6 Famous Female Redheads With Impeccable Fashion Sense

6 Famous Female Redheads With Impeccable Fashion Sense

Have you always been intrigued by redheads? Let’s face it, besides blondes having fun, redheads also have their fair share of excitement in life, especially those who have been dubbed as the most famous female redheads in today’s entertainment industry.

The truth is, history has been full of amazing and exquisite redheaded women. Besides having the fiery red locks, many of those famous women also had impeccable fashion sense, which has become an inspiration for many non-redheaded women from all around the world.

Redheads also have more fun because of their unique features, such as hazel, blue or even sea green eyes. They are quite known for their powerful nature and courage, however their beauty and fashion tips can’t go unrecognized. If you’re a redhead and looking for some fashion guidelines from fellow redheads that have been in the spotlight, then here are six famous female redheads with impeccable fashion sense to use as your inspiration:

6. Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth IBeing the daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII is one thing, but being the English queen is another. Queen Elizabeth I had natural strawberry blonde hair and was the last Tudor queen of her time. Even her wigs were the color red, because she experienced thinning hair. Many claim that this Queen was the first ever to wear a wristwatch in England.

Who ever thought the wristwatch was even worn by Queens? Although she enjoyed wearing dresses, it was evident that her favorites were white and black gowns. Simple, yet elegant in her own way.

This fashion combination is still popular up until now. Women still love pairing of white and black with their outfits, and even dresses. Since the wristwatch adds a boyish feel, wearing a white and black dress could make you look girly. It could even slim you down, because black has a tendency to make a woman look slimmer.

5. Clara Bow

One of the glamorous silent stars back in the 1920’s was Clara Bow. The phrase “It girl” was actually invented for her after her 1927 movie called “It.” Now that’s a new little fact for you.

Many woman imitated her deep flaming red hair and bold heart shaped lipstick lips. This original redheaded vixen was famous for her drop waist dresses, luxurious fur coats and long roped necklaces.

Clara gave sexy a whole new meaning and women nowadays are still looking for a similar style that’s both sexy and chic. Copy Clara Bow’s look and become the “it” girl you always wanted to be.

If you have fiery red hair, try out bold red lipstick for your lips to help everything else stand out. Even with simple eye make up on, red lips could do the magic of making your lips sparkle.

Drop waist dresses are becoming more popular today. You can choose from a wide range of colors from different boutiques and shops. Pair it up with a long roped necklace that matches the color combination of your dress. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even choose a contrasting necklace that pops out more. A fur coat could also work for you if you live in cold weather, which will give you a glamorous feel. Better go for faux fur, though.

4. Katharine Hepburn

Katharine HepburnOne of the famous redheads back in the 1930’s is no doubt the beautiful Katharine Hepburn. She has been known for fiery red hair and also a fiery personality to go with it.

Her movies are timeless and she is still a fashion icon in this day and age. Katharine wore trousers with boldness in an era where wearing them was considered morally wrong, especially if they were worn by a woman.

Katharine would often pair her trousers with a white button down shirt and blazer jackets. Although she aimed for a simple and boyish look, she broke through fashion and social barriers with her uniqueness in fashion. Katharine balanced out the softness and strength in her fashion as she shed light on her feminine waist and fierce red locks.

Do you want to get Katharine Hepburn’s look? Well, that’s easy – all you have to do is think “boyish” and classy. Get yourself a pair of trousers, which you can borrow from your brother, boyfriend, or even get at a thrift store. Pair them with a button down white top. If you want to go a little formal, you could throw on a blazer jacket.

Make sure to match up the colors or choose colors that complement one another, such as blacks, browns and beiges. Finally, get a belt and wrap that around your waist to emphasize your sexy waist line; that’s your feminine touch right there.

3. Lucille Ball

Lucille BallWho didn’t love Miss Lucille Ball? Being popular for her remarkable sense of humor, out of the ordinary wit and classic sitcom “I Love Lucy,” Lucille broke through with her comedic acting and personality.

If you are still a big fan of “I Love Lucy,” you can see in every episode that she would effortlessly combine her loveable personality and charm with class and elegance in her outfits.

Lucille always showed her fashion through classically-shaped skirts, boxy jackets and statement dresses, paired along with her beautifully pulled-together red hair.

She always seemed to be styled with perfection throughout her photographs back in the 50’s and in her classic sitcoms, which she was ranked as one of the most famous redheads in the history of the entertainment industry.

If you’re feeling a bit more girly and want to look classic, try out Lucille Ball’s fashion style. Statement dresses from back in the 50’s may be a bit tougher to find around the mall, but you’ll find some in thrift and antique stores. Shaped long skirts can be worn at the office with a belt around the waist, simple blouse tucked in and a scarf at the neck. Keep the jewelry simple, but have it stand out, whatever type you choose. Go with stilettoes to add that modern classy look.

2. Ginger Spice

Girl power was the rage back in the 1990’s, when the Spice Girls hit the music scene. Almost all young teens wanted to be one of the Spice Girls.

One that stood out from the rest was that fierce and bold red head, Geri Halliwell. She is known to be the most iconic redhead in recent times, which also helped out because of being a member in the infamous girl band that we all know and love.

Geri helped popularize the Union Jack dress, which she wore to the 1997 BRIT Awards. She made this dress so popular that until now when you look it up online, she is clearly connected to it. To add to that are the platform boots that all the Spice Girls wore most of the time.

Looking to get Ginger Spice’s style? No worries, all you need are tight mini dresses, thigh-high boots and a daring personality. As this may be more applicable for a costume party, you could wear one of her staple fashion items in your everyday fashion. Thigh-high boots would be great for those cold days, while the mini dresses could be worn for clubbing and other parties.

1. Emma Stone


The modern glamour girl of 2010 is Spiderman’s love interest, Miss Emma Stone. Although she is rocking out a blonde-haired look for the movie, we all know that Emma is a ginger at heart. She has been dominating in the movie industry and has booked herself some major roles in films.

Emma has a laidback and sophisticated style that many women dream of imitating. With her beautiful porcelain skin and red locks, she could wear anything and make it look fabulous. She is very much known for her little black dresses and simple cocktail frocks for movie events and also for her casual style with stripped tops, khaki pants and blazer jackets.

If you want to look like Emma Stone, all you have to do is think simple, yet sophisticated. Focus on wearing thin khaki pants or jeans with a simple striped short sleeve or long sleeve blouse. Top that off with a blazer that compliments the colors that you are wearing.

For more formal events, stick with a thigh-high black dress that isn’t too tight or too loose. You could even choose floral cocktail frocks, if you are heading to garden or summer get together, along with pastel-colored heels.

With the never ending dispute between blondes and brunettes, red heads are often left out of the spotlight.

However, these famous red heads are the real deal and know how to dress to impress, even if it is just a casual day out on the streets of Los Angeles or New York. Not to mention knowing how to awe their fans with their red carpet event styles.

If you’re a red head wanting to look like theses six fabulous and classy women, all you have to do is think glamour, style and boldness. Depending on how conservative you are will also matter when choosing your red head fashion icon. Remember, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”