Age Spots On Face 6 Ways Acupressure Therapy Helps

Age Spots On Face: 6 Ways Acupressure Therapy Helps

The popularity of Chinese treatments in curing skin disorders has increased in recent years. This only confirms the effectiveness of Chinese remedies such as acupressure. More and more people in western countries are seeking help from acupressure therapy to get rid of numerous health disorders, including skin problems such as age spots on face.

What Are Age Spots?

Age spots are characterized by round, flat, non-carcinogenic brown or reddish brown marks that develop on the face, arms, feet, legs and hands. They usually become more prominent with increasing age. Age spots on face and other parts of the body are formed when your body produces excessive melanin and it is not properly absorbed by your skin.

What Is Melanin?

dark skinMelanin is a skin pigment that provides colour to your skin, iris and hair. It is produced by cells called melanocytes.

People with dark skin tend to have larger amounts of melanin than people with lighter skin. There are many common factors that trigger the secretion of melanin in your body.

Some of these are the use of contraceptive pills, aging, genetics and exposure to the sun.

Using Acupressure Therapy To Fade Age Spots On Face

Some people think of age spots as an inevitable part of the aging process. However, it is important to understand that some people experiences age spots on face despite being young. Whether you are young or old, there are many ways by which you can reduce the appearance of age spots on face, arms, neck, chest and other parts of the body.

Acupressure Facial Massage For Reducing Age Spots on Face

Facial acupressure is a very popular treatment offered at many spas and aesthetic centers. It provides all the beneficial effects of a deep and soothing massage without the use of acupuncture needles. Acupressure facial massage provides many benefits to the skin:

6 Benefits of Acupressure:

  • Lifts the face
  • Reduces age spots on face, aging marks, freckles, pigmentation scars and veins
  • Regenerates and restores the skin
  • Promotes beautiful and radiant skin
  • Increases skin elasticity and plumpness
  • Tones the skin and makes it look youthful

Facial acupressureFacial acupressure works by triggering the important nerves and muscle fibres that are deeply seated in the layers of the skin.

The stimulation helps to promote the secretion of collagen and improves the skin’s appearance by releasing the trapped toxins and energy. Blood circulation is also increased, which helps to gradually eradicate the toxins that are deposited in the facial muscles and tissues. Acupressure improves the functioning of the facial muscles and brings a youthful and toned look.

Facial acupressure helps to balance and manipulate the facial tissues while eradicating toxins, improving circulatory imbalances and cleansing the facial lymph system. During the massage, the blood begins to rush to the skin’s surface which makes your skin warm and supple.

The massage will also release any tension and stress during the process. After a few sessions of facial acupressure, you will notice your skin looking rejuvenated and youthful. The results often mimic those obtained from a series of face lift treatments given by a dermatologist.

Using Acupressure Points To Brighten Skin And Reduce Age Spots On Face

There are various acupressure points on the face. Pressing these points can restore and rejuvenate the skin. It is recommended to apply pressure on acupressure points for approximately ten minutes daily.

Different Types Of Acupressure Points

  • Third Eye Point: This point is located at the junction of the nose and eyes. Pressing and massaging this acupressure point helps prevent skin problems by stimulating the pituitary gland.
    The pituitary gland is the primary endocrine gland which helps to improve your skin’s condition.

  • Blemish Free Point: This acupressure point is located a centimetre below the lower ridge of the eye socket. It is near the cheek bone.
    Experts advise pressing this point on both sides of your face for at least sixty seconds. By applying the technique regularly, you will soon find your age spots on face are reducing and your skin is improving.
  • Zanzhu: This acupressure point is located at the inner end of the eyebrows. Massaging this point gently helps to relieve stress, tension and headaches that are responsible for causing skin issues.
  • Heavenly Appearance: This acupressure point is situated just under the ear lobe and behind the jaw. Pressing this point helps to balance the thyroid gland and increase the skin’s lustre while improving the appearance of age spots on face.

What’s The Technique?

Step 1: Use your index fingers to locate the acupressure pints. Once you have identified them, remember these locations.

Step 2: Gently press these points until you experience a soothing pain.

Step 3: While you are pressing the point, rub in a circular pattern in order to put slightly more pressure on the points.

Step 4: Keep breathing slowly and deeply while massaging the acupressure point. It is suggested to breathe in through your nostrils and breathe out through your mouth.

Healthy Tips That You Should Know To Help Diminish Age Spots On Face

Other than practicing acupressure therapy to relieve your skin of disorders, you should lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Nutrition: The health of your skin is largely determined by the nutrients you take in. If you want to have clearer and fresher looking skin that is free from pigmentation and brown spots on face, then you should start focusing on your diet.
    You should include rich foods in your diet that contain lots of vitamins A, B, D, E, minerals and nutrients.
    These vitamins are essential for the repair and healthy maintenance of your skin. Other minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium are also necessary for making your skin healthy and clear.
  • Protection From Sun Rays: Whatever treatment you choose to fade age spots on your face, you should be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen on the exposed areas of your skin.
    Contrary to what some people may think, sunscreen should be applied whether you are indoors or outdoors.
    This is because harmful rays of the sun may also be present in your home.
    This is the best way to protect your skin from further damage.
    Also, try to stay out of the scorching sun from 11 am to 4 pm when the UV rays are very intense.

Illuminatural 6iApart from using all of these tips to fade age spots on face, ensure that you use a natural skin lightening treatment with ingredients that are safe to use. This will help you get clearer and younger looking skin.

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