8 Reasons Julianne Moore is a Redhead’s Hero

It’s not everyday people meet redheads in streets and cafes. Thus, many people see them as someone odd and different. Redheads are often subjects of bullying, discrimination and offensive name-calling. Being different should not stop you from loving the skin you are in. A lot of famous personalities have experienced bullying when they were younger, but they rose from their uniqueness to fame and fortune. One perfect example is the beautiful and versatile actress, a wife and a mother, Julianne Moore.

Here are eight reasons Julianne Moore is a redhead’s hero:

1. She Has A Big Heart

With her fame and fortune, she always makes sure to give back. In fact, she is actively involved in 15 charities. One of these charities is Connect Kids to Care, which aims to provide health care visits to children.

She is also one of the Artist Ambassadors of Save the Children with activities not only in the U.S., but around the world. They help children through nutrition, care and education. Apart from charity works, she is also an environmental activist. Last 2012, she joined Moms Clean Air Force. It’s a crusade to call out on families to reduce toxic air pollution.

2. She Wrote A Book Or Redheads

In grade school, Julianne Moore, being a redhead, was bullied by her classmates and schoolmates. They called her a freckle-faced strawberry, which later on became the inspiration for a title of the book she wrote.

In 2007, she published her book, Freckleface Strawberry, which is the story of a redhead girl with lots of freckles and her journey to embracing the skin she’s in. In 2012, her book became a musical.

3. She Is A Multi-Awarded Actress

She is probably one of the most awarded actresses of all time. Throughout her career, since 1988, she received a total of 45 awards, and 11 of these awards were given to her in 2002 mostly from her movie Far from Heaven.

Just recently, she earned the Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her portrayal in Still Alice. Julianne Moore played the role of a highly-respected linguistic professor at Columbia University, which began to take on a huge change after suffering from an early onset of Alzheimer’s.

In her acceptance speech on the award’s night, Moore said she is happy that the movie was able to enlighten people about the disease in some way. In her interviews later on, she stated she liked playing roles that reflect the real issues about families and relationships.

4. She Makes Time For Her Family

spend quality time with her husband and two kidsDespite her tight schedule and sometimes with more than two movies in a year, Julianne Moore sees to it that she gets to spend quality time with her husband and two kids.

She accepts roles that still give her free time to be a mom and be able to attend her son’s soccer games. She even makes sure her kids do their homework. You could see a lot of happy pictures of her family. Sometimes, she involves her daughter in charity work, too.

5. She Is A Certified Proud Redhead

She is a redhead and she is proud of it. In her thirties, she decided to have blonde highlights but totally disliked it. With her many different characters, it’s hard to be a redhead all the time.

When she had to dye her hair for a movie role, she always goes back to her natural color right away. Only proves that she would not have her hair color any other way. Though she admitted she dyed her hair after seeing a few grays.

In one of her interviews, she admitted she feels a certain connection with other redheads that when she meets even a stranger, she never hesitates to give a smile.

6. She Loves Sunscreen

As like all the other redheads with fair pale skin, which is prone to hyperpigmentation and sunburn, Julianne Moore is a huge buff of sunscreen lotions.

No matter where she goes or what she does, she has never forgotten to put on sunscreen, ever since she was 23. You’ll catch her with no makeup on, but not when it comes to sunscreen.

7. She Rocks Her Outfits

You know how difficult it is for redheads to find outfits that complement their hair and skin shade, or wear makeup that flatters. But, Julianne Moore is one perfect example that it’s not that hard.

On those big red carpet nights, you can see her wearing a red dress with red lipstick, which is a big no-no for redheads – or so the beauty experts say. Then again, Moore proves it is otherwise. She can even wear strong eye makeup without looking too fierce or angry.

Moore said she looked awful in browns and oranges, while berry or fuchsia, and red with blue undertones works well for her. And, she chooses her accessories well, too. Most times, you won’t even see her wearing them.

As for her freckles, she hardly cares whether her makeup artist covers them or not. Either way, she has learned to love the skin she’s in. Whenever she needs to cover them up, her advice to the redhead ladies out there is to avoid using too much, and use them where you need them. Make sure you choose colors that blend well with your skin.

Well, not every redhead has the same opinion as Moore when it comes to freckles. Some people prefer a more evenly toned look to their complexions. Redhead or not, you can get rid of those freckles pain-free and easy.

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8. For Her, It’s Never Too Late To Learn

She learned how to swim and drive in her late 20’s. Why? Due to her father’s nature of work, they had to move from place to place all the time, so she hardly had the chance to settle in and learn during the summer months.

However, at the age of 26, she finally decided to give swimming lessons a try, for fear of drowning. The same goes with learning how to drive. Moore said in an interview that “It’s better late than never.

She said it’s a great thing she was an adult when she learned how to drive, because she is more responsible than when she was younger. Remember, you are responsible for your health, so protect it by wearing sunscreen every day.