Freckle Removal Cream Does It Live Up to the Claims

Freckle Removal Cream: Does It Live Up to the Claims?

Although freckles are harmless, they can be a cause of distress for many. Nowadays, with the availability of several methods including freckle removal cream, it has become easy to achieve flawless skin.

Over the past few years, the skin care industry has introduced numerous effective treatments for stubborn skin conditions such as pigmentation, freckles and dark spots. With so many choices, you may find it difficult to make out which freckle removal cream is going to show positive results.

This article has been put together to help you learn about freckles and the types of safe and effective ingredients that should be present in your freckle removal cream.

What Should You Know About Freckles?

Freckles are small spots that appear on the face and body. They are usually more prominent on fair skinned people than on dark skinned people. Many people find these freckles cute, but others go to great lengths to get rid of them.

Freckles may be reddish or yellow in colour because of the differences between skin tones. Freckles are formed when there is excessive formation of melanin, a skin pigment.

When the skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun for a prolonged period of time, the outer layers become thick and stimulate the formation and deposition of melanin.

The melanin pigment is formed from pigment-secreting cells called melanocytes. The ultraviolet rays of the sun not only make the freckles prominent, but can potentially cause skin cancer too.

What Are The Different Types Of Freckles?

Differentiation Of Freckles According To Their Nature The appearance of freckles is determined by two important factors: skin type and genetics. People who are blond or have lighter coloured hair are more prone to freckles. Genetics is one of the important factors in the formation of freckles. Freckles are genetically transferred from parents to their children. Some studies indicate that identical twins may exhibit the same type and intensity of freckles on their skin.

Freckles can be differentiated into two types according to their nature:

  • Lentigines: These types of freckles are darker in shade and do not fade during winter. They are less prominent and are not very obvious. Lentigines are not hereditary.
  • Ephelides: These are slightly lighter in colour, such as light brown or reddish when compared to other types of skin pigmentation.
    Ephelides are commonly seen in people with red hair. These freckles look more prominent in summer, but fade during winter. Ephelides are genetic in nature.

Differentiation Of Freckles According To Size

Usually, there are two general types of freckles differentiated according to their size. These are:

  • Simple Freckles are round and small in size and may occur from a very young age.

  • Sunburn Freckles are irregular in size. They form with excessive exposure to sunlight and are dark in appearance.

Safe Ingredients In Freckle Removal Cream

Freckle removal creams are topical skin treatments that are specifically designed to fade the appearance of freckles. They work by blocking the formation of melanin and exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Since there are thousands of freckle removal creams available on the market, you should be careful when choosing one for your skin.

Determining your skin type and skin tone is the first step that you should take when selecting a freckle removal cream. An effective freckle lightening cream will not only fade your freckles, but will also enhance your overall skin tone.

It is suggested to avoid using freckle removal creams with chemicals since they can leave your skin rough, uneven and sensitive. People with dark skin should consider using a freckle removal cream that is meant for their skin tone.

Is Hydroquinone A Safe Ingredient?

One of the most commonly used ingredients for fading freckles is hydroquinone. It is a powerful chemical that works by inhibiting the secretion of melanin. Most over-the-counter skin creams are composed of two percent hydroquinone. However, prescription creams may contain more than four percent hydroquinone.

skin discolorationIn milder cases, over-the-counter freckle removal creams will be able to effectively fade freckles within a few weeks of regular use. Because of the high strength of hydroquinone used in skin lightening creams, it can cause a large number of side effects, usually in people with sensitive skin. When used regularly for a long time, hydroquinone can cause skin discoloration, swelling and irritation.

There have been many doubts regarding the efficacy of hydroquinone as an ingredient in freckle removal creams. In the year 2011, the sale of hydroquinone skin lightening creams was banned in many countries, including Europe, Africa and Australia.

Are There Any Alternatives To Hydroquinone?

Prolonged use of chemicals such as hydroquinone can irritate your skin and make it sensitive to the sun. Keeping this in mind, experts have explored other safe alternatives to this skin lightening ingredient. Some safe alternatives to hydroquinone are kojic acid, vitamin C and arbutin. These ingredients work to reduce the appearance of freckles naturally and safely.

If you are hoping to brighten your overall skin tone while lightening your freckles, then a freckle cream with these ingredients may be enough to bring noticeable results. Many popular freckle lightening products are composed of these melanin-inhibiting ingredients.

An exfoliant is generally used along with melanin-inhibiting ingredients to slough off the dead skin flakes. While skin lighteners help to fade the appearance of freckles, exfoliants reveal the newer skin underneath. Some effective exfoliants to look for in a freckle removal cream are AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and retinol.

When searching for a cream to get rid of freckles, choose one that contains ingredients that are safe for your skin. Hydroquinone is controversial as well as harmful to your skin. You can find several freckle skin creams that contain effective and natural ingredients.

When using a freckle removal cream, ensure that you use a high SPF sunscreen every day. This is essential because a freckle cream makes your skin sensitive to the sun’s rays.

Also, prolonged sun exposure can make things worse. Limiting sun exposure at all times is the best way to maintain the results obtained from your natural freckle reducing cream.

Have Realistic Expectations!

When using a natural freckle removal cream, always aim for practical expectations of the products and the speed with which they will work. Some makers claim that their freckle lightening cream will lighten freckles in as little as two weeks.

However, this may only occur in rare instances and most of the time you may not see significant improvement in the first week. Normally, it takes around one or two months for you to notice results.

Freckle removal cream is not a magical and instant cure. However, regular use of a high quality freckle fade cream from illuminatural6i can help you achieve a spotless and even complexion in a matter of few weeks.