Dark Spot Remover

Dark Spot Remover: The 5 Best Types of Treatments Today

Blame it on the sun, acne, hormones or vitamin deficiencies, one thing is for sure: brown spots can be annoying to look at. The good news is there is still hope. All those unwanted spots in your face and body, although it may seem like freckles, can still be removed using a dark spot remover.

When it comes to removing dark spots, the possibilities are endless. Whether you go natural or decide to have a medical intervention through various procedures, the bottom line is there is a solution to your dark spots problem.

But what are the different ways on how to remove dark spots? Are there any risks that come with it? And what is the best way to remove dark spots? Read on to find out.

Understanding Your Dark Spots

Dark spots are nothing more than just a nuisance. Unless you are suffering from a serious skin cancer, brown spots on your face and body can do nothing but to make you feel embarrassed and affect your self esteem.

The list on why dark spots happen is never ending. Too much exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, the effects of certain medications, vitamin deficiencies, skin irritations, allergic reaction and even stress are only some of the many reasons why dark spots happen.

Therefore, it is important to learn the reason why you are having dark spots. This way, you can and will be able to address the underlying cause, get rid of dark spots and eventually prevent them from coming back. Otherwise, you and your spots are in it for life.

5 Different Dark Spot Remover Treatments Available To You

Yes, there is help. And when it comes to dark spots, you won’t fall behind too. Thanks to technology and the advancement of medicine, you will not run out of options that can help you get rid of brown or black spots.

Here is a list of the most effective and recommended dark spot remover available to you.

  • Chemical Peel: If you want faster and instant results, then chemical peel might work for you.
    It uses the application of solutions, depending on your skin type and treatment goals, that remove the top layer of the skin for skin refinement and regeneration.
    For best results, multiple treatments are recommended.
    However, some experts suggest that too much chemical peel may even lead to further discoloration so extra precaution is required.
  • Skin Lighteners: One of the most common forms of dark spot remover is skin lighteners. It contains one or combination of skin lightening ingredients such as hydroquinone, retinoid, vitamin C or even kojic acid. This type of product can help reverse hyperpigmentation, suppress the production of melanin and prevent it from coming back.
    illuminatural 6iUnlike chemical peels, the effects of skin lighteners may take some time so patience is required. An example of an effective skin lightener is Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener.
    Thanks to its clinically proven active skin lightening ingredients, Illuminatural can block the production of melanin, a pigment that is responsible for dark spots, and remove the dead, pigmented cells while making sure that new and lighter skin cells will re-surface. At the same time, it works well with your skin’s 28-day healthy skin cell regeneration.
  • Dermabrasion: Imagine sandpaper that is scrubbed on your face. That is how dermabrasion works. It removes the top layer of the skin using a rapidly rotating brush to slough away the dead, pigmented cells. Like chemical peel, this kind of treatment can also lead to scabbing, redness and even skin discoloration.
  • Laser Treatment: One of the greatest inventions that can really help you get rid of dark spots is laser therapy. Using a certain level of light energy, it will be able to target the melanin-producing cells that are responsible for skin pigmentation. If you have spots brought by acne scars, this treatment can be beneficial for you.
    Just like any other kind of procedure, you must undergo several laser treatments to make sure you can get the results you want. And like the other cosmetic procedures, there are also risks involved including skin discoloration.
  • Home RemediesIf you are the type of person who prefers the natural remedies over cosmetic procedures, then this section is for you. Mother Earth has truly blessed this world with wonders that even as simple as lemon or potato can help a lot in getting rid of dark spots. Some of the best natural dark spot remover are:
    a. Lemon JuiceLemon Juice: Truly a skin’s best friend. Just rub the lemon juice directly on the affected area, allow it to dry for a while then rinse it off with water.
    b. Oats: Oatmeal can be good for exfoliation as it helps remove dead skin cells and black spots. Just add lemon juice on the oats to make a paste and scrub it on your skin.
    c. Potatoes: Who said potatoes can only be made into French fries? Apparently, applying potato on the affected areas or combining grated ones with honey and see the results yourself.
    d. Red Onions: This can definitely make wonders. Onions have natural skin lightening properties that can help reduce dark spots. Extract the juice and apply it on the affected areas and leaving it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it can do the trick.

Tips In Finding The Best Option For Your Dark Spots

Again, there are tons of dark spot remover products that can deliver results. But the question is what really works best?

When it comes to dark spots, always remember to understand the cause. This way, you can properly use the most appropriate treatment and prevent the spots from coming back.

At the same time, keep in mind that it is going to be a trial and error. Dark spot remover that works well with your friends may not work for you and vice versa. Hence, always go for products that offer a money back guarantee. This way, you are sure that no money and time is wasted for using a product that does not work for you.

customer reviews and feedbackAnd of course, always find time to read customer reviews and feedback about a certain product. Feedbacks from actual users can give you an unbiased opinion on whether the dark spot remover can really work or not.

In the end, it’s still your choice that matter. So, have you made up your mind?