12 Famous Celebrity Dads Who Are Gingers

Being a redhead means being different and being prone to name-calling, jokes and taunts. According to statistics, redhead children make up 20 per cent of the reported bullying. Bullied or not, freckles or no freckles, being a ginger did not stop these actors from becoming who they are today. Here are 12 famous celebrity dads who rocked being a ginger:

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10 Shockingly Acceptable Prejudices People Need to Stop      

While on a vacation, the taxi driver charges too high for a quick trip from the airport to your hotel, or while at the hotel, you had trouble checking in, even if you made your reservations a month ago. Worse than that, the front desk attendants do not seem too friendly and accommodating. With this experience, it is easy to feel as though others make judgments about you, or that people in the places you frequents are frauds and unwelcoming.

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10 Famous Historical Figures with Freckles

Redheads are rare and with this distinction, they are prone to discrimination like the idea that all redheads are bad-tempered, all redheads are fiery and all redheads are evil witches and warlocks. However, there is one sure thing about redheads. They all probably have freckles. Here are 10 famous redhead historical figures that may have had their share of freckles, and fame, too:

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9 Flattering and Fabulous Fashion Tips for Fresh Freckle-Faced Gingers

Before we start going through this style guide, here is an interesting fact about gingers. Did you know that a ginger mom and dad are sure to produce a redhead baby? Or, that a blue-eyed redhead can only come from both blue-eyed parents, where one or both have redhead genes? For this reason, redheads with blue eyes are one of the rarest groups of people in the world.

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9 Big Stars Who Sport Their Birthmarks Beautifully

When we think of birthmarks, the first things that come to mind are moles and stains with fascinating shapes and colors. However, birthmarks are not always moles and stains. They could be deformities anywhere in the body, such as an overgrown lump or an extra nipple. People with these strange birthmarks are often the subject of bullying. Sometimes people even create bizarre stories out of these anomalieslike mysteriouscurses, for example.

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8 Reasons Julianne Moore is a Redhead’s Hero

It’s not everyday people meet redheads in streets and cafes. Thus, many people see them as someone odd and different. Redheads are often subjects of bullying, discrimination and offensive name-calling. Being different should not stop you from loving the skin you are in. A lot of famous personalities have experienced bullying when they were younger, but they rose from their uniqueness to fame and fortune. One perfect example is the beautiful and versatile actress, a wife and a mother, Julianne Moore.

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7 Ways to Cool Your Sunburned Skin

Here comes summer, and along with that comes sunburns.When you are out having fun under the sun for long hours, expect the painful, inflamed peeling to plague your skin later. You should never let the summer days pass without spending quality time outdoors. But remember, forgetting to slather on sunscreen can take all that fun away.

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6 Bizarre Birthmarks You Won’t Believe

One red swollen pimple on your face is reason enough for you to feel embarrassed and avoid being seen by others. But, did you know other people, especially children suffer from a lot of devastating conditions due to severe abnormalities on their skin?

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5 Good Reasons to Get Out in the Sun

Avoid sunlight at all costs. This is the message people receive in many ads and skin health campaigns. It has become many people’s obsession to steer clear from Mr. Sun. With the entire skin cancer and aging scare, who would not want to, right?

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