Redheaded Revolution: Fighting Back Against Gingerism

Appearance is crucial for most of us; after all, our looks are identifying factors for us. People like categorize us by our religion and economic standing. It is hard to believe, but even the minor difference in skin or hair color can have a huge impact on how others treat us.

Redheads, mockingly referred to as “carrot tops” or “gingers,” face one of the most projecting instances of discrimination nowadays. Their freckles and red hair have prompted many people to pick on them, instead of others.

It is pretty shocking to see the blatant discrimination of redheads. Once considered silly and funny, it has become a serious problem in many places.

There have been numerous incidents where school age children were the victims of bullies. In other places, reports say others constantly tease them, just for having red hair.

If insults weren’t enough, redheads are also surrounded by a variety of ancient myths that have no scientific background. Some of these weird myths are:
Redheads Have a Fiery Temperament.

red hairSome people believe that redheads are hotheaded and have sharp tongues. The color of their head is often the reason for such beliefs. Just because most people with red hair become angry, just like the rest of us, does not prove this theory true.

It is normal for anyone to get impatient after being taunted throughout their childhood, and even into adulthood, based on their natural appearance. Studies haven’t yet proven the difference in the temperaments of redheads compared to people with other hair colors.

Redheads May Become Extinct

A report published in the year 2007 cited that redheads are likely to become extinct in the near future. You may find many blogs and magazines with similar stories regarding redhead’s extinction.

However, experts have denied having any truth in this theory because of the lack of enough evidence. Red hair is the product of a relatively rare gene. Although they may decline in the years to come, redheads will never disappear completely.

Redheaded Women are Active in Bed

sexual desirePeople consider redheads to have an overabundance of sexual desire. They are on fire in bed and a completely different person when it comes to sex.

They like it really rough; they’re into scratching, biting, hair pulling and are even loud during sexual intimacy. However, this is true for any person, not just redheads who have a strong sexual drive.

Redheads Don’t Go Grey

Redheads never develop grey hair as they age. Carrot tops are able to retain their natural pigment a lot longer than other hair colors.

Red hair color usually fades with age to rosy blonde colors instead of going silver or white. While this may be true, more studies are necessary to prove this myth.

Redheads are Unlucky

During the Middle Ages, people viewed the color red as the color of the devil. Egyptians believed that redheads are unlucky. Some people thought that redheads were conceived during the menstruation period, so they were viewed to be unclean.

Who will believe in this nonsense of a philosophy? In this modern day, believers include only a handful of the ignorant, and certainly not the sensible population.

Redheads Become Vampires after Death

The Greeks believed that redheads would turn into vampires after death. This is because red is also the color of blood. Some others suggest that redheads are witches. There cannot be weirder myths than these, wouldn’t you agree?

Redheads Burn More Easily in the Sun

Redheads are more likely to burn in the sun because of their light skin. They are highly sensitive to ultraviolet rays of the sun; therefore, they have a higher probability of getting skin cancer. Excessive exposure to the sun is harmful for everyone, let alone redheads.

Redheads Need Extra Anesthesia

People think that redheads do not behave similarly as their brown or black haired friends when they have anesthesia, because they need more for effective pain control.

However, Professor Myles from Monash University conducted research and found that redheads behaved exactly the same way as other people when they receive anesthesia during surgery.

Let’s face it, only the truly gullible fall for these redhead myths. Orthodox people tend to create hoaxes and spread them to stir up society.

Although natural redheads may have to bear the bantering and the ginger criticism, there is no denying the fact that their red hair can be beautifully gorgeous. Nowadays, many people want to sport red hair and consider dyeing their hair.

Redheads and Freckles: What’s The Connection?

People with red hair tend to have freckles. This is because red hair and freckles are the products of the same gene, which is the MC1R gene. This gene is responsible for the formation of the MC1R protein that works to balance pigments in the hair and skin.

Eumelanin and Pheomelanin are the two major pigments that affect people’s skin and hair. Redheads with freckles have more amounts of pheomelanin than eumelanin.

Redheads with frecklesRedheads with freckles look adorable when they are children. However, these brown spots become a reason for these children to feel ugly when they grow up. Freckles are not harmful for health, but people may want to get rid of them to have clearer, smooth skin.

There are many prescription treatments that can help eliminate the onslaught of freckles, but most such treatments only work for a short time. The next time you expose yourself to the sun for a long time, your freckles will come right back again.

Natural Treatments for Freckles

To get lighter skin without using harmful chemicals and potentially dangerous substances, you may want to try a natural skin cream.

Using all-natural skin creams that have herbs and natural ingredients can lighten your brown spots, while keeping your skin healthy and bright.

Illuminatural 6iA skin cream like Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightening formula is a perfect blend of ingredients clinically proven to reduce brown spots safely. Apart from using a natural skin cream from illuminatural, a diet rich in fruits and vitamin C can help to eradicate freckles. 

Even though the harassment continues to shower down on redheaded children and adults because of their hair color, some gingers have had enough. They have banded together and started the revolution against gingerism. It’s time people appreciated its distinctiveness, not discriminate, just because red hair is unique and different.