age spots on hands

Age Spots On Hands: 9 Natural Ways To Eliminate Them

Age spots are known as liver spots, lentigo senilis, freckles and solar lentigo. They are commonly referred to as liver spots because they are linked to liver congestion. People with an unhealthy liver are more prone to developing these spots and other signs of aging on the skin earlier than usual.

Age spots are small flat brown patches on the skin that look like freckles. Usually, age spots on hands, face, neck, chest and arms develop as you grow older. They are considered signs of aging, but some people get them before the age of 40.

What Are The Causes Of Age Spots On Hands?

  • ultraviolet rays of the sunUltraviolet Rays Of The Sun: Age spots are caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. When the UV rays of the sun fall on the skin, they stimulate the body to produce melanin at a faster rate.
    Melanin is a skin pigment found in the epidermis and it helps to provide a natural complexion to your skin. The presence of extra melanin makes the skin turn darker after exposure to the sun.
  • Genetic History: Your genetic history also determines your likelihood of developing age spots as your reach middle age. If your mother or a close relative has a large number of age spots on hands, then you are at an increased risk of developing them too.
  • Aging: As the body ages, it starts to form more amounts of a skin pigment called melanin. Age spots on hands and other parts of the body result from the accumulation of higher amounts of this pigment on the skin.

Quick Facts About Age Spots On Hands

  • Age Spots Can Occur At Any Age: Age spots on hands may appear at a very young age. However, they become more prominent as a person reaches middle age because the skin is unable to recover effectively after exposure to the sun.
  • Age Spots Affect Light Skinned People: People with very fair skin have less melanin than people with darker skin.
    They are more prone to age spots because of the smaller amounts of melanin. This is because melanin works to protect the skin from the damage done by the sun’s rays.

  • Cancerous Age Spots: Most age spots are harmless. However, if there is an abnormal change in their colour and appearance, it is important to get them examined by a doctor in order to determine if they are cancerous or not.

Nine Ways To Minimize Age Spots On Hands

If you are looking for fast and effective methods to reduce age spots on your skin, the best way is to follow these healthy tips:

  • Strengthen Your Skin: A large part of your skin is composed of collagen, which functions to provide suppleness, elasticity and firmness. Including sources of collage in your diet will help to regain your skin’s flawless appearance.
    You can also take capsules that contain collagen as well as other healing and anti-aging ingredients. Gradually, as your skin becomes healthy, you will notice reduced intensity of age spots on hands, face and other areas of the skin.
  • Strengthen Your Digestive System: Ensure that your digestive system is working efficiently.
    If you suffer from leaky gut syndrome, malabsorption gut syndrome, or an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your gut, you will be unable to absorb nutrients from your food and supplements sufficiently.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: A lack of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants makes your body more susceptible to harm caused by oxidative free radical damage.
    Adding a few drops of apple cider vinegar in warm water and sipping this juice before your meals is an effective way to increase the absorption of nutrients and improve digestion.

  • Digestive Enzyme Supplement: If you feel bloated after eating, you can take digestive enzyme supplements with each meal. These supplements help to digest the food and make your system strong to reduce age spots on hands.
  • Eliminate Intestinal Parasites: The formation of harmful microbes in the digestive tract can interfere with proper absorption of food. These microbes also secrete harmful toxins that can make you feel sluggish, moody, tired and craving sugar. There are many probiotics available on the market than can work to clean intestinal parasites from your digestive tract.
  • Love Your Liver: Your liver is an important organ that functions to filter out the toxins and waste products from your body. When your liver is not working efficiently or is sluggish, it is unable to get rid of the toxins, which then accumulate throughout your body.

    Some of these toxins find their way through the skin and cause pimples, acne and age spots. Improving the health of your liver will drastically reduce the intensity of age spots on hands and other parts of the body.
    A healthy liver will be able to break down and eradicate toxins as efficiently as possible.
    If you have a poorly functioning liver or a fatty liver, you can consider taking liver supplements to enhance its functioning. These supplements will gradually make your liver a powerful detoxifier.

  • Avoid Excessive Exposure To The Sun: The skin is quite delicate and fragile and is easily harmed by oxidative damage.Signs such as pigmentation, wrinkles, skin rashes and age spots on hands or face are the result of damage done by the sun’s rays.
    Avoid going into the sun without any skin protection.
    The sun’s rays accelerate the formation of liver spots and can cause uneven dark spots and skin wrinkling.
    Although it is essential to have some sunshine on your body for obtaining vitamin D, ensure that the sun exposure is brief.
  • Exercises And Good Sleep: Try to get peaceful sleep to provide ample time for your body for repair and rejuvenate.
    You might be following a nutritious diet, but a lack of sleep and stress can be detrimental to your health.
    Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and postures can be helpful in keeping your stress at bay and acquiring peaceful sleep.
  • Consuming juice of raw vegetables and fruitsEat Healthy: Consuming juice of raw vegetables and fruits helps to keep you young.
    They are a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and potent antioxidants that reverse the signs of aging such as brown spots on hands, face, melasma and other skin issues.
    Rich coloured fruits and vegetables are known to produce greater benefits.

Besides using these tips to make you healthy, you may want to try some other options like lotions and creams to get rid of age spots on hands. There are numerous skin lightening serums such as illuminatural 6i, which helps to lighten pigmentation, even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of age spots on hands, face and other parts of the body.

You can experience the amazing results in as little as four weeks. The great thing about this product is that it does not contain harmful ingredients such as bleach, mercury, hydroquinone and steroids. It has clinically proven active skin lighteners that naturally remove age spots on hands.