Skin Lightening Lotion Without Hydroquinone

Why Hydroquinone is Dangerous and the best Skin Lightening Lotion Without Hydroquinone

Despite the immense popularity of skin lightening products, many companies still employ the use of questionably dangerous ingredients in their products.

Even worse, many countries are slow to put any legislation in place to protect consumers from potentially dangerous products.One classic example of this is the existence of skin lightening creams with hydroquinone.

The Dangers of Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is an effective method for inhibiting melanin production. What this means is that hydroquinone prevents skin from producing darker pigmentation. It is important to note that hydroquinone is not a bleaching agent but acts more as a lightening agent, as it only disrupts the production of melanin.

While the process of lightening skin with hydroquinone is proven to be effective, it is also proving to be quite dangerous. Numerous studies have shown that hydroquinone can lead to ochronosis, a terrible disease in which blue-black pigments are deposited onto the skin.

As if this is not terrifying enough, numerous studies point to hydroquinone as a likely carcinogen. Numerous studies show a high occurrence of tumors in rats who had been subjected to doses of hydroquinone, including:

  • thyroid follicular cell hyperplasias
  • anisokaryosis
  • mononuclear cell leukemia
  • hepatocellular adenomas
  • renal tubule cell adenomas

All of these potentially lethal results are possibilities with the use of too much hydroquinone. As a result of these tests the European Union has banned its use. However, many countries are slow to adopt similar resolutions.If you are looking for a safe, non-toxic skin lightening cream, there is only one option on today’s markets–Illuminatural 6i.

Illuminatural 6i–The best Skin Lightening Lotion without Hydroquinone

Illuminatural 6iThough Illuminatural 6i is not the only product that doesn’t use hydroquinone in their formulary, it is the best and safest skin lightening cream available without hydroquinone.

Instead of using toxic or other potentially harmful substances in it’s formulary, Illuminatural relies on six safe, clinically tested and proven-to-work active ingredients.

Illuminatural will not only safely and naturally lighten your skin tone evenly, it will completely care for and nourish your skin.