7 Makeup Tips for Redheads from Top Beauty Experts

Apart from picking complementary outfits, another difficulty redheads have is choosing and wearing the right makeup to flatter their red tresses without making them look like they could eat you alive.

If you have ever wondered how Amy Adams and Christina Hendricks come up with their fabulous looks, here are seven makeup tips from top beauty experts to help you get their most coveted looks.

1. Embrace Your Freckles

Freckles are nothing new to redheads. In fact, covering them with the wrong concealer or foundation color is one of their biggest pet peeves.

You don’t have to conceal those sexy spots. A lot of people find freckles sexy and flaunting them with confidence will make you even sexier.

During the summer, highlight your freckles with a tinted moisturizer and a mineral foundation. During winter, freckles can appear ruddy.  Apply moisturizer then a yellow-based foundation or concealer.

Redheads have naturally fair skin and tend to have obvious veins. Another concealer and foundation rule, if you have purple blue veins, choose yellow or peach based concealer. If you have blue-green veins, opt for neutral or porcelain-based colors.

In one of Julianne Moore’s interviews, a natural redhead, they asked about her freckles. She said she’s never bothered by them at all. If ever there is a need to cover them up for photo shoots and films, her makeup artist only uses concealer on areas as necessary. Choosing a color that blends is another thing to keep in mind.

2. Choose The Right Eye Shadow

Redheads may differ in shades, which may be auburn, copper, red and strawberry blonde. The shade of red hardly matters when choosing the right eye shadow for you.

Instead, choose colors that go with your eye color. This is Lauren Gott’s advice to the ginger ladies out there. She’s a makeup artist and a proud redhead.

Here are basic rules to choose the best eye shadow for your eyes:

  • If you have brown eyes, choosing shades will be easy for you, since any color can blend with brown.

  • For blue-eyed redheads, peaches and tawny gold will do.
  • For green-eyed redheads, pink and plum will be perfect.
  • For hazel eyes, choose champagne, gold-based colors, and mauve.

If you want to play safe, yet achieve the classic look, you can never go wrong with earthy tones. The color green is a redhead’s best bet. Browns, shades of blue and tawny gold will easily complement your hair color. When applying, limit the scope of coverage to just under the lid’s crease.

3. Go Easy On Your Eyes

Black is not a great color for redheads, so if you want to wear black eyeliner, try it out first and see how you look. If you like it, then go for it. If not, you can try a lot of other colors like bronzes, taupe, purple, soft green, brown and even blue.

Redheads often have almost invisible eyebrows, and this is one big reason you should emphasize them. Again, don’t wear black or dark brown. You don’t want to look like having an eyebrow tattoo. Instead, choose colors that are slightly lighter than your eyebrow’s color, like auburn or light brown.

If you are not a natural redhead, do not let the salon staff color your brows with exactly the same color. It’s a dead giveaway that you are a fake, because redheads naturally have lighter eyebrows. Most importantly, do not even attempt to dye your brows at home. It’s very dangerous; you could even go blind. Finally, when it comes to your lashes, this is definitely the time to choose black or brown.

4. Get The Perfect Pouty Lips

lipstickThe rule, “no red on red,” is so over and done with. If you want to make a statement with a red pout, do not think twice about it. Be sure to tone down your look by going light in the eyes and cheeks. Pinks and plums are great lipsticks and glosses for you, too.

Here is a rule of thumb when matching your lipstick with your hair. If you have auburn or copper red hair, you can wear just about any lip stain, but avoid wearing bright reds, pink and purple. If you have strawberry blonde or light auburn, avoid plum and wine colors.

Make you lipstick last for hours with this easy trick. Do not apply in a sweeping motion, but dab your lipstick on gently. Blotch your lips with a tissue, reapply and blotch again.Then put on lip balm or natural beeswax salve.

5. Do Wear Rich Corals

Be adventurous when it comes to color. One common piece of advice for redheads is to wear coral colors. However, coral colors include many different colors from bright pink to red. The question would be, which is which? The first thing you should do to determine which color works best for you is to find out your color weakness.

If your hair is coppery, orange won’t look right on you, coral will be stunning. If your hair is natural red, choose lighter shades of red. Your color weakness when it comes to lipstick is the color similar to your hair.

6. Add Color To Your Cheeks

Choosing the right blush is quite tricky since the wrong color can drown your skin color and make you look ruddy. If you have brown eyes, use blushes with peach tones. It works great even for blue-eyed redheads. Pink blushes are difficult to pull off because it does not blend easily with your hair and skin color. If you want to try on a pink blush, choose the lightest pink. You can also wear bronzer, but go easy on it especially if you have pale skin.

7. Take Care Of Your Skin

Illuminatural 6iAs a redhead, you already know you are prone to freckles and pigmentation, so you must know how to protect your skin. One thing you should always have in your bag is a bottle of sunscreen. Apply and reapply when needed.

If you’d like a break from your freckles, you can treat them with Illuminatural 6i, to create evenly toned skin. It’s a lightening serum that can effectively remove any type of skin pigmentation with its natural ingredients.

You won’t experience pain, scraping or peeling, and it does not contain toxic substances such as mercury and hydroquinone found in most lightening products. It will give you an airbrush look and you won’t need makeup anymore.

If you are one of the rare redheads out there, you should be proud of your hair color and freckles. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. These makeup tips should help you bring out the inner red-haired goddess in you.