.

The current environmental condition is depleting our ozone layer. This makes us more prone to getting premature age spots and blemishes on our face. Some other causes and preventers of age spots are mentioned below:

What Are The Causes of Age Spots?

Skin color comes from a pigment called melanin. Dark spots are formed on the skin when an excess of melanin is produced. It can affect people of any race, but people with dark skin are more prone to get pigmentation.

There are many forms of pigmentation, such as freckles, melasma, and liver spots. Liver spots are also known as age spots. These are the most common form of pigmentation on the skin. They appear as small dark spots.

Sun is the main cause of age spots. The UV rays of the sun tan and burn the skin. Eventually, age spots and blemishes are formed on our skin.

In a few people, the production of melanin increases with age. This also causes the formation of age spots.

Why a Skin Lightening Cream for Age Spots is a Good Solution

Most skin lightening creams use harmful chemicals to lighten your skin tone. While they are effective in the short term, they can cause further damage to your skin and health when you use them for a prolonged time. Using a skin lightening cream for age spots that contains natural and organic ingredients is the safest way to get your fair skin tone back.

A skin lightening cream for age spots works in two different ways:

It absorbs the UV rays of the sun and prevents the further darkening of your skin. It reduces the production of melanin, which causes dark areas on the skin. A skin lightening cream for age spots is not a product that you should buy in a hurry. It is important to research thoroughly before buying a skin treatment. First, you should check the ingredients contained in a skin cream. This will let you find a skin lightening cream that only contains natural and safe ingredients.

3 Ingredients that You Should Avoid

There are many skin whitening creams that are imported from other countries. These countries do not follow the same rules as followed in the US or Europe. Thus, you should be careful and be on the lookout for ingredients that are harmful to your health.

1. Hydroquinone: In the past, hydroquinone was used as the basic ingredient of skin whitening creams. It was known to be a safe and effective skin treatment. But recent studies have indicated that the long-term use of hydroquinone can cause skin disorders and diseases.

2. Steroids: The use of steroids is very common in skin whitening creams. Long-term use of topical steroids without the supervision of a doctor can cause serious ailments. People can suffer from infections and thinning of the skin.

3. Mercury: This is one of the most harmful ingredients found in many imported skin creams. The use of mercury is banned in the United States. Mercury is rapidly absorbed through the skin and can cause major side effects. People might experience trouble walking and blurred vision. Fatal mercury poisoning can slow down the organs and lead to death.

Choose a Natural Skin Lightening Cream for Age Spots

IlluminaturalSkinception has created an effective skin lightening cream for age spots: Illuminatural. It is an advanced skin lightener that contains natural plant extracts.

It is also composed of natural exfoliants that help to remove dead skin cells. Antioxidants and active enzymes are added to this natural skin product to make it more effective. Some other safe and natural ingredients are:

Niacinamide: This is actually vitamin B3, which clears dark skin patches. It is well tolerated by the skin and safe to use.

Alpha Arbutin: This is obtained from cranberry, mulberry, blueberry, and bearberry leaves. It works by blocking the production of melanin.

Hydrolite 5: This ingredient works as a moisturizer and helps to keep your skin nourished. You will start seeing noticeable results in less than four weeks of using this skin lightening cream for age spots. Now, there is no need to feel bad about the age spots on your face.

No more wasting hours in front of your mirror regretting your imperfect skin. Taking the Illuminatural skin treatment will change the way you look. This skin cream is proven suitable for people of all races.Get natural skin lightening with Illuminatual.