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8 Secrets of Flawless Asian Skin

Stereotypically speaking, Asian women have the most impeccable skin. Their skin always seems to glow and radiate beauty in an effortless manner. In fact, Asian women tend to have many distinguishing characteristics besides their skin.


7 Painless Ways to Pamper Your Puckers

Honestly, who wouldn’t want lips like the Kardashians? A few years ago, the Kardashians clearly went a little plump-happy. Most people would love to add a little volume to their smackers, butthe unfortunate reality is that this typically means invasive surgery or injections.


7 Natural Ways to Shiny Shimmering Skin

The skin is the body’s largest functioning organ. Many people don’t need a reminder to take care of their skin, since it tends to be one of the biggest concerns, cosmetically speaking. However, just because people are concerned with the physical appearance of skin does not mean they are worried about their skin’s health.


6 Ways to Rescue Eye Bags That Turn into Eye Luggage                     

It happens to everyone. When we look in the mirror, we find those tired and dull, puffy eyes staring back at us. No matter how good your skin looks and how expensive your dress is, those lifeless pair of eyes is enough to spoil your overall personality. It’s hard to feel refreshed and active when your eyes look tired and droopy and are carrying enough baggage for a month-long vacation. But worry no more, because there are plenty of things you can do to look refreshed and energized again.