10 Gorgeous Stars with Acne Scars

When you look at Hollywood stars, one thing will surely come across your mind: absolute perfection. Their precisely-combed hair and porcelain skin and faces make them look like they never went through the awkward teen stage with pimples and braces, like the rest of us ordinary people.

Apparently, these celebrities were regular people once upon a time, and believe it or not, they went through the normal, awkward stages like the rest of us did. It so happens that they have better looks and impressive talent, which they can bank on. They also have more money to shell out on skin care products, as well as generous sponsors to pay for their expensive facial treatments.

Here are 10 Hollywood celebrities with acne stars that will make you realize that they’re still humans.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has taken the world by storm. Since she first debuted “Baby, One More Time,” in the famous classroom setting, Britney has shown that indeed, she is a Pop Princess.

Blame it on her pretty face or rockin’ abs, but there’s so much to be jealous about when it comes to Britney, including her acne-free skin – or is there?

Apparently, God is still good and he reminded Britney that hey, she is still human after all. Beneath that layer of makeup is a face with acne scars.

It may be because of her two boys, a finally regaining career or stress since her divorce with K-Fed. Whatever it is, Britney is a good reminder that even those Hollywood stars can have acne and get scars from it – just like everybody else.


Rihanna is one of the prettiest, most talented and hottest women around. At the young age of 25, this multi-talented full time recording artist is able to manage acting, appearing in movies, such as “Battleship,” and “This is the End.”

Despite being physically abused by her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, Rihanna was able to rise to the top and become one of the most sought after performers. Apparently, she’s still human. Acne is something that she has to deal with in her life. It doesn’t matter if she was one of the key persons who defeated the aliens that invaded Hawaii.

The truth is she can’t sing and dance away her pimples – some can even be seen on pictures, but with lesser acne, of course. Good thing she can afford a dermatologist, unlike the rest of us.

Jessica Alba

She can be a superhero or a crazy med rep that sells Sustengo to Ben Stiller. Nothing can stop this hot mama for being as fantastic as she is now.

The former Sexiest Person Alive titleholder and now, a mother of two, is definitely one of the prettiest faces you’ll ever bump to in Hollywood. Sadly, she can’t make her acne invisible.

Blame it on her busy work schedule and modelling assignments or kids, Jessica Alba may have missed a few trips to a dermatologist.

Let’s just hope she can squeeze in her schedule and find time to take care of her face. She’s still pretty after all – and so are you.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the funniest and most talented gals in Hollywood. Put her in a pantsuit or just a shirt and underwear and she can do the craziest, most outrageous things – all while still keeping her poise.

From being an angel to a mom with a sick child, or even as mistress in her latest movie with Leslie Mann, Cameron has really proven that she is one of the A-list actresses. And of course, that fit body is definitely something to die for, right?

Sadly and without her makeup, it turns out that acne is also an issue for this funny girl. It may be due to her busy schedule, red carpet appearances, or that she’s simply sweating it out all day in the gym to get that smokin’ body at 42. Regardless, Cameron needs to take care of her skin and she better do something about it – fast.

Katie Price

You might think that celebrities have access to the best dermatologists in Tinseltown or use the best and most effective products to make their skin silky smooth.

Apparently, that is not the case for Katie Price. This mother of four, actress, author, former model and English media personality definitely has it all, except flawless skin.

Just like ordinary human beings, Katie gets those dots once in a while, and no amount of concealer or make up can hide that.

And as soon as you look closely, you can even see her imperfections. God is fair, definitely. Acne spares no one.

Megan Fox

She has one of the prettiest faces to die for, and definitely has one of the hottest bodies every woman wishes to have. It’s no wonder that Megan Fox’s popularity is still blazing hot, despite being dumped in “Transformers.”

Apparently, she’s still human, and this not-so ordinary person has the same issues with mere mortals like you: acne and the scars it leaves behind.

When she’s not too busy fighting it out with Lindsay Lohan – movie-wise, of course – or teaming up with Optimus Prime and company, Megan has serious battles with acne. And no matter how much she wants to hide it with makeup, those pimples on her cheeks and chin will always be visible. It only shows that even the brightest stars in Hollywood are still prone to acne.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss re-defined what being a supermodel is all about. She may not have the towering height, like Ireland Baldwin, or the voluptuous body of Tyra Banks, but Kate surely has a face that can launch thousand ships.

And just like every woman in this planet, Kate has some issues with acne, too. This hot mama can often be seen hiding acne marks on her face through makeup and other cosmetics. Good job, Kate.

Miley Cyrus

Miley is no average teenager. At a young age, she’s taken the world by storm, thanks to “Hannah Montana,” of course, which made every little girl around the world idolize her. She’s fun, she’s perky, she’s not afraid to goof around and well, she’s Miley Cyrus.

Before she turned out to be a drag queen and popularize twerking, Miley is also a mortal that deals with centuries-old issue: acne.

She may look flawless in her performances, but with less sleep and a busy schedule, Miley is also prone to lots of pimples, just like you and me. Thanks to makeup, you won’t even see traces of it every time she goes out on stage.

Alicia Keys

Alicia KeysThe music industry is very lucky to discover Alicia Keys. At 32, this talented singer-songwriter has belted out multi-platinum albums and countless concerts around the world. On top of it, she is also a loving mother who tries her best to maintain a perfect balance between her personal life and her musical career.

Despite trying hard, something has to suffer and for her, it’s her pretty face. Apparently, Alicia Keys in not immune to pimples and sad to say, she is not as flawless as she seems.

Blame it on her busy schedule, but it only shows that no matter how much she tries to hide her acne, they will always have their way of getting noticed. Nice try, though.

Victoria Beckham

There are so many ways to describe Posh Spice – elegant, fashionable, glamorous and of course, flawless. Imagine being married to one of the best, hottest and good looking football players in the world, right? She definitely has to up her level, since her hot husband is major eye candy material.

Apparently, she is not as picture perfect as she seems. Just like ordinary women, Victoria Beckham is also prone to pimples. Think about it, she has tons of business ventures including her own line of clothing and fragrance. She also has to handle four equally adorable and good-looking kids.

Something has to go wrong, and too bad for her, it’s got to be acne on her face. Still, don’t worry Victoria. You surely have access to the best dermatologist in town, so you can still look fab. So much for the rest of us.

Tips On How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Acne Scars

If these celebrities that look like they came down from heaven get pimples, it’s no surprise that mere mortals like you will have it too, right? In case you are left with acne, here are some things you can do to prevent acne scars:

  • Use acne products that are safe for your specific skin type.
  • Take a look at the ingredients. Some products sold online contain abrasive agents that can result in scarring.
  • Consult a dermatologist, especially in cases of cystic acne. This way, you’ll get the proper treatment that can minimize scarring.
  • Use acne treatments in moderation and according to the directions.

Despite this, what if your acne results in scars? Here’s what you can do:

  • Products with glycolic or salicylic acid can exfoliate the skin and lessen dark skin cells on the surface.
  • Try natural remedies, such as soy, kojic acid or licorice.
  • Take it easy on hydroquinone. Overuse of products with this ingredient can result in a permanent grey pigmentation of your skin.
  • If all else fails, laser treatments can be your best option.

Illuminatural 6iAre you willing to pay for overly-expensive treatments just to get rid of acne scars, when there is a product that is safer and cheaper, but equally effective? Try Illuminatural 6i.

It contains skin lightening ingredients that remove dark pigmented cells and gradually replace it with new, healthy cells. Finally, you won’t be embarrassed by those dark spots on your face any longer.