6 Everyday Activities You May Be Hooked On (That Are Hurting You)

You may be doing many activities in a day that you don’t really pay any attention to. Apart from office tasks and household chores, there may be some activities that you want to do over and over again. These activities may seem too little and harmless for you, but they do hurt once you get hooked into them. 

Addiction prevents people from taking full control over things that they are doing, using or taking. This may escalate to a certain point, which can be threatening and harmful. Aside from the usage of drugs, alcohol intake and gambling, addiction may occur even with the simplest activities that you do every day. Here are some of these activities that can get you high and hurt you:

1. The Use of Facebook and Other Social Media Sites

FacebookThe social media is an attention whore. Your simple excuse for access may be as important as checking your friends and relatives.

But, what you did not know is that, Facebook and other social media sites are taking a huge chunk on your remaining lifespan.

The time spent from looking into posts, shared information, useless facts, funny pictures and other things can add up quickly and shorten your attention-span. Truly, social media is the number one reason for procrastination of this generation.

What makes it all worse is that the habit of grabbing your phone to check for updates may become an addiction. Every time you receive a message or a notification, a kick of dopamine is experienced. It also happens when you see an interesting post, news headline or event. All of these are making you to come back for more without you even noticing it. Ever felt like you want to marry your iPhone or Blackberry because of Facebook?

The downsides could be late reports, unfinished work, frustrated clients or relationship problems. Apart from impacting you when it comes to relationship and professional aspects, it can also damage your health in some ways. Addiction to social media causes stress, anxiety and mild to severe cases of depression.

2. Consuming More Carbohydrates and Eating Salty Or Spicy Foods

high carbohydratesMost foods with high carbohydrates and sugar content are stress relievers. People love munching on them as their bodies feel a jolt of happiness despite the stress that their environment has to offer.

The meals packs with tons of carbohydrates are a crowd favorite, as many would pick it up when buying from a convenience store or supermarket.

Apart from being stress relievers and a crowd favorite, carbohydrate and sugar-rich foods are attention seekers. Once you have eaten a food of this type, it will make your body to beg for more carbohydrates and sugar. Without control and consistently succumbing to the urge of your body may lead you to an addiction.

Salty foods are good antidepressants. Your brain receives a lot of pleasure, making it to demand for more. Some salty foods include with a huge amount of carbohydrates. Spicy foods, on the other hand, may be painful for your tongue and body. Upon consuming a spicy bite or treat, your body counters the discomfort by giving you a natural high. This results to longing for more spicy foods and an addiction to the pain it provides.

The side effects of these habits can impact your health in bad ways. This may cause heart diseases, kidney problems, kidney failure, obesity, diabetes and more conditions.

3. Watching Porn Again and Again and Again

Watching PornThis particular item targets every male, since they are the one who are most likely to become regular visitors of porn sites. Dopamine kicks in every time a porn video or material is in front of you.

After you get a good dose of it, you may go back after a couple of hours or days just to check out something new. Porn is a drug and addiction is what makes you do this.

The impacts for watching porn may be extremely sad for men. Too much porn will make your brain to seek out for videos that are a bit more hardcore than the previous content. It will go on until you have reached the point where it is very hard to find satisfaction.

This is because your dopamine receptors are losing its touch or sensitivity making you to crave for extreme videos or materials. Other known risks for getting too addicted to porn are erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, depression and lack of motivation.

4. Blasting Your Ears With Pop Music

Fans of different music genre tend to brand pop music fanatics as unreasonable dummies for worshipping insensible songs and overrated artists.

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that these artists were able to sell millions of copies. They may not be great singers or their songs may not make any sense, so why do they click with so many music fans?

Maybe the songs are just appealing to this generation. It can also be that they have hired the best marketing strategists around.

It may also come to someone’s mind that fans of pop music are just moronic, but that is just opinion, not fact. The above are just little factors contributing to going loco over pop music, as science can explain every single detail of this kind of idiocy.

It is all about something that is hard to control, but still is in the grasp of awareness – addiction.

Pop music works like a hypnotic spell or a drug. Once you get hit with the song, you get lost to the beat or the melody. Aside from catchy lyrics and poppy music, your mind also gets the pleasure from predicting the succeeding melodies as you listen. No matter what genre of music you are in, studies reveal that the brain backstabs you, its master, and secretly dances to the beat that Bieber provides.

Pop music may seem harmless, but an addiction to this may still hurt everyone. It can rip you off, make you crazy and waste your time. You can also experience withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability and extreme longings for the songs or artists.

5. Yes, Exercise Addiction Can Happen

Physical activities relieve you from stress while boosting endorphin and neurotransmitter levels making you feel better. But due to many reasons such as eating disorders and low self-esteem, you can develop addiction to exercise.

Some experts consider exercise addiction as a positive kind of obsession. This is mainly because it contributes to overall fitness. This makes it totally different from drinking, smoking and drug use. Though it produces good health benefits, this particular kind of addiction has it downsides. Risk of dehydration, injuries, insomnia and some withdrawal symptoms are a problem.

6. Tanning, Tanning and More Tanning

lie under the sunIt all started with wanting to have tawny skin for summer. Since you don’t have the time to go to a beach and lie under the sun, you may consider exposing yourself to radiation to get a tan.

A couple of times may be enough to get the tone that you want for your skin. Buy why are there some guys and gals who are addicted into lying down with cancer-causing radiation?

The answer to this is that tanning actually gets you high. It gives you the perfect psychological addiction that is far different from the above examples.

With tanning, your body releases a huge amount of endorphins, helping your brain deal with pain and stress. This leads to a pleasurable sensation that can make your whole system addicted. The same goes with lying under the sun for hours.

Skin cancer may be the worst condition that can develop for people who are obsessed with tanning. For these cases, they would need to consult a dermatologist for a cure. Sunspots and freckles are the most common downsides of this kind of addiction.

The doctor will advise you to fix the damage by making use of Vitamin C supplements, kojic acid, azelaic acid and hydroquinone. Natural cures involve the use of lemon juice, aloe vera, buttermilk, vitamin E capsules and red onions.

consult a specialistAddiction in any form can badly impact the lives of many people. To counter this, one must have a strong resolve to make their condition a whole lot better. People who are affected must start the change little by little and as soon as possible.

If they find it hard, they can ask for the support of their family or consult a specialist. It is difficult to take action when you are high, but if you have the will to snap out of it, getting sober is very possible.