8 Secrets of Flawless Asian Skin

Stereotypically speaking, Asian women have the most impeccable skin. Their skin always seems to glow and radiate beauty in an effortless manner. In fact, Asian women tend to have many distinguishing characteristics besides their skin.

Women from many Asian countries boast fantastic health and long lifespans. In fact, this year Japan has more than 50,000 centenarians, and China has the lowest rate of breast cancer cases. Many thank their traditions for these positive results, and other countries are catching on.

Traditions such as massages, green tea consumption, and eating large quantities of vegetables are now becoming popular in western culture. For example, think about the overabundance of green tea extract and coconut oil in the skin care market recently.

Since these beautiful Asian women clearly have a trick or two up their sleeves, here are a few more tricks to achieve that flawless Asian skin.

1. Try The 4-2-4 Method

Many Korean women practice what is called the four, two, four method.

Particularly, the beloved Korean pop star Bae Suzy swears by this easy, yet effective method.

In order to follow the four, two, four method, all you need to do is rub oil all over the face for four minutes.

Then, apply foaming cleanser to the face for two minutes, and then rinse with water for four minutes.

This technique is not particular about which type of product you use. Instead it is the practice itself.

The Alternative

Always make sure you are following some variation of this trick. Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing is essential for flawless skin. So, this Korean pop star is certainly on to something here.

This trick is simple enough, and so is this next one.

2. Exercise…Everything

Yes, a healthy body often boasts healthy skin. However, this trick deals with exercise of a completely different dimension.

Many Asian women exercise their faces. You heard that correctly. Start exercising your face.

A few simple ways to do this include stretching the jawline up towards the ears, stretching the forehead away towards the ears, moving the mouth into a parallel shape, and much, much more.

The Alternative

You can do facial massages and exercises the next time you have a facial. Simply ask your dermatologist or technician if they would mind, and you might feel less insane than simply exercising your own face.

3. Try This Mask On For Size

Facial masks are nothing new to most women’s cosmetic routines. However, this particular type of facial mask might be. Many Asian women claim to use tissue masks to reach their ideal skin tone and texture.

These tissue masks are also referred to as sheet masks. While they are not commonly seen in North America, these tissue masks are all the rage in Japanese and Korean beauty regimens.

smiley faceThese masks look a little creepy since they are one piece. It is like one giant tissue smiley face. In order to use, simply open the packaging, unfold the mask, and apply it to the face. You don’t need anything else.

Most of these tissue masks include ingredients that help fight the effects of aging. Besides, there are tissue masks for every skin type.

The Alternative

Not only is this mask difficult to find, but it is a bit ominous looking. If you want to opt out of the mask, then there are other more mainstream options for you. For example, many companies sell dark spot treatment masks that are loaded with the essential vitamins needed to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

The secret to flawless skin is in a solid program that requires your regular efforts. Let’s hear about the proven Asian way to do just that.

4. Do More Than Just Drink Your Coffee

Coffee grounds have long been used in eastern cosmetic practices. In fact, Indonesian women have used these natural exfoliants for centuries. Not only will this trick smell delicious, but it is proven to work through the ingredients used. Coffee beans contain caffeine, which acts as an anti-inflammatory.

This boosts collagen production and helps the skin tighten. This is why you more than likely see caffeine in many skin tightening products offered on the market.

In order to make this Indonesian exfoliant, simply save your coffee grounds. Apply them gently in a circular motion to your face, chest, neck, or anywhere else for that matter.

Leave the scrub on your skin for approximately five minutes, and then rinse off with warm water. You might want some pancakes to go with that coffee you are wearing.

The Alternative

There are plenty of other exfoliating scrubs that you can prepare at home. Of course, you can also buy a decent exfoliating product.

Some proven home remedies include oat flour mixed with baking soda and water, sugar scrubs, and even baking soda alone. There are many other options if you would rather leave your coffee to drinking purposes only.

5. Use Jasmine Rice Water To Cleanse Your Face

Before exfoliating your skin, it is vital to cleanse your face. In fact, you should cleanse your face at least twice a day, and most importantly at night before bed. Here is the Asian trick for a wonderful facial cleanser.

Make some jasmine rice, which also happens to be delicious, so you have a win-win on this one. After you have enjoyed your jasmine rice, keep the water.

Allow the water to cool, unless of course you want to scold your face off. Simply use this water to cleanse your face instead of the water from the sink.

This Asian beauty trick works because rice contains many different antioxidants, such as vitamin E. This is an extremely frugal option to help you have glowing, tight skin.

The Alternative

In case you do not feel like making jasmine rice for dinner tonight, there are other cleanses that utilize ingredients you might have in your pantry.

In fact, you can experiment with many different combinations of the following ingredients: raw honey, aloe vera, yogurt, and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has a strong smell that many people don’t like. If smells do not really bother you, then maybe this next mask is right up your alley.

6. More Mint, Please

mintThere is an ingredient for every ailment, and mint is no exception. For anyone afflicted with dark spots, whether caused by the sun or aging, mint can work to lighten the skin.

Simply gather mint leaves and grind them into a paste-like texture. Apply this mixture as a face mask, and leave this on your face for approximately 15 minutes. You can use this mask every day. However, anyone with sensitive skin might want to avoid using this mask too much.

The Alternative

Perhaps this mask is a little too pungent for your nose buds. There are ways to add a bit more of an aromatic nature to this mask. For example, add some lemon extract or essential oil to the paste.

This not only will help the smell of the mixture, but these additional ingredients also boast many beneficial effects for the skin. Lemon extract and essential oils can help tighten the skin and minimize the appearance of pores. In addition to these facial masks and cleanses, there are also a few ingredients that you can eat for more flawless skin.

7. The Secret Of Goji Berries

Most people have now noticed the new presence of Goji berries within the health foods market. While some foods and ingredients labeled healthy are a gimmick, Asian women say that Goji is their go to product for spotless skin. There are many products that include the essence or pieces of the berries, but these women claim that eating the berries is much more effective.

berriesExperts claim this to be true, because Goji berries, also referred to as wolf berries, keep the liver and blood healthy. A healthy liver and blood circulation are both connected to healthy skin.

These berries also contain large amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Instead of chomping on carrots for a healthy glow, you can opt for these berries, instead.

The Alternative

If eating these berries solo intimidates you, then you can always hide them in a smoothie. Combine one cup of yogurt with one quarter of a cup of the berries. Include another fruit of your choice, such as strawberries or mango. This additional fruit will work to mask the Goji berries. Blend all of the ingredients together, and enjoy your healthy smoothie. For those who are daring enough, this last option really requires an iron stomach.

8. Maybe You Should Let A Bird Poop On You

Yes, you read that correctly. This last secret behind Asian women’s skin care deals with bird poop. Perhaps, this is where the myth of bird poop being good luck originated from in the first place. Do take note that this is not just any bird’s poop these women are referring to. The only bird poop that Asian women swear by is the poop of the nightingale. Doesn’t that just sound much more luxurious than letting a Brooklyn pigeon poop on your face?

No, these women say only nightingale droppings do the trick. For centuries, many geisha have attested to this practice. In fact, these types of bird poop facials are now popping up across North America. Supposedly, the nightingale droppings create softer, brighter skin. However, the bird might have the last laugh on this one.

The Alternative

Illuminatural6iIf nightingale poop and kelp masks are not exactly your thing, then you can always stick to some good old proven facial products. For example, www.illuminatural6i.com guarantees that nowhere in their products will you find bird poop.

Instead, this sound company only uses the safest ingredients to allow for effective results.

You can achieve the skin of your dreams. Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize like a geisha today, and enjoy the new and rejuvenated skin you find tomorrow.