10 Shockingly Acceptable Prejudices People Need to Stop      

While on a vacation, the taxi driver charges too high for a quick trip from the airport to your hotel, or while at the hotel, you had trouble checking in, even if you made your reservations a month ago. Worse than that, the front desk attendants do not seem too friendly and accommodating. With this experience, it is easy to feel as though others make judgments about you, or that people in the places you frequents are frauds and unwelcoming.

With your experiences, you make generalizations about things and people, so you can have a better understanding of what they are and how to interact with them. For example, as a child, if you frequently saw your dad shaving off his moustache, then you make a conclusion that men need to shave.

Moreover, if you see an old woman walking slowly, you may think she is frail and sick. The more you have experiences with a certain object, the more profound your generalizations become over the course of time.

However, people tend to overgeneralize so much that their assumptions soon become stereotypes. Stereotyping happens when you make concrete judgments about a person without any basis.

lesbianFor instance, if you see a woman with super short hair, dressed in baggy shorts and large rainbow shirt, you assume she is a lesbian.

If you see a dating couple where the man is twice the woman’s age, you conclude that she’s a gold digger, and he is a dirty old man.

People also make stereotypes based on physical attributes, sexual preferences, gender, race and ethnicity. People mistakenly may make assumptions that men are cheaters and women are martyrs, white people are industrious, blacks are rude and Muslims are violent in nature. These biased judgments or prejudices can easily lead to discrimination against a certain group of people.

Here are 10 common prejudices that people need to give a second thought and even stop:

1. Male Runners

In this modern age where men and women are treated equally, you would hardly believe that gender discrimination still exists, but it still does for some group of people.

Strangely enough, the biggest cancer charity in the UK bans male runners from joining their running events.

The organizers explained that their valued participants on the charity did not want male runners to be part of any of their events. They added that there was a significant decrease in revenue during the times they allowed male runners to enter.

2. Goths

GothsGoths are those who wear dark-themed outfits with harsh makeup and who listen to dark, rock music. Being a Goth is mainly an expression of one’s self; however, many people see them as drug addicts, out-of-school youths and offenders.

According to the Manchester Police in the UK, hate crimes against Goths are becoming rampant. In one of the many cases, a gang viciously beat a young Goth couple,which lead to the death of the girl named Sophie Lancaster in 2007.

3. Redheads Or Gingers

Because of their hair color, people often stereotype redheads as ill-tempered, and some would even taunt them about their libido and the color of their pubic hair.

Out of the bullying reported, most of them were ginger children. Redhead males are likely to suffer from their unusual hair color while 20 percent of men finds redheaded ladies highly attractive.

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4. Stutterers

StuttererStutterers are equally intelligent and able as non-stutterers, but a lot of people still think otherwise.

Job applicants who stutter tend not to get hired, despite outstanding qualifications, especially in positions that require interacting with other people.

If they do get hired, they are less likely to get promoted because their impediment might prevent them from keeping up with the pressure.

5. Not Too Good-looking People

When applying for a job, the better-looking people have much higher chances of getting hired. When asking for a date, the better-looking people have higher chances of getting a “yes” for an answer.

There is no doubt that better-looking people receive greater opportunities in life compared to those who are average or not so good-looking at all. Unfortunately, qualifications, intelligence, skills and abilities don’t seem to compensate for the lack of good looks.

Results from numerous studies show that both men and women will choose the most attractive among those with equal non-physical attributes. In a U.S. government survey from a few years ago, the results showed that men suffer more due to their lack of good looks.

6. Short Men

Nobody wants to date a shorter guy. This goes for almost every woman around the world. He doesn’t have to be handsome and dark, as long as he is tall.

In fact, even most men believe they should be taller than their partners. You would rarely see couples where the girl is taller than the guy.

One show called Dateline intentionally arranged a test to see if there is a discrimination against shorter men when it comes to dating.

Unsurprisingly, the shortest man who was also the handsomest man was left without a date. Shorter men are also thought to be more hostile while taller men are higher earners on average.

7. Darker-Complexioned Black People

black peopleThis is not an issue of racism of black against white, but of discrimination among people with the same color but with a different skin tone.

Yes, black people with slightly lighter skin tones received better opportunities in jobs and promotions and were considered more attractive, regardless of their personal and educational background. It’s just sad that discrimination exists, even within people coming from the same ethnic group.

8. People With Weird Accents

A regional accent is one of the most common sources of discriminations, which many people around the world often experience. In every country divided into regions, it’s possible that each region has its dialect, which makes it hard for the local people to speak other languages eloquently.

Or, even though they speak the same language, they may sound different. When someone mispronounces their words, he or she will become the laughing stock that people tend to deem as stupid, poorly educated or belonging to the lower class.

9. Environmental Activists

With today’s unstoppable advancement of technology and the convenience it provides to industrial businesses and even residences, many people look at climate change activists as nuisance and are people who are communists, lazy, anti-development and unemployed. To some extent, activists are seen as destroyers of capitalism and worse, it can even cost them their jobs in some industrial companies. They often get called “tree-huggers,” which carries a negative connotation.

10. Names

Many people make conclusions based on a person’s name. With your family name, they quickly associate you with upper-class families or lower class families. This is not limited to last names, either.

If your first name is Mary, people will think you are conservative. If your name is Chanel, people will think you are an unemployed single mom. In the U.S., there are names that exclusively belong to the white or black.

Another problem is if your last name is the same as a notorious criminal, like Charles Manson or Adolph Hitler. People tend to discriminate based on shallow assumptions and beliefs, which is something that needs to stop.