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Skin Care Routine: How to Build Your Perfect Daily Regimen

Skin Care Routine: How to Build Your Perfect Daily Regimen

Admit it. You have probably spent hundreds of dollars on beauty and cosmetic products and procedures that promise to make your skin younger, lighter or more flawless-looking. After all, who doesn’t want skin that is envied by many?

Here’s the thing: getting beautiful and more vibrant skin is not just dependent on the products you use. The truth is, it also boils down to your skin care routine, and how you take care of the largest organ in your body.


12 Famous Celebrity Dads Who Are Gingers

Being a redhead means being different and being prone to name-calling, jokes and taunts. According to statistics, redhead children make up 20 per cent of the reported bullying. Bullied or not, freckles or no freckles, being a ginger did not stop these actors from becoming who they are today. Here are 12 famous celebrity dads who rocked being a ginger:


10 Shockingly Acceptable Prejudices People Need to Stop      

While on a vacation, the taxi driver charges too high for a quick trip from the airport to your hotel, or while at the hotel, you had trouble checking in, even if you made your reservations a month ago. Worse than that, the front desk attendants do not seem too friendly and accommodating. With this experience, it is easy to feel as though others make judgments about you, or that people in the places you frequents are frauds and unwelcoming.