5 Surprising Ethnic Makeovers from the Rich and Famous

By the many angst of Vishnu or of your folks, would you ditch your roots to get a chance in the Hollywood? Though it may seem to be another racial issue, the reality is that race still plays a big factor. There may be some people who made it on top without denying their identity, but it won’t work on everyone. Like the famous celebrities below, they became rich and famous with the help of a few changes such as skin lightening, surgeries and more. All of these processes are a part of an ethnic makeover.

An ethnic makeover is not always to change your race. For some, it enhances your racial features, making the most of what you have already.

If not totally changing your looks, making you appear completely different, the makeover will surely add some beauty to your features, if that is what you want.

whiter skinOne of the famous transformation processes involved is skin whitening, as many people who succeeded in Hollywood have lighter or whiter skin.

Although nowadays, most people like skin brightening to simply smooth out the skin’s appearance. Apart from lightening the skin tone, it is also a benefit to have smooth and radiant skin, as well.

Here are stories of celebrities who made it big by forgetting old school prejudice and choosing to adjust to the demands of beauty in the entertainment industry today. See how they were before and what they did to alter their appearance and make the most of their accents of ethnicity.

1. Ward Churchill

Of all famous people, Ward Churchill had the easiest and cheapest makeover. Apart from the effortless transformation, he can go back to what he looked like before in just a snap. This kind of magic is possible with the help of a pair of black shades.

This Vietnam War veteran got almost everything that he has right now because of a quick ethnic makeover and the skill to pretend that he is a Native American.

To get the job as a professor in the University of Colorado, Ward Churchill introduced himself as an American Indian. From a guy in a honky flock, he flipped everything up by changing his eyewear.

He taught ethnic studies in the University and received $100,000 annually for seventeen years before he was fired due to heritage issues. After he was dismissed, he sued the school for terminating his service wrongfully.

He was sided by the district court but they also agreed that he also messed up by awarding him $1 compensation for the damages.

2. Cindy Margolis

Hollywood often depicts Jews as people having large or hook noses. Natalie Portman, Jennifer Gray and Winona Ryder, who all have Jewish inheritance, had issues with the nasal part and all of them went through nose alterations.

Some Jewish girls often hear their parents tell them that they will become beautiful if they get a nose job. Though there is no idea if the same thing was said to Cindy Margolis, she was already known as a gorgeous brunette.

In the early eighties, she worked constantly, and was earning a fair amount of money as a model. After some time, she realized that she had to grow in the industry.

But in order to make her dreams come true in America, she needed to alter her appearance, and that is exactly what Cindy Margolis did.

One of the processes that took place was a nose job. Yes, some of the Jews have issues with their noses, but the truth is a nose job is just a standard procedure for those who wanted to sell in big numbers.

Cheek implants were done to give her a Midwestern look. She also went under eye lifting surgery to re-sculpt the area around her bushy eyebrows.

After the remarkable changes, her bikini pics wowed everyone in 1995. Her pictures were all over the newly discovered internet and she then became a model goddess. She was named “The Sexiest Woman Online.”

3. Iron Eyes Cody

The “Crying Indian” ditched his Sicilian heritage in order to land him some small roles. The man’s real name is Espera de Corti. His family came to America as immigrants.

He tried acting at an early age, but he was not lucky enough to get himself a big break. He moved to Hollywood where he started to erase the Sicilian traces and clamed himself as an American Indian.

He went through a few plastic surgeries and changed his name to Tony Cody. Because of this transformation, he starred as an Indian in many films and earned the “Crying Indian” role in some environmental commercials.

4. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was a former stunt man who became an international movie star.

He is a sweet, funny and popular guy. It is safe to assume that almost everyone in this generation knows him.

This famous actor still looks like an Asian, but not as Asian as he was before. He went under an eyelid tuck surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, back in 1976.

The purpose was to make Jackie Chan look more open-eyed and westernized.

So, what is his reward for doing this? Is that even a question? We all know how rich and successful he is right now.

5. Rita Hayworth

From a Spanish inheritance to a completely western blonde, is how the story went for Margarita Carmen Cansino, who is more popular with her screen name Rita Hayworth.

She started with Fox Studios at the age of 16. She got a few roles, but she never won a big role. This convinced her to take a huge leap and take a risk on having a few surgical procedures.

The then Cansino had a low hairline. This alone is enough to keep any girl from getting her big break in the show business industry. She went under painful electric shocks and a certain anaesthesiology which is a whole lot painful than what it is today. This gave her a bigger forehead, which is a step away from becoming a Rita Hayworth.

Rita HayworthShock marks and other kinds of spots are a no-no when it comes to movies and TV shows. Tan or dark skin like that of Cansino’s time had no chance to appear in the big screen.

The solution to this was skin lightening, and this is what she did to her whole body. She was completely scrubbed down until she became as white as any other Caucasians.

Dying her hair auburn and changing her name completed the Margarita Carmen Cansino transformation to Rita Hayworth.

The payoffs for all this hardships are perceived by most women as something to die for. She became the hottest girl in the planet and sold five million copies of her one sexy shot.

She became a Columbia Pictures sensation, appeared in many movies, danced with a lot of leading men and married a prince. Her story is truly amazing and inspiring. It is all thanks to those painful surgeries and of course, skin whitening.

An ethnic makeover includes beautifying techniques such as skin lightening, nasal surgeries, eyelid tucks and more. After undergoing the transformation, people of different race can see their “Western” version giving them a chance for that Hollywood role. However, they still maintain their most prominent and valuable features, as well as their winning personalities and talents.