Skin Bleaching Soap The Search for the Top 10 Products

Skin Bleaching Soap: The Search for the Top 10 Products

You once had fair and clear skin, but prolonged exposure to the sun and the aging process has made your complexion dark, dry and blotchy. Now you’re finding it hard to get back your original skin colour. Whether you are trying to restore your skin tone or want to lighten your skin, you must have heard about skin bleaching soap.

There are several varieties of skin lightening soaps available on the market, each of which contains different ingredients. With so much variety and diverse types of ingredients contained in skin lightening soaps, it can be daunting to choose the one that can get the results you want in the shortest time. This article is put together to discuss the various types of skin bleaching soaps that you can use to lighten your skin.

1. Papaya Skin Bleaching Soap: Papaya bleaching soap is one of the most popular soaps used by many people all over the globe. Papaya soap works by eliminating dead skin cells and dirt from the skin’s surface to reveal fresher and newer looking skin. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which acts as a natural exfoliant.

PapayaUsing papaya skin bleaching soap regularly helps to peel up the top layers of the skin. While the process is slow, you may notice the new skin cells are lighter and softer, which gives you the healthy glow.

Papain enzyme is also effective in curing acne since it removes the dead skin cells that may become trapped in the skin pores and cause blackheads, whiteheads and acne. The great thing about papaya skin whitening soap is that it is composed of organic materials with no harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause dryness. It takes approximately five to seven weeks to notice changes in your skin tone with regular use of papaya soap.

2. Kojic Skin Bleaching Soap: Kojic is another skin lightener that helps treat various types of skin discolorations such as melasma, dark spots and blemishes.
Kojic acid is usually contained in papaya soap to double the skin lightening activity.
In addition to its skin whitening properties, kojic acid is anti-fungal in nature and can destroy pimples, acne, ringworm and other bacterial and fungal skin disorders.
You need to use kojic soap regularly to maintain the skin whitening effects. It might take a month before you notice any improvement with the regular use of kojic soap.

soaps3. Gluthathione Skin Bleaching Soap: Gluthathione soap is another sought after skin product. It works by blocking the activity of melanin, which provides colour to the skin and makes your complexion darker. It is highly effective compared to other soaps since it delivers quick results within a few weeks.
The antioxidant properties of this soap help to destroy free radicals and relieve oxidative stress. It detoxes the skin and enhances cellular development and restoration. The soap also contains vitamin E and vitamin C for sun protection and skin nourishment. Regular use of gluthathione soap gives you a whiter, healthier and more youthful skin tone.

4. Placenta Skin Bleaching Soap: Placenta skin bleaching soap is made from animal placentas. Placentas are considered the building blocks of life and help in the repair and restoration of skin tissues.
Apart from enhancing your skin tone, placenta soap also heals wounds and cuts. Moreover, it protects your skin from harmful pathogens. Placenta soaps are usually combined with goat’s milk as they provide needed nourishment and hydration to the skin.

licorice5. Licorice Skin Bleaching Soap: Licorice has an active compound, known as glabridin, which helps to whiten the skin. Because licorice is a natural extract, there are no side effects associated with its use.

It can work on all skin types, especially sensitive skin because it is very gentle and organic.

6. Green Tea Skin Bleaching Soap: Green tea is also considered an effective ingredient for enhancing skin whitening. It is rich in vitamin C, which prevents the accumulation of melanin in one area. This in turn prevents the formation of freckles and dark skin spots on the skin.

7. Mulberry Skin Bleaching Soap: This is an organic soap that rejuvenates your skin with its high antioxidant content. Mulberry contains arbutin, which reduces age spots and blemishes. Arbutin also has the ability to protect the skin from sun damage.

8. Black Pearl Skin Whitening Soap: The effects of this soap are remarkable. Although drying, it effectively removes the darks spots from your skin. It contains active ingredients that exfoliate the skin, shed the dead skin cells and stimulate cell regeneration. It is recommended to moisturize your skin thoroughly after using black pearl soap.

9. Saffron Skin Bleaching Soap: Saffron soap also combines goat’s milk to provide moisture and hydration to the skin. Saffron is rich in skin lightening properties and helps to make your skin soft and luminous. Goat’s milk also works as a bleaching agent and controls the formation of melanin on the skin. The best thing about this soap is that it is gentle and fades pigmentation safely.

10. Turmeric Skin Lightening Soap: Turmeric is well known all over the world for its amazing skin whitening properties. Most turmeric soaps are enriched with aloe vera, sandalwood and extracts of lotus to enhance the lightening effect.

The regular usage of turmeric soap ensures protection from the sun, pollution, bacteria and wrinkles. The soap also imparts a noticeable glow to the skin and visibly lightens dark spots over time.

It is important to use a good moisturizer and sunscreen with a high SPF when using skin bleaching soaps. This will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and provide the moisture that the skin requires.

The All-Round Approach

Whatever skin bleaching soap you use for skin whitening, the results will depend on various things, such as how often you use the soap, the severity of your skin condition, how frequently your skin is exposed to the sun and what other products you are using to maintain the healthy and even complexion of your skin.

You need to remember that just using a skin bleaching soap may not be enough to achieve the results you are aiming for. You need other skin treatments such as skin whitening cream and a proper skin care routine to accelerate skin lightening.

A combination of the right skin products, a healthy diet and emotional well being will definitely give your skin the permanent glow you have always desired.