9 Flattering and Fabulous Fashion Tips for Fresh Freckle-Faced Gingers

Before we start going through this style guide, here is an interesting fact about gingers. Did you know that a ginger mom and dad are sure to produce a redhead baby? Or, that a blue-eyed redhead can only come from both blue-eyed parents, where one or both have redhead genes? For this reason, redheads with blue eyes are one of the rarest groups of people in the world.

There are many perks of being a redhead. First, being a redhead is rare, so that it makes you fascinating and mysterious. Second, people see redheads with a fiery temper, so you can use your being redhead an excuse. Lastly, red is a striking color, and it can make you stand out, even in a huge crowd.

On the other hand, being a redhead is not always fun especially when it comes to dressing up. Finding the right color to match the red hair is one of the biggest frustrations redheads suffer. To help you out with this ordeal, here are nine flattering and fabulous fashion tips for fresh freckle-faced gingers:

1. Be Confident About Your Freckles

Redheads have one thing in common for sure, and that’s freckles. This only means that you are not alone. You should not be ashamed of the spots on your shoulders and nose.

If you keep on concealing those sexy spots with conventional outfits, it’s time to set yourself free. Wear anything you like, whether its spaghetti-strapped tops or tube tops.

A lot of people find freckles sexy, and ladies who are confident to show it are even sexier. Slather on some sunscreen, and you are good to go. In events that require a more refined look, you can use concealer where it is necessary.

If your freckles make your skin tone look uneven, you can choose to get rid of them permanently. Illuminatura l6i by Skinception is a lightening product that can eliminate almost all types of skin pigmentation including freckles. Unlike many other skin lightening products, Illuminatural 6i is mercury and bleach free. Its whitening effect solely relies on its natural ingredients. No matter what product you choose, be sure to go for the natural ones.

2. Keep Several Pieces Of Must-Haves

You don’t have an extra 30 minutes every day to pull a perfect outfit together. When you are in a rush, just remember the colors that complement all redheads. Green looks best on redheads.

From emerald to teal, you can never go wrong with this color. If you have a darker shade of red, wear warmer shades of green. If yours is lighter, then wear lighter greens. Purple and different shades of blues such as cobalt, navy, and light blue will look great for you. Be a redhead girl scout and keep more than a few clothing pieces of these colors.

3. Know The Color Codes

Natural or by choice, there are different shades of redheads too which is accompanied by different skin complexion. Here is a list of specific colors that complement specific shades along with colors you should avoid:

  • For auburn and copper redheads with ivory to gold skin undertones, earth tones will look good for Choose beige, brown, dark and olive greens, orange, red and gold. Avoid wearing gray, bright reds, pink, navy blue, taupe and purple.
  • For strawberry blond and light auburn with peach to golden skin undertones, vibrant spring colors will look good on you. Opt for apricot, beige, golden yellow, peachy pink, pale pink, pale purple, lilac, aqua blue, marine blue and blue-violet. Beware of bluish gray, dark gray, plum and wine colors.

If you can’t avoid wearing colors that are not too complementing, just make sure you wear it far from your face. Better yet, you can choose accessories like bags, belts and shoes of such colors.

4. Choose White, Lessen The Black

You might think white looks are boring on redheads. You’re absolutely wrong. A white cardigan or jean jacket over a summer dress or outfit will neutralize your otherwise overwhelming look. Just put on a light pink pout and a dark-colored, not black, eyeliner and you’ll look perfect for an outdoor girlie fun during a hot summer day.

Black is a universal color, but avoid wearing it near your face, as it can make you look pale and old. You can wear black accessories and black skirts, shorts and jeans. If you have a cute black jacket, pair with a colored shawl.

5. Don’t Shun The Little Red Dress

lipstickA crown of beautiful red hair is enough to make many heads turn. What is even more noticeable is when you wear a little red dress. Just go easy on the accessories and make-up.

You don’t want to become an eyesore. Choose light pink lipstick or lip gloss. If you want to wear red lips, style your hair in a high bun to keep the flares of red minimal. Then, choose a red lipstick with a shade darker than your dress.

6. Go Bold

Who says redheads should completely steer clear from red lipstick? While red on red may be hard to pull off, it’s not impossible. In fact once you do, you’ll have everyone’s eyes on you. If you’re going to try bold red lips, just make sure to go light on your eyes, so the colors don’t come off too bright and strong.

7. Add Life To Your Cheeks

People have different personal style and taste. Not all redheads want to wear greens, blues and golden shades all the time. If you’re in the mood for lighter colors such as beige, white or pale yellow, add color to your cheeks.

A bronzer will do the trick from keeping you look like you just recovered from a week long bout of the flu. Just be sure you don’t put too much on, especially if your skin is pale.

8. Slow Down On The Accessories

red hairYour red hair is the best accessory you have. If you don’t want to look too overwhelming, use less or no accessories or jewelry at all.

Add fun and style to your outfits by wearing a cute headband. You can also choose stylish bags and shoes.

9. Love The Skin You’re In

Don’t take it literally because we are talking about your ginger hair here. Just the same, love your hair. Be proud of those red tresses. Confidence is the key to pulling off any outfit you wear.

Take it from the famous redheads like Amy Adams, Bryce Dallas Howard, Christina Hendricks, Isla Fisher and Julianne Moore. These redhead ladies know how to rock the red.