7 Natural Ways to Shiny Shimmering Skin

The skin is the body’s largest functioning organ. Many people don’t need a reminder to take care of their skin, since it tends to be one of the biggest concerns, cosmetically speaking. However, just because people are concerned with the physical appearance of skin does not mean they are worried about their skin’s health.

While everyone would love to have impeccable skin, the condition of someone’s skin can say a lot about their overall health. The skin is the first layer of the body’s immune system.

This allows the skin to act as a barrier between the inner organs and any bacteria or viruses. The skin also keeps organs safe from the sun and the cold, as well as cuts. Not to mention, it is relatively significant to be able to touch things. Without this sense, our lives would change drastically.

Similarly to any other bodily organ, the skin can become unhealthy. Skin can change as you age, because it can wear down. But, thankfully you can exercise and improve it. Many lifestyle habits can affect the appearance and health of your skin, such as smoking and drinking. Factors that you cannot change, such as hormonal fluctuations, can also affect the skin.

Once you begin to make a conscious effort to help strengthen and make your skin healthier, the appearance of your skin will change. Healthy skin has a perfect glow about it, and there are plenty of easy, natural ways to achieve this appearance.

1. Watch What You’re Doing In The Shower

showerDon’t worry, this tip refers to the type of shower you take, not so much what you are doing in the shower. The next time you shower, pay attention to how long you are in there.

Dermatologists recommend shorter showers. Long drawn-out showers can cause the skin to lose moisture. In turn, the skin becomes rather flat and dull.

In addition to the duration of your shower, you also should monitor the temperature of your showers. Dermatologists recommend that the water be as cool as possible. According to many experts, hot showers have the tendency to wick away the body’s natural oils. Without these beneficial oils on the skin, the skin in turn becomes dry and dull.

Therefore, if you are taking long, hot showers then you really should try to change your habits. If taking a short, cold shower is simply not an option for you, then at least try to change the duration of your shower. Limit yourself to one or two luxurious showers per week.

You can also try giving yourself a cold blast at the end of your shower. Simply wait until you have run the conditioner through your hair, and then turn the shower knob down to as cool as you can handle. This is fantastic for your skin, since the cold water will cover your body, and you are more than likely going to jump out of the shower quicker.

If you are unsure of how your showers are affecting your skin, then this next trick might help.

2. The Skin Test

There are ways to test your skin in order to determine how dry your skin really is. Of course, sometimes you can just tell. Like, for example, when you lay in bed and your feet just crackle on the sheets.

slab some lotion on your feetThat repulsive feeling lets you know you need to slab some lotion on your feet. However, the rest of the body might be more subtle in its ways of telling you that skin is dry.

To determine whether or not an area of skin is dry, take your pointer finger and run the nail gentle along the skin in a scratching manner. If your skin turns white, or a white residue is left after the scratching, then your skin is definitely dry.

The white layer that appears on the skin after this scratching is built-up dead skin cells. As disturbing as that sounds, they have to come off some how. If you find that your skin is flaking like this, then you can use a gentle exfoliator with a moisturizer immediately afterwards.

You can make many various exfoliators right at home. Simply add two cups of oat flour to one-tablespoon baking powder. Slowly add warm water until you have a paste-like substance. Use this mixture as an exfoliating scrub for your entire body by rubbing it in with a circular motion. Leave the mixture on your skin for about five to 10 minutes, and then gently rinse off with warm water.

If your face needs an exfoliator, then you can always use the aspirin mask. Anything with salicylic acid will help tighten the skin and open up pores, and aspirin has quite the content of the stuff. Simply put four non-coated aspirin in the palm of your hand. Slowly add one drop of warm water at a time until you have a paste-like substance.

Rub this mixture all over your face, leave it for up to five minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Your skin will immediately appear smoother and tighter. Remember to moisturize immediately after exfoliating. This will help the skin become smoother. The face is not the only bodily area of skin that requires attention. If you are trying to have healthier, more radiant skin, then you have to focus on some other particular areas, as well.

3. Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes, Chest And Neck

knees and toesOkay, so we already mentioned the face, but subtract the knees and toes from this equation and you have the areas of the body that you should focus on.

You should treat chest and the neck as a part of your face. Anyone who pays attention to only their face will notice that signs of aging and wear appear below the chin as well.

Wrinkles, sunspots, dryness and much more can all affect the neck and chest. In fact, one area in particular that women despise is the neck. If you are not regularly moisturizing and exfoliating the neck, then aging may cause some skin damage there in the form of lines and wrinkles.

The chest houses sensitive skin, and it can also be prone to acne and other skin conditions. The next time you are treating your face, take out some time to pay a little attention to your neck and chest areas, as well. You can even use products that caterto the face on these areas, as well.

Moisturizing is clearly imperative, but there are some other ways to achieve hydrated skin besides products.

4. Make the Air Flow

humidifierDuring the winter months especially, the air becomes stagnant and dry. This type of air is detrimental to healthy, glowing skin. Crisp, dry air in turn dries out the skin. This is why your skin might tend to be sensitive, itchy, or dry during the winter months.

To help combat this issue, bring a humidifier into your home. Running a humidifier will help add some moisture to the air. In turn, your skin’s irritations will soothe, and you will even breathe easier.

It is vital to take care of your skin depending on the season you are in; however, you must know the type of skin that you have first.

5. What Type Are You?

There are many different skin types. If you are unaware of the type of skin you have, then it will become difficult to cater specifically to your skin.

Someone with dry skin cannot possibly use the same products and methods as someone who has naturally oily skin. In addition, some people have sensitive skin and others have a combination of the two main types, which are oily and dry.

Monitor your skin in its natural condition. Does your skin tend to become oily or does it tend to dry out? If you cannot determine your skin type, you can always seek the help of your dermatologist.

Once you are aware of the type of skin you have, you can locate products and methods that work best for you. There are, however, some techniques and tips that work on all types of skin.

6. Never Go To Bed Without This One Thing

clears out the poresThe theory that makeup is bad for skin health is true to a certain extent. Wearing makeup alone does not affect your skin. However, once you leave it on all night, then you will start to have skin troubles.

During the sleep stages, the skin rejuvenates and clears out the pores. If your pores are clogged with makeup, then the body cannot complete its job. Instead, the makeup remains caked into the pores, and this can allow dirt, oil and other debris to become trapped in your skin. Once this occurs, a breakout is practically inevitable.

Always wash your face before bed. If you have a rough night and really do not want to spend the time washing all of your make up off, then invest in the disposable makeup towels that come with makeup remover already on them.

Changing some habits might be the trick you need to discover healthier skin. Here are a few more habits that you should consider following.

7. Become Healthier In General

Once you become healthier in general, your skin will follow in tow. Stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, and exercise as much as possible. This will flood your skin with natural moisture and vitamins that will help you achieve a natural, radiant glow.

Usually, it takes approximately two weeks to notice a change with your skin. Stay true to these new healthy habits and remain patient. You are sure to notice a difference.

Illuminatural6iIf patience is not a virtue for you, there are quicker methods to try. Reputable companies, such as www.illuminatural6i.com offer natural yet effective skin care products to help fight aging spots, wrinkles, and even moles or freckles.

What are you waiting for today? Analyze your lifestyle and make any necessary changes for the sake of your skin.