lotion with sunscreen

Skin Lightening Lotion with Sunscreen: A Win-Win for You

Finding a skin lightening lotion with sunscreen today that does not contain any harmful additives can be a bit tricky. Many thousands today who wish to improve skin quality and tone have turned to skin lightening remedies.

The most popular methods used to be skin peels and laser surgery however as they are both expensive and can be very painful, people are starting to shy away from these methods.

Now skin lightening creams seem to dominate the market today. Though considerably cheaper and effective, there a lot of products that can be more harmful than beneficial. For example, many products on today include hydroquinone. Though effective in inhibiting melanin, hydroquinone is a cancer causing agent.

cancer such as LeukemiaOne of the only true bleaching agents available today, hydroquinone has been banned by the European Union, Canada, Japan, and France as there is serious concern that it can cause cancer such as Leukemia in humans.

Even worse, products that contain hydroquinone also contain other toxic substances like Mercury.

Needless to say, these products should not be used and should be avoided at all costs! This leaves many wondering if there is a safe and effective skin lightening lotion with sunscreen on the market today.In fact there are several products on the market today that promote healthy and vibrant skin. One such product is Illuminatural 6i.

Illuminatural 6i uses only safe and natural products to effectively lighten skin and make you more radiant than ever. Dark spots fade and skin tone is evened as this unique formulation of 6 clinically proven skin lightening actives, 8 natural plant extracts, and 5 refined minerals work together on the dermal level to:

  • Interrupt, slow and reduce production of melanin pigmentation (responsible for those pesky dark spots
  • Allows lights skin cells to rise to the surface
  • Promote healthy cycle of skin cell regeneration
  • Sloughs of dead, pigmented cells for faster lightening
  • Even helps block UV rays as it contains a natural sunscreen

Illuminatural 6iIlluminatural 6i is the best and most well-thought out skin lightening formula market today. Surely it is one of a handful to even include a natural sunscreen, Titanium Dioxide.

Naturally occurring and proven to work, Titanium Oxide helps to block UVA and UVB and prevents sun damage to the skin.

For a complete skin care solution choose the best skin lightening lotion with sunscreen on the market—Illuminatural 6i.