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Skin Lightening Cream for Darker Skin

Different Skin Lightening Techniques and the Best Skin Lightening Cream for Darker Skin

For those with darker pigmentation who want a lighter skin tone, the road to skin brightness can be more than a little complicated filled with dangerous chemicals, uneven and blotchy results, painful peels and more. What this all means is that finding a reliable, safe, sustainable and cost-effective method for lightening your skin can be a near impossible task.

While it may be near-impossible, it is not entirely impossible. This article aims to analyze three different popular methods for skin whitening, exploring the pros and cons of each method. read more


Hydroquinone: Is It Your Skin Lightening Friend or Foe?

There are many skin products which contain a number of different ingredients that help improve skin health and heal any blemishes or deformities. Hydroquinone is a component of some of these skin creams, and is believed to help lighten darkened areas of skin, promoting a ‘fairer’ appearance. In other words, it forms part of skin bleach products.

From a chemical point of view, hydroquinone is a form of phenol. Its chemical uses are many, but a discussion on this is out of the scope of this article. read more

Skin Whitener That Actually Works

A Skin Whitener That Actually Works

It is no easy task to find a great skin whitener that actually works on today’s market. With chemical peels, laser surgery, and a litany of other costly and harmful skin treatments falling out of popularity, many are left trying to navigate the HUGE list of skin whitening creams.

As popular as skin bleachers are, it is important to note that they are perhaps the most dangerous. Please keep in mind that many of these bleachers use a chemical compound called hydroquinone that has been proven to cause cancer in humans and has been banned in the European Union, Japan and France. read more


Natural Skin Lightening for Black People: 4 Key Elements

There are some people who have naturally dark skin. This skin color is due to an overproduction of melanin, making their skin darker. Some people are content with their naturally dark skin, but others want their skin to lighten.

There are actually lots of ways to lighten the skin. With today’s latest technology, you can have smooth, radiant, and lighter skin.