Home Treatment For Dark Spots

Home Remedies for Dark Spots: 5 Safe, Affordable Options

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed dark spots on your cheeks, arms, hands and other parts of your body? What is more surprising is you do not know how those spots got there in the first place. The problem is that you are just naïve to the whole explanation of why people start getting dark spots on their skin. But there is really no need to worry about this issue because the content that we will be discussing in this article will be all about dark spots.

Find out what those spots are, how they are caused and possible home remedies for dark spots that you could try out at home.

If you have an idea of what causes it, you may be surprised by the other facts about this topic that you never knew about.

Gain the knowledge that you need to understand and possibly get rid or lessen the dark spots that you have throughout your body. While reading, keep an open mind so that you absorb all the information that it contains.

What Are Dark Spots And What Causes Them?

older adultsDark spots are basically irregular areas on the skin that give off a change in the original color of the skin. There are many causes that may contribute to this common skin problem which depend on person to person.

Many people may refer to dark spots as “age spots” since many older adults starting at ages 40 to 50 years of age start developing them. These dark spots could cause a form of an embarrassment especially if a person did not have them during their younger years.

The most common cause of dark spots is usually sun exposure. Going out for a walk on a sunny day will not instantly give you age spots of course, frequent exposure is the key to getting these spots.

When a person is always exposed to the sun rays, the skin tends to release melanin (a natural substance that gives people a tanned or dark color on the skin) as a natural protection barrier for the skin to prevent it from sun damage.

The problem is, melanin might not always be released uniformly all throughout the skin which means it could be released in other parts of the body much more than other places, thus resulting in dark spots.

Another cause of age spots is if a person has imbalances with their hormones. This could usually occur in women who are pregnant and / or during their menopausal years. Acne, medical conditions involving the liver, genetics and stress could also play a role in the appearance of dark spots on a person’s skin. People who are frequently using commercial tanning lamps and / or tanning beds might also have a higher risk for developing age spots.

Is It Possible To Lessen The Appearance Of Dark Spots?

This may depend on the severity of the dark spots on the skin. There are cases where age spots could actually be treated by using certain products and going through specific procedures that could lessen the appearance of them.

You could always consult this issue with your dermatologist to find out if your dark spots could still be treated. They will know what possible treatments you could try out for your dark spots.

Certain products such as Illuminatural 6i® Advanced Skin Lightening, are known to work safely and effectively to visibly lighten dark spots all over the body. It works well for freckles, birthmarks, acne scars, melasma, age and sun spots, hyperpigmentation and many more. Try asking your dermatologist about this product to get more feedback about its results. It could be a possible treatment that you could use for your skin.

You could also try out home treatments for dark spots that many people have claimed to work out for them. These natural methods for treating dark spots are safe and all-natural which will not cause any major side effects for you and your body. You could also ask your dermatologist about what natural home remedies for dark spots really do work faster for you. There are quite a few to try out in which you will find out in the next section.

What Are The Home Remedies For Dark Spots?

Before we move on to the home treatments, let us talk about prevention. Prevention is the ultimate best way to avoid these dark spots especially if it was caused by modifiable factors such as frequent sun exposure, commercial tanning, tanning beds and stress.

sunblockIf you are always out in the sun, use a quality sun screen with SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30. Try buying a sunblock with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which offer maximum protection.

Apply the sun screen 30 minutes before going out in the sun and reapply it if you sweat more and / or swim.

1. Milk.
Since milk has lactic acid it could help in lightening dark spots. Try applying milk twice daily for at least 6 weeks. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off gently.

2. Potato & Honey.
Get a potato and mix it with some honey so that it forms a mask. Apply it directly to the dark areas to help lightening the affected areas.

3. Vitamin E.
Since this vitamin is an antioxidant, it is known to help in decreasing the appearance of dark spots. Get yourself a capsule of vitamin E and massage the oil gently on the dark areas before bedtime. Use it for a few weeks to get the full results.

4. Aloe Vera.
This is a natural plan that could help diminish the dark spots on your skin. Apply it twice daily on the areas for at least 2 weeks. You could try out the juice or gel form, depending on your preference.

5. Lemon Juice.
Lemon juice has vitamin C which also helps in lightening dark spots. Get lemon juice and dab a cotton ball in it. Apply it on the dark spots at least twice. Use it for at least 2 weeks to see results.

Illuminatural 6iDepending on your preference of decreasing the appearance of dark spots, you could try out products such as Illuminatural 6i® Advanced Skin Lightening and / or natural home remedies for dark spots.

However way you choose to treat your spots, consulting with your dermatologist is one of the best steps you could take to find out the best treatments for your skin.