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Redheaded Revolution: Fighting Back Against Gingerism

Appearance is crucial for most of us; after all, our looks are identifying factors for us. People like categorize us by our religion and economic standing. It is hard to believe, but even the minor difference in skin or hair color can have a huge impact on how others treat us.


6 Everyday Activities You May Be Hooked On (That Are Hurting You)

You may be doing many activities in a day that you don’t really pay any attention to. Apart from office tasks and household chores, there may be some activities that you want to do over and over again. These activities may seem too little and harmless for you, but they do hurt once you get hooked into them. 


5 Surprising Ethnic Makeovers from the Rich and Famous

By the many angst of Vishnu or of your folks, would you ditch your roots to get a chance in the Hollywood? Though it may seem to be another racial issue, the reality is that race still plays a big factor. There may be some people who made it on top without denying their identity, but it won’t work on everyone. Like the famous celebrities below, they became rich and famous with the help of a few changes such as skin lightening, surgeries and more. All of these processes are a part of an ethnic makeover. read more


10 Gorgeous Stars with Acne Scars

When you look at Hollywood stars, one thing will surely come across your mind: absolute perfection. Their precisely-combed hair and porcelain skin and faces make them look like they never went through the awkward teen stage with pimples and braces, like the rest of us ordinary people.


10 Famously Freckled Faces in Pop Culture Today

Are you embarrassed because of all those freckles on your face? If you are, well you really shouldn’t fuss all too much about them. You may be asking yourself why, so the reason is that there is nothing for you to be embarrassed about. There are several celebrities today in the entertainment industry that are famous and who take pride in those brown spots all over their bodies.