18 Quick and Healthy Skin Tips for People With No Time to Waste

18 Quick and Healthy Skin Tips for People With No Time to Waste

There is something you should know about your skin: it reveals the stories of your life, which could range from that bad sunburn you got when you were 10, the pimples and scars you had during your teen years, those surprising post-pregnancy marks, and the list goes on. This is why protecting your skin is crucial.

Here’s the catch: maintaining healthier skin requires time and effort. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should compromise your skin just to save time and money.

Check out these 18 simple, quick, and healthy skin tips to maintain skin health at any age: 

1. Protect Your Skin by Saying Yes to Sunscreen

sunscreenGetting a tan may be cool especially during summer, but this doesn’t mean you should go out unprotected. In fact, one of the simplest yet best skin care tips you should remember is to protect your skin from the sun. The sun’s harmful UV rays could lead to your skin’s premature aging, hence the birth of wrinkles, fine lines, and sun spots.

If you want to maintain a healthy skin, then the drill is simple: apply sunscreen. Go for broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15. At the same time, make sure you follow these tips:

  • Apply sunscreen generously on your skin.
  • Re-apply every two hours, especially when sweating or swimming.
  • Avoid the sun between 10 in the morning and two in the afternoon when the sun’s UV rays are at their strongest.
  • Wear protective clothing, such as wide-brimmed hats and long-sleeved shirts when heading outdoors.
  • Try laundry additives that give your clothing extra sun protection.

2. Make Your Skin Younger by Not Smoking

smokingAside from the sun’s UV rays, there is another thing that could make your skin look older: smoking.

Smoking narrows up to the tiniest blood vessels in the outer layers of skin, thereby decreasing blood flow. When this happens, it depletes the oxygen and nutrients from flowing to your skin, which makes your skin older. Consequently, smoking affects collagen and elastin levels in your skin, two skin components keeps your skin stronger and more elastic. As a result, it makes your skin dry, dull, and more prone to wrinkles.

The simplest way is to protect your skin and quit smoking. It helps if you set a quit date – and make sure to stick to it. Stay away from smoking temptation and inform your friends and family about your intention of quitting so they could support you all the way.

3. Healthy Skin Tips to Remember: Keep Your Skincare Routine Minimal and Simple

You might be tempted to buy products that promise to get rid of wrinkles, treat acne, bring moisture back to your skin, eliminate wrinkles, and the list goes on. Here’s a secret for healthier skin: keep it simple. You will read many healthy face skin tips that surely help, but at the end of the day, it’s all about sticking to basics.

retinolWhat does this mean?

Don’t use too many products on your face. This would mean using different ingredients, which can be irritating and too much for your skin to handle. At the same time, some ingredients cancel out the benefits of other ingredients.

Be sure to keep your skincare regimen simple. All you need are a cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and some retinol, and you are good to go. You can add a few more depending on your skin’s particular needs.

4. All About Adding Retinoids to Your Routine for Healthier Skin

You heard the not-so-good side of retinoids: it makes your skin dry, red and flaky. Apparently, there is a reason why it deserves a spot on the list of healthy face tips.

Retinoids unplug pores, reduce fine lines, clear up acne, whiten dark spots and freckles, boost production of collagen, and more importantly, improve your skin’s texture. In other words, retinoids are the foundation of your anti-aging regimen.

creamsHere are tips on proper use of retinoids to minimize the side effects:

  • Start using retinoids in your 20’s.
  • Apply a pea-size amount on your face every two to three nights to give your skin some time to adjust to the ingredient.
  • Consider over-the-counter serums, creams or gels with retinol. Retinoids are sold by prescription, but the OTC variants are equally effective. Be patient with the results since they are not instant.

Retinoids use is also one of the healthy skin tips for men, so your man can use it, too.

5. Don’t Rush Things: Give the Products Some Time to Work

timeCommercials will tell you that you can get whiter skin or get rid of pimples or say goodbye to blackheads in just one week of use. After a week and you didn’t see any improvement, you decide to move on to the next product.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

You need to give each product some time to work before you can see noticeable improvement, which is more than a week from use. This means finishing the entire bottle or tube before you decide whether to move on to the next product in line or stick to it. Otherwise, too many products applied on your skin could make them less effective.

More importantly, be patient. You might be in a hurry to see results, but the best way to check if a product truly works is by giving it some time to work its magic on your skin.

6. Make It a Habit to Clean Your Makeup Brush for Cleaner Skin

Did you know that 72 percent of women never wash their makeup sponge or brush? Unfortunately, non-sharing of a makeup brush won’t help your case.

brushesMakeup brushes pick up oil, dirt, and other unwanted substances, which you can potentially put on your face. This could clog your pores and may cause acne breakouts. Dirty eyeliners and shadow brushes may also lead to infections, such as pink eye.

Keep your brushes clean and dry. Once a week, spray your makeup brushes with antibacterial brush spray. Don’t forget to deep clean your brushes using gentle shampoo and water once a month. Make sure to prioritize eye and lip brushes since they are at a higher risk to transmit germs.

By doing this, you are able to save your skin and minimize the possibility of acne breakouts, which leads you to this next tip.

7. Quick Tips to Solve Acne Problems

There is something you should know about acne: it’s not just for teens. Those hormonal imbalances can also cause adult acne and make them erupt in your chin, nose, and mouth areas. Couple this with stress, which you will learn more about below, and you are on your way to Acne Land.

The good news is, there are many acne tips you can try to make you say goodbye to them. Here are healthy skin tips for acne you shouldn’t miss:

  • Treat acne at the onset, so it doesn’t get worse.

  • Avoid touching your face, particularly the pimples themselves.
  • Try benzoyl peroxide and retinol for acne.
  • Use gentle cleansers to remove dirt, dead skin and bacteria on your face that are causing acne.
  • For moderate to severe acne, make sure to consult a dermatologist for proper treatment.

Addressing acne before it gets worse could also minimize the risk of scarring, which is another skin issue you don’t want to deal with.
In case acne scarring happened, don’t worry. You can use Illuminatural 6i, an advanced skin lightener that visibly lighten dark spots and acne scars, so you can say goodbye to your embarrassing dark spots.

8. Avoid Dirt and Bacteria Buildup Through Regular Exfoliation

exfoliationCleansing your skin will never be enough, although it helps remove dirt, excess oil, and bacteria on the surface of your skin. The good news is you can get rid of those unwanted substances stuck in your pores.

The key here is exfoliation.

Exfoliation helps get rid of excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt, and other unwanted substances that fill and clog your pores. By removing those plugs, you could help soften and smooth your skin, while clearing the dead surface cells. It also prevents your pores from getting bigger, which could invite more dead skin and excess oil to it.

For best results, look for a product that works best on your skin type.

Keep in mind that pores look bigger when filled with oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Keratin, a type of protein that lives on the surface of your skin could also cause your pores to look larger. Therefore, make exfoliation part of your daily routine.

9. Remove Your Makeup: What Happens to Your Skin When You Don’t Wash at Night

remove your makeupAfter a night of partying, all you want to do is to lie down on your bed and get that much needed beauty rest. The idea sounds tempting, but failure to remove your makeup before visiting dreamland could spell disaster on your skin.

Leaving makeup on your skin could clog pores and lead to excessive skin dryness. This could also lead to skin dandruff since most makeup products have sugar-type molecule that triggers yeast growth overnight.

Removing eye makeup is also crucial; otherwise, it could lead to bumpy rashes around the eye area. Worse, it could cause milia cysts or small white bumps around your eyes.

Soap and a gentle cleanser will do, although you can opt for makeup removers, as long as it works well on your skin.

10. Hands Off: One of the Simplest Healthy Skin Tips You Should Master

poppingAt the end of the day, it all boils down to this simple tip: keeping your hands off your face.

Touching, popping, and picking, no matter how light it is, may permanently damage your skin. It causes distress and inflammation to your skin and at the same time, pushes the bacteria deeper into your pores. This could encourage your oil glands to burst, which could cause more trouble on your skin. Touching your pimples might also lead to discoloration and worse, scarring.

What should you do? Avoid touching your skin at all costs. If you need to touch your face, then make sure your hands are clean.

11. Treat Your Skin Gently to Keep It Healthy and Happy

You will find tons of healthy skin tips that will help bring back your skin’s natural glow. The truth is you don’t need fancy and expensive skin products to keep your skin in its best shape. Here are some simple techniques on how to treat your skin gently and properly:

  • shaving creamAvoid, or at least limit your hot baths since they tend to remove oils from your skin.
  • Apply shaving cream or lotion before shaving.
  • Make sure to shave in the direction your hair grows and not against it.
  • Do not use strong soaps and detergents on and for your skin to avoid stripping the natural oils off your skin.
  • Gently pat your skin dry to allow the moisture to stay on your skin.
  • Make it a habit to moisturize your skin, preferably within three minutes after bath. This seals the moisture, thereby keeping your skin supple. Be sure to use the right moisturizer for your skin type.

These simple tricks provide greater benefits, so make sure you follow them.

In case you have a richer, darker skin tone, read the next section to find out how to keep it healthy.

12. Healthy Skin Tips for Black Skin Worth Remembering

There are certain ways to protect your dark skin. Apparently, most skin care tips are dedicated to women with fair skin, but don’t worry. Below are tips for healthier skin:

  • foundationMake it a habit to moisturize every day.
  • Always use sunscreen.
  • Your makeup foundation must complement your skin, not hide it.
  • Use a gentle facial cleanser to get rid of dirt and bacteria in your face.
  • Use a skin toner after cleansing.
  • Avoid picking on your pimples to minimize scarring.
  • Darker shades of lipstick and eye shadow work well with darker skin. Give it a try and see if it works.
  • Exfoliate twice a week.
  • Take it easy on powder and make sure it compliments your skin tone.

Take note of these skincare advice and you will surely say hello to healthier skin.

13. Take Care of Your Chest and Neck

Admit it. You seldom pay attention to your neck and chest and let soap and water do its job. That’s not how it should be.

neck and chestThe skin in your neck and chest are thinner and receives lesser blood supply. At the same time, these areas rarely get sunscreen protection since you can easily hide it with turtleneck. This makes the areas more prone to sagging, wrinkling and dark spots.

You can change this by paying attention to your neck and chest area. Use the same products that you apply on your face, although do this every other day. When you start paying attention, they sure know how to reward you after.

Sometimes, it’s not just what products you use but also, what you do to keep your skin healthy. Below are lifestyle techniques for healthier skin.

14. Hydration: An Important Tool for Keeping Your Skin Healthy

There is a reason why your grandmother always tells you to drink eight glasses of water every day. Aside from quenching your thirst, drinking water keeps your skin healthy.

waterWater clears the toxins in your body that cause blemishes and inflammation. Consequently, it helps transport oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, thereby preventing dehydration that could lead to premature aging of your skin. This could minimize wrinkles too, thanks to your skin’s naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid that holds water for wrinkle-plumping effect.

In other words, drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water every day. Set a reminder in your phone, drink a glass of water before, during, and after meals, and add more water-rich fruits like watermelon. Add mint, lemon, or chamomile on your water to entice you more to drink. 

15. Sleep Better and Your Skin Will Be Happy

sleepYou heard it countless times already: sleep is important to your skin. In fact, lack of sleep lowers blood circulation and makes your skin look dry and dull the following morning.

The term “beauty sleep” was invented for a reason. Sleep helps rejuvenate your skin and encourages your body’s cellular renewal team to fix whatever that needs fixing. It supplies your skin with hydrating nutrients and ingredients to keep your skin refreshed in the morning.

The bottom line is get some sleep. You can also apply olive oil or coconut oil on your face then rinse it in the morning to keep your skin healthy and supple.

16. Say Hello to the Healthy Skin Diet for Healthier and Younger-Looking Skin

You already know how important sleep is for healthy skin. Aside from getting enough shut-eye, what you eat also plays a crucial role in keeping your skin healthy.

Here are easy eating habits for healthier, more glowing skin:

  • fishSkip the red meat and fried foods, also known as the “aging fats.”
  • Go for lean protein sources like white meat poultry, fish, tofu, loin portions, lentils and beans.
  • Add more fruits, vegetables, and other whole, natural and organic foods in your diet.
  • Avoid sugar and processed foods as much as possible.
  • Choose whole grains.

They sound simple, but changing your eating habits could save your skin from further damage.

17. Go Ahead and Make Yourself Sweat

sweatHealthy eating can’t do it alone. In fact, it needs a wingman to make the nutrients for healthier skin more effective. By wingman, this means exercise.
The truth is regular exercise is beneficial not just for your skin, but also for your overall health. Aside from helping you lose weight, it keeps and maintains healthy blood circulation throughout your body, skin included. More importantly, regular exercise encourages you to sweat. When you do, you help your body eliminate the dirt and toxic chemicals inside your body.

Choose an activity you like and make sure to stick to it. If you are working out outdoors, make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin and avoid premature aging. 

18. Say Goodbye to Stress and Hello to Healthier Skin

You think that stress only affects your mental health. Unfortunately, it could creep to your skin and make you more prone to breakouts.

stressThe truth is stress could make you more prone to acne breakouts, makes your skin extra sensitive, and may lead to other skin problems. It might be a state of mind, but stress has its own way of getting into your system and ruining every part of your body, including your face.

Therefore, keep stress to a manageable level. Make a list and identify your stressors. Once you know what is causing your stress, make an action plan on how to address it. It also helps if you take a break, find an activity that relaxes you, or rekindle an old hobby or passion.

Keep in mind that a healthy state of mind also leads to a healthy skin. You will see how much of a difference this will do for you.

Skincare may not be rocket science, but this doesn’t mean you should take it lightly. Regardless of your skin type, take note of these 18 healthy skin tips and you are on your way towards a more beautiful and youthful skin.