9 Big Stars Who Sport Their Birthmarks Beautifully

When we think of birthmarks, the first things that come to mind are moles and stains with fascinating shapes and colors. However, birthmarks are not always moles and stains. They could be deformities anywhere in the body, such as an overgrown lump or an extra nipple. People with these strange birthmarks are often the subject of bullying. Sometimes people even create bizarre stories out of these anomalieslike mysteriouscurses, for example.

Having a strange-looking birthmark is never fun. Yet, a lot of people learn to embrace them as part of who they are, like these nine stars that have sported their birthmarks beautifully:

1. Mark Wahlberg’s Third Nipple

His third nipple never stopped him from becoming an underwear model for Calvin Klein and later on a pop singer and an actor.

Mark Wahlberg is an American actor who starred in The Departed and Planet of the Apes. When asked about his third nipple, he said it is his prized possession, and he has come to accept it.

Lily Allen also has a prized third nipple below her left breast which she showed on TV without reluctance. Her fans even made a Facebook page dedicated to her superfluous nipple.

Some other famous personalities with an extra nipple are Krusty the Klown, Meg Griffith and Tilda Swinton. Tony Parker had an additional four nipples, so that makes them six all in all.

2. Ashton Kutcher’s Webbed Toes

Well, his webbed toes on his right foot won’t take even an ounce of his good looks. His partner, Mila Kunis does not seem to mind at all. Ashton never concealed this slight deformity from the public. In fact, he proudly shows it during interviews.

Doctors call this condition syndactyly where two or more of the toes fuse together, and it occurs in one out of 2,000 to 2,500 babies born. Dan Ackroyd also has webbed toes in a more severe form.

3. Jennifer Garner’s Overlapping Pinky Toe

With a beautiful face and fit body, it’s hard to notice that Jennifer had overlapping pinky toe that looks painful. She had a condition called brachymetatarsia or the abnormal growth of metatarsal.

Usually, one toe is longer than the other four, but in Jennifer Garner’s case, the pinky toe is longer that it looked like it’s covering her fourth toe in an agonizing way. But, actually it does not hurt.

4. Karolina Kurkova’s Missing Belly Button

What, no belly button? Is that even possible? Of course, it is possible, because the umbilical cord connects the mom’s placenta to the baby through the belly button to pass on food and waste. The absence of her belly button resulted from umbilical hernia, which infants may suffer during birth.

It can create a huge bulge in the belly button and removing it with surgery leaves the baby with a small dent, instead of a hollow or protrusion. Nevertheless, belly button or no belly button, supermodel Karolina Kournikova never hesitated to pose and ramp in bikinis. Though, they had to edit her navel area slightly on catalog photos, so it looks normal.

5. Joaquin Phoenix’s Upper Lip Scar 

Have you ever wondered if Joaquin Phoenix underwent surgery to repair a cleft palate on his upper lip? Well, it’s time to ditch the thought. He was born with a microform cleft, which looks like a scar. Although this type of cleft palate is hardly obvious, it can still affect drinking and speaking in some people. Fortunately, Phoenix had a mild microform cleft,which does not affect him throwing lines at all.

6. Megan Fox’s Clubbed Thumb

brachydactylicWhen you look at Megan Fox, it’s so hard to believe that anyone could look so perfect and gorgeous.

But, did you know she has a condition called brachydactylic? It is a genetic disorder where the fingers are short and fat with wide nails. Gypsy fortune tellers called it a murderer’s thumb in the past.

Today many call it toe thumb because it resembles the big toe. Although, her minor defect is nothing shocking or grotesque,it’s a consolationfor mere mortals that even a goddess beautylike Megan Fox can have flaws, too.

7. Kate Bosworth’s Dissimilar Iris Color

Looking into a person’s eyes is a dead giveaway to their emotions. However, if they got weird eyes like the iris is gray while the other one is brown, you’d think he is one of Edward Cullen’s kinds.

Sectoral heterochromia occurs when one iris has a different color from the other, though it does not affect the vision in any way. Apart from Kate Bosworth, other celebrities with the condition are Christopher Walken, Elizabeth Berkley, Jane Seymour, Mila Kunis, Keifer Sutherland and Dan Ackroyd.

8. Tina Turner’s Port-Wine Stain

With its name, it’s easy to conclude that her birthmark on the right shoulder looks like a wine spilled over a surface.

Port-wine stain or naevus flammeus is due to the dilated capillaries deep in the skin that give the birthmark its red or purple wine-like color. Port-wine birthmarks are pain-free and are unlikely to cause any physical disabilities.

It becomes prominent when the body temperature increases and the person sweat. Other stars with similar marks are Mikhail Gorbachev on his forehead and Billy Corgan on his left hand. Richard Gere also has a large colored birthmark on his left shoulder, but not a port wine. You should notice it in scenes where his upper body is bare.

9. Elizabeth Taylor’s Extra Row Of Eyelashes

You would think her extra row of eyelashes is a cosmetic advantage. But, it is actually causing her serious problems, since the added eyelashes can grow inwards and cause damage to the cornea.

Elizabeth’s eyelash mutation is a rare genetic disorder called lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome and people with this condition may also suffer from a congenital heart disease. Now, would you choose to have those lashes?

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