10 Famously Freckled Faces in Pop Culture Today

Are you embarrassed because of all those freckles on your face? If you are, well you really shouldn’t fuss all too much about them. You may be asking yourself why, so the reason is that there is nothing for you to be embarrassed about. There are several celebrities today in the entertainment industry that are famous and who take pride in those brown spots all over their bodies.

It can be tiring having to constantly answering the question, “What’s that on your face?” by those who notice your freckles; however, it really isn’t as bad as it seems. Instead of looking at the negatives in your freckles, try embracing them.

If you’re wondering who the famous celebrities are who have freckles, then you have come to the right place. These proudly-freckled entertainment personalities have not only made peace with their freckled faces, they’ve become rich and famous because of them:

1. Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

Photo by Stephen Lovekin / CC BY

Being the star on the Hart of Dixie has made Rachel Bilson the sweet, freckled face brunette.

If you haven’t noticed, she really does have cute little freckles sprinkled around her nose. Although it may not be as apparent, Rachel embraces the freckles that she has, especially during the summertime.

She doesn’t wear thick foundation to cover up those spots, which makes her a famous freckled heartthrob.

Who said freckles aren’t attractive? Rachel is one very attractive actress that has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years now. It doesn’t seem like she is slowing down, either. Expect to see her in more movies and television series in the near future.

2. Lucy Lui

Try to think of a badass Asian actress that exudes beauty and elegance, who is the first person that comes to mind? Of course, the ever-extravagant Lucy Lui. Being one of the Charlie’s Angels definitely makes this sexy Asian vixen one of the hottest women on the Hollywood scene.

And if you do pay close attention, you may notice the freckles scattered all throughout her face. She doesn’t wear thick makeup, which makes it much easier to see. It makes Lucy a unique beauty, indeed. She doesn’t hide her beautiful freckles, so why should you?

3. Emma Watson

Who could forget about this little cutie from the Harry Potter series? Miss Emma Watson has surely grown into a beautiful young women with many aspiring roles in Hollywood.

Even with freckles, she knows how to work it in her photographs, making sure that they are still evident during her stunning photo shoots.

4. Megan Fox

When we talk about sexy and bold, Megan Fox is the actress close to the top. She has reached stardom with her Transformers franchise, which has made her very well known.

Besides flaunting that stunning body, she is also known to show off her freckles. It seems to look amazing on her beautifully structured face, don’t you think?

5. Alexis Bledel

Another sweetheart in Hollywood is clearly Alexis Bledel. Starting her fame with the “Gilmore Girls,” Alexis has made her name with her gorgeous bright blue eyes and porcelain skin.

Adding to her beauty are those freckles sprinkled all throughout her face. It seems like this Hollywood sweetheart was made with perfection, which is the reason why we all love her – and her freckles, too.

6. Emma Stone

Another beauty named Emma, one rising actress that is currently making a name for herself is Spiderman’s eye candy, Miss Emma Stone.

This spunky red haired, freckled face pretty lady has been known for her witty movies, sense of humor and feminine charms. We have all loved her character as Gwen Stacy in the infamous Spiderman series.

She really showed the audience her beauty and appeal. Also sporting light makeup in most of her roles, you could really see her freckles shine through. It really does suite her well. It goes in so well with her naturally red fiery locks.

7. Melissa Joan Hart

Remember “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” back in the 90’s? Of course, who could forget about our teeny little witch friend, Melissa Joan Hart?

Ever since she was very young, Melissa Joan Hart has already made a name for herself in different child roles and movies, the most popular being this teeny television series.

Her spirited personality is still loved even as she plays roles different from the roles we all got to know her in.

Melissa rocks out her blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and the freckles on her face. She isn’t embarrassed of what she’s got, which makes Melissa a part of our list.

8. Lindsay Lohan

Whether you love her or hate her, Lindsay Lohan is surely a Hollywood personality that has left a mark in the Hollywood scene. She was first known in her cute role in “The Parent Trap,” as twins, and later on advanced to more teenage roles. She has even demonstrated her singing and other talents that many see she shines at. With naturally red hair, Lindsay has always had freckles, which is evident in most of her roles, especially in “The Parent Trap.”

This bold vixen has made her mark in society as the “badass” or the “free-spirited” woman. If she’s not ashamed of her freckles, neither should you. Be like Lindsay by loving yourself and by not being afraid to put your freckled face out there.

9. America Ferrera

This Latina charmer has always been known for her role in “The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants,” where she showed the audience of her talents in acting.

Up until now, she has created a name for herself as a young actress in Hollywood. Her light brown skin, dark brown hair and freckles are all a part of what she brings to the table.

Her curves are sexy and she flaunts everything that she’s got showing her boldness and wit, as well. She proves that being proud of who you are and how you look will make you a big success.

10. Tyra Banks

When we think super model, actress, television host, producer, entrepreneur, who is the first person that comes to mind? Who else, but the sexy and stunning Tyra Banks.

Being an African American never stopped this bombshell from rocking the entertainment industry. With flawless mocha skin and dark brown hair, Tyra’s freckles were something she would flaunt as one of her trademarks and not one of her flaws.

She is still continuing her legacy by helping young teens in their mission to break free from teenage problems they are facing, which makes this all around super woman one of the most famous celebrities in our century. She preaches embracing what you were born with – and that includes your freckles.

Did you ever think there were so many celebrities that had freckles? Well, now you know that there are – and they aren’t afraid to show them, either. You probably just never noticed them in their movies and red carpet appearances.

What makes it amazing is that all these celebrities are proud of their freckles and show them off with class and elegance whenever they can. Let’s all face it, they look unbelievably beautiful, don’t they?

If you currently have freckles and want to lighten them or make your skin appear more even, just like some celebrities lighten them for their movies and appearances, here are some helpful tips:

Tip #1 Laser Treatments

laser treatmentIf you want to go high-tech in lightening your freckles, you could go for a laser treatment. Since freckles are melanin and the melanin absorbs the spectrum of laser lights, this is an effective way.

A cosmetic surgeon is the health care professional that you would want to get in contact with, because they know all about this procedure.

Tip #2 Natural Remedies

If you don’t want to spend too much money on lightening your freckles, the best way is to look around your kitchen and use the ingredients that you already have.

Using sour milk to wash your face could lighten freckles. The ingredients that is essential is the lactic acid in sour milk. You could also use a sour cream mask, leaving it in for 10 to 15 minutes, so that the lactic acid is absorbed into the skin. Lemon juice could also be used, since it is a natural bleaching agent.

Tip #3 Chemical Peels

Derma-peel is an outpatient procedure wherein the doctor places a chemical solution on your face to cause the top layer of the skin to turn red, blister up and shed off.

After shedding, what is left is a fresh new layer of skin, which will in turn lightens freckles. Before buying products and trying out peels for yourself, make sure you talk to a licensed dermatologist about the entire process first.

Tip #4 Vitamin A

This vitamin is an anti-inflammatory compound that helps treat freckles. Look around your local pharmacy and look for products such as topical creams and cosmetics that contain vitamin A.

Make sure it is at least 0.5 percent, so that it is effective. Vitamin A helps the skin to regenerate and sheds off the top layers of the skin, which also helps in lightening freckles.

Tip #5 Prevention

If you were born with freckles, you could try to prevent more from surfacing by staying away from overexposure to the sun. This is the number cause of freckles for many individuals. Going out for a sunbath could trigger more freckles from coming out.

Freckles are a beautiful part of your skin. You should always be proud to have them. Lightening them is one thing, but trying to remove them and hide them is another. Flaunt your freckles and show off how unique your skin is from everybody else’s, just like Hollywood’s finest freshly freckled faces.