How to Make Skin Lighter: 3-Steps to a Smoother You

Many people seek ways to get lighter skin. Some of them are very conscious about skin color. Others are working in fields that require them to look fair all the time. Even search engines right away recommend search phrases like “how to make my skin lighter,” because of the large number of web users inquiring about it.

Skin lightening is not something that happens in 24 hours or even in seven days. This is a matter that needs a better understanding of the human body and the person’s lifestyle. Yet the process is relatively easy.  Here are some questions you should answer for yourself:

Step 1: What Is The Cause Of My Dark Skin?

Your skin shows how you pamper or tire out your body. In fact, your skin displays how good your health is, among other things.

When you want to lighten the shade of your skin, it helps to find out what the culprits are first.

The usual causes of dark-colored skin are the following:

  • skin cancerGenes And Race: People with Asian, African or Latin roots by nature have more melanin in their skin. Melanin is the pigment that causes the brown, dark brown or black color of the skin. It also keeps you from getting skin cancer.
  • Too Much Exposure To The Sun: This is one of the major reasons why the skin color becomes darker. The sun triggers the body to produce more melanin so that it can combat the UV rays.
  • Diseases Or Disorders: There are people who suffer from disorders like hyperpigmentation. Some people have ash-colored skin due to kidney problems.

The chosen skin lightening options work much better if you match them with your specific needs and conditions.
Once you understand why your skin looks that way, you can take the proper steps to treat it.

Step 2: What Should I Do To Make My Skin Lighter?

When the reason behind the dark skin is enumerated, one can move on to the next step: Planning a treatment program. First, you have to know the following:

  • Choices you can use.
  • Choices you can afford.
  • Choices that suit your preferences and individual needs.

Then you can proceed to the next phase, which is choosing the method or methods to get lighter skin. You can make your skin fairer either the artificial way or the natural way, or a combination of both.

The artificial approach on lightening the skin can be done in various ways like:

  • Laser Treatments:

    Using a laser machine triggers the skin to peel off and reveal the lighter layer.

  • Cryotherapy: Substances like liquid nitrogen is applied on the skin through a spray of a cotton applicator. This freezes the skin, causing it to make less melanin.
  • Glutathione Injections Or IV Treatment: Given by injection or intravenous therapy, glutathione made in the lab is used to lighten skin. This antioxidant keeps melanin from getting produced.
  • Skin Bleaching: Creams, masks, and many other products that have ingredients like Tretinoin, Mercury and Hydroquinone can make the skin lighter when applied regularly. Their actions are dependent on the control of melanin.

Many people have issues with unnatural ways to get lighter skin, though. Some of them experience side effects that bring in more health problems. Others just cannot afford a bottle of a certain product, or a session using a special procedure.

On the other hand, you can turn to the following natural skin whitening tricks:

  • Limit The Sun Exposure: This ball of fire triggers the body to make melanin. Less exposure means less melanin. Less melanin means less skin darkening.
  • When Going Out In The Sun, Be Equipped: Put on sun block creams or lotions. Wear hats, sunglasses or light-colored clothes. Use an umbrella.
  • Eat Right: Foods that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and antioxidants gives the person a fairer glow. Examples would be green-leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, fish and seafood.
  • fruit juicesTake In plenty Of Fluids: Water, fruit juices, and teas like green tea flush out dirt from the body and hydrate the skin giving it a cleaner and fairer look.
  • Get Enough Rest And Sleep: Lack of sleep does not allow the body to repair and make new cells. It also makes the skin and hair dry.
  • Exercise Regularly: Sweating is a vital mechanism in flushing out dirt and toxins in the body. It also tones the skin.
  • Make Your Own Masks And Creams From Natural Ingredients: Honey, lemon, oatmeal, rose petals, aloe vera, turmeric, and milk – these are just few of the kitchen items that can be used for DIY skin regimens.

Not only are they easy, these tricks are also cheaper. And these means are like hitting two or more birds with one stone. One whitens his or her skin and becomes healthy as a whole.

Step 3: How Do I Implement My Plan?

So you have determined the cause of your darkening skin and have chosen what options to take. The last step left is putting those plans into action and working on them diligently.

If you go for the natural approach, you need to stick to your plan without missing a day. In addition, skin care is not something you can do for a while, and then stop once your skin becomes fair. It is a lifetime of being conscious about your skin. It is a never-ending affair, in other words.

Many people say, “I want to know how to get my skin lighter,” or “She wants to get fairer skin.” Although many people feel this way, they need to take the right steps and be patient.

Know the cause. Plan a scheme. Work on it by heart. Beauty is beheld like a beauty queen, but worked on like an engineer. Study and learn the tricks on how to get lighter skin, and then put them to practice. You’ll be amazed by the results.