6 Bizarre Birthmarks You Won’t Believe

One red swollen pimple on your face is reason enough for you to feel embarrassed and avoid being seen by others. But, did you know other people, especially children suffer from a lot of devastating conditions due to severe abnormalities on their skin?

Birthmarks are usually fascinating,particularly those dark stains on the skin forming maps and shapes of animals. Some birthmarks will last a lifetime, while some go away as the child ages. Some are completely harmless; however, some birthmarks can also cause serious implications to one’s life. Moles may grow as big as a cabbage anywhere in the body. Dark patches could spread in the face, and worse thick hair may grow.

Some birthmarks can even affect and impede a person’s normal, yet vital functions. Some birthmarks are so odd-looking that the child becomes a subject of taunting and name-calling. Some people even make stories out of these unusual marks, based on folklore and traditional beliefs.

Here are six of the most bizarre birthmarks making news today:

1. The Chinese Chimpanzee Boy

If you find that pimple on your face is annoying, how much more if a dark birthmark with hair growing on it covers almost half of your body? It’s beyond unimaginable, right?

A lad named Zhang Honming from China suffered from this type of rare birthmark, which affects less than three percent of the entire population worldwide.

No, people did not call him “werewolf,” but they nicknamed him “Chimpanzee” which isn’t much better. Zhang pleaded with doctors to help him remove the nasty-looking huge hairy patch on his body.

They can help him for sure, but it will take a long time before they can completely get rid of it.

2. The Red-Nosed Baby

If you have a round red nose, you would be a laughingstock, especially during Christmas when people constantly hear songs and see movies featuring the lovable Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

During birthday parties you wouldn’t need a fake red nose to pose as a clown. Connie Lloyd, a cute little girl born with a bright-red tumor that covered her nose has experienced such name-calling and concern.

Thankfully, the tumor was benign, and not cancerous. In addition, the doctors were able to remove it successfully. They reconstructed her nose, and in no time, they made her look like a normal little girl.

3. The Poor Turtle Boy

congenital melanocytic nevus

Photo by S. Sharma , N.L. Sharma, V. Sharma / GNU Free Documentation License

As children, we were all fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but not Didier Montalvo, a six- year old boy from Bogota in Colombia who suffered from Congenital Melanocytic Nevus.

A mole on his back grew so large, it covered almost his entire back, making it look like a turtle shell. Didier endured the “turtle boy” taunts. Schools banned him, and local villagers believed it was a curse from evil, as he was born during an eclipse.

The little boy’s parents were financially incapable to pay for surgery expenses, but like an answered prayer, Neil Bulstrode, a plastic surgeon from London, heard about Didier’s condition. He and his fellow surgeons offered to help the boy free of charge. They flew all the way to Bogota and were successful at getting rid of the large mole after a long series of skin grafts.

4. The Boy With Devil Horns

George Ashman was born with a large red birthmark on his forehead. For fear that her son would suffer from lifelong bullying, Karen, George’s mother decided to have it removed earlier through surgery.

At the age of four, he underwent a surgical procedure where doctors placed two fillers under the skin on his forehead so the skin will stretch.

The fillers were located perfectly on his forehead, like the devil’s horns, so that many people did not spare the poor little boy from cruel words.

After four months, the doctors removed the fillers, cut out the red blemish and stitched the stretched skin together. Now, the horns are gone, and he looks like an angel.

5. The Little Cowhide Girl

Just the thought of moles on the face growing pea size is enough to scare anybody. A little girl named Li Xiaoyuan had a tiny birthmark on her back, which grew so large, it covered her entire back. Worse yet, it started spreading on her arms and face. Hair grew on the expanding thick patch and it made her skin look like cowhide. Her surgeon believed that the unusual growth of the six-year-old child’s birthmark might be due to a rare hereditary disease.

6. When Hairy Face Patches Collide

The same thing happened to a young Chinese boy named An Qi, who had a large hairy birthmark on one side of his face. When he was born, the birthmark was hairless and not as wide, but, it grew big and hairy as the boy grew older. Fortunately, a hospital in China offered to remove the ugly hairy patch through surgery in four stages. What’s more, the boy’s family will not be paying for the treatment because, they are doing it for free.

Birthmarks On Animals

cowEven animals had their fair share of odd birthmarks, but theirs are far from undesirable. In fact, it makes them even more adorable.

A cow born on a farm in Sterling, Connecticut in 2010 had a white cross mark on its forehead. The mark amazed the people that they named the cow “Holy Moses.”

In Japan, a Chihuahua was born with a big perfectly heart-shaped pattern on one side of its back. The breeder who owned a shop will keep the puppy, saying that it is the first time she has seen such beautiful mark out of the thousands of dogs she has bred. She named the adorable puppy Heart-Kun, of course.

Sometimes, not only birthmarks can attract unwanted attention. For most people, the appearance of dark spots or hyperpigmentation on the skin may affect their confidence and self-image.

Fortunately, you do not need surgery to eliminate them like the birthmarks mentioned above.

Excessive exposure is one main cause of dark spots. UV rays infiltration triggers the release of melanin in the skin as its way of protecting it from the UVR’s damaging effects. The longer you stay under the sun, the more melanin is released, the darker your skin gets, which sometimes form spots.

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If you have skin problems, you are not alone. Most people suffer from a skin problem at some point in their lives. After all, it is the body’s largest organ. Since it is exposed so much, there’s no doubt it is more susceptible to issues. The best way to address skin problems is to see a doctor as soon as possible. Once they diagnose the problem, treatment is simple and effective.