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The Top 8 Dangers of Extreme Tanning

Even though many of us like the look of a tan and enjoy sunbathing on the beach to improve the tone of our skin, tans are actually quite dangerous. A tan is essentially a kind of sunburn, and the change in color we witness on our skin is a sign that it has been exposed to excessive amounts of UV radiation from the sun or other sources.


The Sun is Giving You Spots: Protecting Your Skin from Sun Damage

Basking in the sun provides us with Vitamin D, which in arguably has many benefits; but how much sun is too much? Dermatologists warn of the dangers of the sun. Because of the scorching rays of the sun and a threat of skin cancer looming over us, it is difficult to find ways in order to safely enjoy those beautiful, sunny days. While there are many serious reasons to safely enjoy the sun, it is possible to do so and even fix sun damage to your skin.

The Skinny On the Top 7 Skin Care Myths

The Skinny On the Top 7 Skin Care Myths

Who doesn’t want glowing, gorgeous skin? That’s right. Everyone wishes to achieve that radiant glow you can see on all models, actresses and celebrities. While it is realistic to want to find the ultimate satisfaction with your skin, there are undoubtedly many skincare myths.