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6 Super-Vitamins That Revitalize Your Skin

Many of us make use of lotions and potions to try and get that flawless skin we see in the movies and on magazines covers. Having blemish-free skin helps you look better and feel more confident in yourself, but excessive use of store-bought products might not be the best way to look after your pores. Instead, you might want to make use of some all-natural foods and supplements to give your skin the essential vitamins it needs to grow and develop.

6 Weird Things That Happen to Babies Before Birth

6 Weird Things That Happen to Babies Before Birth

Sex is fun and exciting. It gives you a different kind of pleasure that you surely won’t forget, not to mention the crazy things you get to do with your partner. However, if you decided not to use protection and missed your period, you should expect a growing belly with a tiny creature moving inside you for the next nine months.