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Pigmentation on the Face 6 Causes and Top Treatments

Pigmentation on the Face: 6 Causes and Top Treatments

Human skin pigmentation is one common skin disorder that many people suffer from today. The word “pigmentation” is characterized as the coloring on people’s skin. When people are at their healthy state, their skin color will appear normal in color. There are certain factors that could cause face pigmentation for human beings and if you are not sure about those causes then you are reading the correct article.

Pigmentation of Skin 8 Facts About Brown or Black Spots

Pigmentation of Skin: 8 Facts About Brown or Black Spots

Call it whatever you want – brown spots, age spots, liver spots, or simply spots caused by too much sun or acne. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure: you are experiencing pigmentation of skin.

For many, skin hyperpigmentation is a serious problem. Aside from affecting your overall look, it also affects your self esteem and how you view yourself as a whole. The truth is not all brown spots are serious. And medicine will never run out of solutions for pigmented skin.

Liver Spots on the Face 5 Effective Treatment Options

Liver Spots on the Face: 5 Effective Treatment Options

When you are young, all you ever think and feel about is how invincible you are. You tend to abuse your own body, drinking, smoking and eating as much as you can, trying out new and different things, and even going under the sun without the necessary protection.


Laser Skin Lightening: 11 Side Effects to Watch Out For

Admit it ladies, although those dark spots have not done anything wrong, you are still affected and feel greatly embarrassed by it. And surely, you have done tons of treatments and applied lots of skin lightening creams just to get rid of those dark spots. And secretly, you are considering getting a laser skin lightening treatment to at least lighten those spots.