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Skin Lightener Hydroquinone

Skin Lightener Hydroquinone: Do You Know the Dangers?

Light and healthy looking skin is the very basis of beauty so it is no surprise that thousands of people the world over search for ways to improve their skin.

However, many of these methods are costly and also dangerous leading to harmful side effects. Many of these methods painfully strip away layers of your skin through painful, expensive laser surgeries or chemical peels.

Some other creams use harmful whitening agents that have been proven to be detrimental to your body.  One such substance is called hydroquinone. read more

Skin Lightener for Private Areas

Skin Lightener for Private Areas: Safe and Gentle Tips

Finding an effective skin lightening cream on today’s market can be a little more than difficult. You will find, even doing the most basic of searches, literally hundreds upon hundreds of results; all of which claim to be effective and safe, however this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Finding a skin lightener for private areas can be especially difficult. As you know, treatments like chemical peels and therapies using lasers are painful and costly.

Banned in the United States

Why Skin Lightening Lotion with Hydroquinone Needs to Banned in the United States

Healthy and natural looking skin is a highly sought after commodity in today’s world. Melanin is the chemical compound produced by your body’s skin cells that cause blemishes and darken your skin.

Sometimes, your skin will be launched into overdrive, caused by one of the myriad of stressors and go into something called “hyperpigmentation”—when our skin produces too much melanin in spots which produce dark and blotchy spots.