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7 Ways to Cool Your Sunburned Skin

Here comes summer, and along with that comes sunburns.When you are out having fun under the sun for long hours, expect the painful, inflamed peeling to plague your skin later. You should never let the summer days pass without spending quality time outdoors. But remember, forgetting to slather on sunscreen can take all that fun away.


6 Bizarre Birthmarks You Won’t Believe

One red swollen pimple on your face is reason enough for you to feel embarrassed and avoid being seen by others. But, did you know other people, especially children suffer from a lot of devastating conditions due to severe abnormalities on their skin?


5 Good Reasons to Get Out in the Sun

Avoid sunlight at all costs. This is the message people receive in many ads and skin health campaigns. It has become many people’s obsession to steer clear from Mr. Sun. With the entire skin cancer and aging scare, who would not want to, right?