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Hypopigmentation Treatments: 5 Methods That Really Work

Every person is different and unique, including skin color. Skin tone depends on the amount of skin pigment called melanin you have in your body. This means the more melanin you have, the darker your skin color and vice versa. When there is over or underproduction of melanin, your skin may experience either darkening or lightening.

Hyperpigmentation Acne 6 Important Questions Answered

Hyperpigmentation Acne: 6 Important Questions Answered

Having a bad case of acne is one thing, but once the acne starts clearing up another dilemma that could arise is having pinkish to brownish spots where the acne marks used to be. You might not be too sure of what it is exactly and start panicking.

You may even start looking for products that could possibly get rid of those unknown spots. Before you start to get flustered, you might want to find out more about those discoloration patches on your skin if you have a history of acne, which medical professionals term hyperpigmentation acne. read more


How to Whiten Skin Fast Using 7 Simply Smooth Strategies

Come on ladies. You all envy the models shown in TV commercials with fair, white skin. And secretly, or even openly, you want to have whiter skin too that you will do whatever it takes just to have it. You even tried different whitening products just to know which one really works and which ones is a waste of time.

How to Make Skin Whiter 5 Natural Homemade Remedies

How to Make Skin Whiter: 5 Natural Homemade Remedies

Many women wonder how to make their skin whiter safely, especially those with sensitive skin or allergies. Many patients present this popular question to their skin doctors. The reason behind the desire to have lighter skin depends on the person.