7 Painless Ways to Pamper Your Puckers

Honestly, who wouldn’t want lips like the Kardashians? A few years ago, the Kardashians clearly went a little plump-happy. Most people would love to add a little volume to their smackers, butthe unfortunate reality is that this typically means invasive surgery or injections.

For some reason, people tend to place the priority of their facial skin over their lips. Too often, they overlook their lip care. However, the truth is that the sun and other factors affect our lips, just as they do our skin on other parts of our bodies. If anyone wants to improve the appearance of their puckers, then they must first look at their skin care regimen.

Of course, an additional lip care regimen will be necessary, since many methods and treatments for the skin will not work on the lips. Your lip care is just as essential as your skin care, if you want to care for your lips, of course.

Once you understand the prominence of proper lip care, try some of these painless ways to plump up your puckers. Painful and expensive surgery is not the only option. Oh, and do not buy into any of those crazy fads, either. Sucking a bottle will only break blood vessels, not plump up your lips. Not to mention your lips will blow out of proportion, and it is extremely painful. Ah, digression.

1. Your Lips Still Require SPF

lipsJust as you would pay attention to the SPF of your suntan lotion, you must also find SPF products for your lips, as well.

Anyone who has suffered from burned lips knows this reality all too well. The lips are potentially even more susceptible to the sun’s rays, since the layers of skin are so thin around the lips.

The rays of the sun can even affect your lips on cloudy or rainy days. Therefore, it is essential to find a lip product that has a high SPF. Do your best to apply this product liberally throughout the day.

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There are many lip balms out there that include SPF in them. While your lips do not require an extremely high SPF, a product with an SPF of at least 15 will suffice. It is imperative that it is in there. Opt out of thick lipsticks all of the time, and instead go for a sheer balm. However, if you absolutely need to have a tint in there, then you can find lipsticks and lip stains with SPF protection.

When you are tanning or spending quite a bit of time outside, you should especially remember to protect your lips. Just like suntan lotion for the skin, it is essential to re-apply every hour or so. In fact, just like the skin, some people’s lips are more prone to damage than others. Are your lips in danger? Keep reading to learn the truth.

2. The Real Kicker For A Lip Licker

dry lipsUnlike the skin, the lips do not produce enough oil to prevent against dryness. This is why many people suffer from cracked or dry lips. This truth only worsens for lip lickers.

The enzymes found in saliva work to crack down on the top layer of the lips’ skin, which causes peeling. While some hydrating lip products can work to fix this, there is actually a danger in this, as well.

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Some people will have a difficult time stopping their lip-licking habit. In fact, some lip products might actually work to promote lip licking, as ironic as that might seem. This is because many balms contain the ingredient of phenol. Phenol breaks down the skin and often causes dryness and irritation. Therefore, to stop this dryness, you must apply more lip balm.

This is what many refer to as a lip balm addiction. It is all too real, so ensure you read the ingredients list of your lip balm before purchasing. Try your best to find a more natural option, such as a wax balm.

3. Treat Them Just Like Your Skin

Some lip care treatments are quite similar to skin care treatments. For instance, you should exfoliate your lips, just as you exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation works to remove flaky, dead skin that builds up, and this is beneficial for the lips in particular.

Applying lipstickAnyone who suffers from dry, flaky lips will notice it right away. Applying lipstick or lip balm only exacerbates the issue, and exfoliation is the only cure.

If you have used an exfoliating scrub on your face, then you know the wonderful rejuvenating feeling of washing the scrub off. You can feel the same sensation on the lips, as well.

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You can prepare many exfoliant options at home, specifically for the lips. All you need is a toothbrush, and a rough, edible ingredient such as sugar, brown sugar or salt. Simply apply the rough ingredient to your lips, add water to the toothbrush, and gently rub your lips.

Of course, if you do not fancy yourself as a do-it-yourself aficionado, then you can always purchase a lip exfoliating treatment.

4. Keep Your Paws Off

Seriously, leave your lips alone. Other than lip licking, many people also cause their lips unwanted harm without even realizing it. Mouth breathers especially dry out their lips. A large amount of air passes in and out of your mouth constantly, and your lips take the brunt of the effects.

All moisture flees, and your lips are left dry, flaky, and just nasty. Lip biting is another bad habit that can damage your skin. Avoid nibbling at your lips, which encourages flaking and peeling.

Pucker Up For A Quick Tip

infectionsThis might sound a little obvious, but keep your lips in mind before allowing them to come into contact with anything, or, er, anyone. If anyone has a sore or infection of the mouth or face, then be sure to steer clear. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi can all work their way to the lips, and many of these infections are for life.

Love your lips and allow only certain people to come into contact with them. Our lips are sealed as to your lips’ whereabouts, but just keep their best interest in mind.

5. What Goes In Your Mouth Makes A Difference

Don’t worry. We are talking about diet here. The food you consume makes all the difference to your lip health. The lips require a healthy balance of vitamins, such as vitamin B and E.

These vitamins are important to both skin and lip health, so do your best to consume healthy foods that will help, not hinder, your luscious lips.

In addition, remaining adequately hydrated is also imperative. The proper water consumption is approximately 64 ounces per day. If you find that you do not consume enough water, then making more of a conscious effort to drink more water will make a major positive impact on your puckers.

Pucker Up For A Quick Tip

acne on your lipsJust as your skin suffers from a binge of junk food, so do your lips. While you might not break out in acne on your lips, they can become dry and flaky as a result of poor diet.

If you are not the healthiest eater, then make an effort and start slowly. Work one food group into your diet at a time. For example, if you absolutely can’t stand vegetables, then work on adding some healthy fruits and proteins into your diet first.

6. Work Out Those Puppies

This method is perfect for anyone who is close to trying injections or implants but simply cannot make the leap.

Before resorting to invasive measures, you can work out your lips first. That’s right, exercise for your lips.

You can work your lips out for a few minutes a day in order to witness maximum results.

Pucker Up For A Quick Tip

make an 'o' shapeIn order to work out your lips, you will have to move from one motion to the next. First, stretch your lips wide as if to make them both parallel to one another.

Then, bring them together to make an ‘o’ shape. Repeat this exercise for at least a minute or two for a few days in a row.

You can also move into a pucker position from a resting position.

7. When All Else Fails

Remember that the lips are directly influenced by your skin health. If any of these lip care tips are proving futile, then you might want to examine your skin care regimen.

Allowing your skin to improve will in turn boost your lips’ appearance. First and foremost, ensure that you are receiving an adequate night’s sleep. Sleep is vital to skin health and functioning, and a lack of sleep will show drastically.

Try your best to follow a five-step skin care regimen at night. Cleanse the face, apply a toner, rub anti-aging and night time cream, and then follow with a moisturizer. You can also include applying a lip moisturizer into this skin care routine.

Pucker Up For A Quick Tip

Illuminatural6iIf all else fails, then you can always purchase products that are created with the intent of restoring skin and lip health. Companies such as www.illuminatural6i.com work to offer natural yet effective skin care treatments.

Sometimes improving the skin around your face will in turn increase the appearance of your lips as well.

Make certain that you never allow your lips to pout. Instead, pucker up and fall into an appropriate lip care plan. Stop biting your lips, moisturize, and take care of your lips. They will definitely return the favor, and your new pucker will gain some desired attention.