10 Famous Historical Figures with Freckles

Redheads are rare and with this distinction, they are prone to discrimination like the idea that all redheads are bad-tempered, all redheads are fiery and all redheads are evil witches and warlocks. However, there is one sure thing about redheads. They all probably have freckles. Here are 10 famous redhead historical figures that may have had their share of freckles, and fame, too:

1. Cleopatra

CleopatraBefore Cleopatra became an Egyptian queen, she had to dethrone her younger brother Ptolemy XIII. Cleopatra went to Syria to gather an army, yet failed to dethrone her brother when she came back.

It was this time when Julius Caesar came to Egypt to hunt down Pompey who took refuge in Egypt. Julius Caesar fell in love with Cleopatra and helped her take over her brother’s throne.

Julius Caesar was assassinated, and next in the line was Marc Anthony. Cleopatra captivated his heart and their affair ended with tragedy. After receiving the news that Cleopatra had died, Marc Anthony took his life during a battle. Cleopatra also ended her life with a deadly bite from a cobra.

A mural in Herculaneum described Cleopatra as a flame-haired woman wearing the royal headdress. Red hair even became a trend for Ancient Egyptians and many of them used henna to dye their hair red.

2. Judas Iscariot

Judas was one of the 12 apostles known for his betrayal of Jesus Christ in exchange for a few pieces of silver. Jesus was held captive by the armed guards of the chief priests after Judas identified him with a kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane.

This was where Jesus and the remaining eleven apostles went to pray after the Last Supper. In several medieval paintings, Judas had red hair. Although some experts say it is not certain whether he was a redhead or the painters only used the color to make a distinction from the other apostles.

3. Queen Boadicea

Queen BoadiceaQueen Boadicea or Boudicca came from a royal family who married King Prasutagus of the Iceni tribe of England. Her husband did not come from an ancestry of royalty, but was a client king.

He was put on the throne by the Romans in exchange for his help in the invasion of England. When Prutahs Agus died, the Romans completely took over the kingdom, leaving nothing to the king’s family.

Queen Boadicea refused just to sit and watch, but when she protested the Romans beat her in public. Worse than that, they made her watch as her daughters were raped. As a fiery redhead, Boadicea led a revolt that destroyed cities and killed many people.

The Romans defeated her troops, and it wasn’t sure if she died from illness or suicide. In one version of the story, Boadicea poisoned herself as she vowed never to fall into the Roman’s hands.

4. Genghis Khan

Under the leadership of Genghis Khan, the Mongolian Empire had the largest conquered territory before the British Empire. Genghis Khan born with the name, Temujin, started the conquest by forming an army to kill tribe leaders and take the members under his rule. On the day he was born, he had a blood clot on his hand,which is a folkloric symbol of being destined to be a leader.

With excellent military strategies and sheer brutality, his troops were able to conquer the tribes of Mongolia,which later on expanded to China, the Pacific area and Eastern Europe. One of his excellent ideas was designating key leadership positions to competent contemporaries, rather than to family members. Though Genghis Khan’s conquest was full of violence, he abolished kidnapping of women and slavery.

He prohibited stealing livestock and encouraged trade, as well as a writing system. He also allowed for the freedom of religion. Several historians described Genghis Khan as a redhead with green eyes.

5. Christopher Columbus

Christopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus was an explorer and navigator who went on expedition from America to Africa financed by the monarchy of Spain. Columbus set sail on many expeditions aiming to discover Asia.

Although he failed to do so, his several naval navigations led to the transfer of goods, crops, animals, cultures, people, and even diseases.

Corn, potatoes and tomatoes from America became a basic food in Europe, while horses from Europe turned the nomadic lifestyle of North American tribes into hunting. Artwork and documents showed Columbus as an auburn-haired Italian.

6. Elizabeth I

Despite being born and raised out of controversy, Elizabeth I is known to be the greatest monarch throughout English history. In the hope of having a son, her father, Henry VIII, took her mother, Anne Boleyn as his second wife,which was against the papacy.

Elizabeth Tudor was born first, and the following pregnancies ended in miscarriages. During Anne’s last miscarriage, the first wife died.

Henry decided to look for another wife to bear a son, so he devised a plan to get rid of Boleyn. Cases were filed against her that led to her execution.

During the Queen Elizabeth I reign, she showed great determination and intelligence to her duties that even those who disapproved of her were impressed. Many believed Elizabeth inherited her strong abilities from her father, along with his red hair.

7. Galileo Galilei

Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei was an Italian mathematics professor, astronomer, and physicist who lived from 1564 to 1642. His early observations of nature became a foundation to modern physics.

He invented the telescope and supported the Copernican theory, which states that the sun is the center of the solar system. He wrote and published books about this theory which the church greatly condemned.

They convicted Galilei, saying that his findings were pure heresy. He was put under house arrest and continued to write until he became blind and fell seriously ill.

8. George Washington And Thomas Jefferson

George Washington was a commander-in-chief during the American Revolution before he became the first president and founding father of the United States.

During his younger years, Washington had red hair, but later on, he dyed it white. Wearing wigs at the time was a status symbol; however George Washington were not fond of wearing them.

Another redheaded U.S. president was Thomas Jefferson. A writer and philosopher, he wrote the Declaration of Independence which formally freed the U.S. from Britain.

9. Mark Twain And Emily Dickinson

Mark TwainSamuel Langhorne Clemens with the pen name, Mark Twain, is the Father of American literature.

Apart from being an intellectual and witty writer, he was also an entrepreneur and inventor.

Two of his greatest and most popular works are The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Another famous redhead figure in literature is Emily Dickinson, a famous poet who skillfully wrote about death, immortality, nature and religion.

10. Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who became famous, considered an art genius only after his death. Vincent van Gogh was born from a poor family and had to work to support himself.

He transferred from job to job, as his psychological instability affected his relationships with co-workers and the people around him. He also tended to fall in love with troubled ladies, and when rejected succumbed to severe depression.

Van GoghVan Gogh’s brother, Theo offered him financial support, so he went on to study art. At some point in time, he went out with a prostitute and cut off his ear to offer it to her.

He suffered blood loss and stayed in the hospital for days. He never totally recovered, and went in and out of the hospital. During the morning, Van Gogh would paint and stay at the hospital at night.

Until one day when he shot himself with a pistol and died in his brother’s arms after several days. His brother, Theo was also suffering from syphilis and died six months after. His wife collected Van Gogh’s artwork. Today his paintings are one of the most expensive.

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