Cream For Dark Spots Avoid These 11 Harmful Ingredients

Cream For Dark Spots: Avoid These 11 Harmful Ingredients

Your cream for dark spots should be free from ingredients that can be harmful to your health. Skin is a sensitive part of your body and should not be subjected to harsh chemicals. You may not believe it, but there are numerous dark spots creams on the market that actually accelerate aging and trigger skin problems.

So, what types of ingredients should you avoid when choosing a cream for dark spots? Read below to find out.

11 Ingredients That You Should Avoid In Your Cream For Dark Spots

You should know the types of ingredients that your cream for dark spots should contain. Also, you should be aware of the harmful ingredients to avoid.

The fact is that most skin products on the market are composed of chemicals that are dangerous to your body. You will be helping your body a lot by avoiding such ingredients.

skin creamSome people think that applying a skin cream would not do any harm to their body. However, you should be aware of the fact that when you rub any cream on your skin, it is absorbed into your bloodstream.

Thus, if the skin cream contains harmful ingredients, they will adversely affect your body. This is why it is essential to be careful when finding a cream for dark spots. A few of the harmful ingredients that you should avoid are:

  1. Hydroquinone: This is a common ingredient in most skin lightening cream for dark spots.
    It is a melanin inhibitor that works by preventing the production of the skin pigment, called melanin. Although it shows effective results in the beginning, it causes severe side effects if used over a long period.
    Hydroquinone can permanently discolour the skin and leave behind unpleasant side effects. Because of the potential risks associated with hydroquinone, this ingredient has been banned in many countries.
  2. Mercury: Many dark spot remover creams contain mercury. While mercury can effectively lighten your skin, it can also be very harmful. Mercury is a toxic substance that has the potential to damage the kidneys. Mercury in a dark spots removal cream may also cause skin discoloration, scarring and skin rashes. Mercury is also found to reduce the skin’s resistance to fungus and bacteria.
  3. Steroids: In many countries, the use of steroids in bleaching creams for dark spots is banned and can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription.
    Topical steroids have a wide range of unpleasant side effects such as fungal infections and skin thinning.
    When used for a long time, they can cause serious internal disease.
    Steroids may also cause rosacea and folliculitis.
  4. ParabensParabens: These are preservatives that can enhance the shelf life of a cream. However, parabens are found to increase the risk of cancerous cells. They are possibly carcinogenic in nature and thus should not be used on the skin. Reports indicate that parabens also interfere with the endocrine system. They have an estrogenic effect on the body and may affect the reproductive system.
  5. Mineral Oil: Many skin care product manufacturers use mineral oil in their products since it is comparatively cheaper than other organic and natural essential oils. While your skin may feel moisturized after applying a skin cream for dark spots containing mineral oil, it can be harmful. When applied on the skin it can clog the pores and hinder the skin’s ability to flush out toxins. This can cause comedones, acne and pimples.
  6. Phthalates: This is another harmful ingredient found in skin creams. Pregnant women should definitely avoid this ingredient since it is carcinogenic in nature and can also cause changes in the genitals of developing babies.
  7. Alcohol: A skin cream for dark spots that contains alcohol actually dehydrates the skin.
    It reduces the amount of natural moisture present in the skin and can cause wrinkles and fine lines.
    Anti-aging products should not contain alcohol.
  8. Neurotoxins And Irritants: Research indicates that irritants and neurotoxins can cause permanent damage to the brain cells.
    They can also impair the endocrine and reproductive systems of the body.
    It is shocking to know that these ingredients are sometimes not included in the ingredients list.
    Thus, it is suggested to buy cream for dark spots from a reputable company.
  9. depressionDioxane: Dioxane is a chemical that helps in the emulsification of the cream. Many people are not educated on the harmful effects of this chemical, but prolonged exposure to it can cause several skin disorders, including cancer.
  10. Fragrances: It is best to avoid skin care products that contain fragrances since they are highly toxic in nature. They can adversely affect the central nervous system and can cause depression, irritability and hyperactivity.
  11. Padimate-O: Also referred to as octyle dimethyl, this ingredient is mostly present in sun blocks. Research indicates that the rays absorbed by the sun block can convert to free radicals, which could then cause skin disorders and skin cancer.

The Side Effects Of Skin Lightening Cream For Dark Spots With Chemicals

  • Chemical ingredients will rob the necessary moisture from your skin and leave it dry and saggy.
    Over time, the use of skin cream for dark spots with such ingredients damages your skin texture and causes it to develop wrinkles and age spots.
  • When using a skin lightening cream for dark spots, you should be extra careful in the sun. Exposing the skin to the sun can put you at risk of developing skin cancer. Though sunscreen can be applied to protect the skin from the sun’s rays, it is not always possible to prevent exposure.
  • Some people have experienced an increase in skin infections, delayed wound healing, acne and thinning of the skin when using skin creams that contain harmful ingredients.
  • Bleaching agents often present in skin lightening cream for dark spots have the ability to cause allergic reactions and skin irritation.

Use Only Natural Cream For Dark Spots

severe discolorationYou must be wondering if the use of a skin lightening treatment to get rid of age spots is only putting you at risk of severe discoloration in the future. However, you needn’t worry. There is an alternative treatment.

You can find numerous natural creams for dark spots that truly help to slow down the formation of dark spots.

The first step in choosing the right face cream for dark spots is to identify the harmful ingredients, and then look for a product with effective and natural ingredients.

Using a natural skin cream to remove dark spots will actually make your skin clearer and shinier. With all natural skin care products, you can rest assured that you are using harmless products on your skin.

Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, ginkgo biloba, nutgrass, seaweed, essential oils, vitamins, antioxidants, milk thistle and green tea are some of the natural ingredients that can help to delay aging and reduce dark spots on the skin. Plants and herbs that are found in nature do not cause any harm and most importantly do not cause any nasty side effects.